Huge Holiday Haul | H&M, Primark & More...

So as you are all probably aware, I'm off to Florida with my Boyfriend in just 2 days and after waiting over a year, it's almost here! AHHH!
I checked my wardrobe just over a month ago and I totally freaked out thinking I had zero summer clothes. So in a girl-like fashion, I turned to shopping (and did lots of it)
Turns out, I really didn't REALLY need anything, but I saw a slogan in New Look the other day which I loved:

 'I like my money right where I can see it.. hanging in my closet'

Anywhoosss, are some of my favourite buys & holiday essentials.. :)

 I will link as much as I can below, if it's not linked it's because it's either discontinued, the shop doesn't have an online facility. or if it's no longer on the website.

H&M :-
High Waisted Denim Disney Mickey Mouse Shorts
Mint Green Tropical Flowers Crop Top
Black & White Palm Trees Crop Top
Lace Crochet Fringed Strappy Top
Floral Poppered Crop Top

Disney Mickey & Minnie Flip Flops
Cream Sandals 
Striped Flip Flops 
Striped Collar Tee 
Flamingo Towel 

Asos: -
Asos Marilyn Fuller Bust Bikini Top & Bottoms
White Truffle Heart Flip Flops

Amazon - Passport Holders
Topshop - Sunglasses
Boots- Disposable Cameras
Paperchase - Notebook - Striped Vest
Savers- Malibu Factor 30 Sun Cream

What are your SS15 essentials? :)


Black Milk Clothing Wishlist | Disney 2.0 Collection

Hello hello! 

I am officially starting my countdown to Florida as it is now 7 days to go! WOOHOO!

I have recently discovered & fallen in love with a company called Black Milk Clothing
If you haven't already heard of them, they are an alternative clothing company based in LA, California and they also ship worldwide to most countries (cue bankruptcy). 
They recently released their new Disney 2.0 range, which instantly caught my attention on Instagram - ultimately leading me to their website & wanting to purchase pretty much everything on there. 
Not to mention, there was already another similar Disney range before this!
Perfect timing finding this site with Payday and Disneyland looming.

Here are some of my favourite items from the new range..

1. 100 Acres Nana Suit Top
2. Fantasia Scoop Skater Dress 
3. Peter Pan Shooter Dress
4. Minnie The Sharkie Slinky Tee
5. Mickey Hand Shorties
6. Mickey Mouse Leggings
7. Mickey Zoetrope Skater Skirt
8. Bambi Leggings

What are you loving at the moment?

:) xo

What I'm Listening To | April Playlist


It has become apparent that I haven't blogged in a good few weeks now, so going to ease back into it with a short one. It's not because I haven't wanted to write anything, but I've been super stressed out with certain things. Trying to balance my social life and my priorities is harder than I first thought. 
Personally, it's really hard to turn on my oh so slow computer and get motivated in situations like this. 

It's not all dull though.. I've also had a lot of exciting planning to do for Florida in 2 weeks time, which is super exciting but so daunting as I still feel SO unprepared. 
Long haul holiday preparation tips, anyone?

Anyway, enough babble.. Here is some of the music that has made me happy, sing like a total idiot whilst driving, or got me through the last month. Thrown in some new finds aswell!

What are you listening to this month? :)
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