7 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self

 Don't let people determine who you are and never compare yourself to others.
Be yourself and don't let anyone change you into something or someone that you're not. We are all shaped with our own personalities and adapting to be like someone else isn't making you more interesting? Lets face it, you will never be them and it would be boring if we were all the same. Have your own story to tell. Live your own. 

If you want it, make it happen. 
I let so many little things people said dictate my career path in my teenage years.. ''There's no money in that'' or ''Can you really be bothered to go all the way there?'' or ''Would you meet anyone?'' All those little questions really shaped my college/ job choices and I wish I had followed my heart. It shouldn't matter about the consequences as long as you are happy. Chase your dreams.

I think this one speaks for itself. We all get to that stage where we think those bushes above our eyes are getting slightly out of control? Am I right? I have plucked mine one too many times, and I sadly I am left with half eyebrows and have to draw them on. Get them done properly and leave it to the professionals, because once you start taking it too far, there is no going back. Don't go 0 to Britney on your brows! 

Not everyone is your friend.
I'd say this is fairly important. Mainly because I wanted to make everyone happy or to avoid hate. I used to try so hard and waste so much time on people who I thought I would like to be friends with. Honestly, it probably didn't work out it because it wasn't supposed to. You're not everybody's cup of tea and they may not work out to be yours. S'just how it goes!

It's okay to be sad..
Everything happens for a reason and we all have tough times. Don't let anyone make you feel like that it's wrong to feel that way. Someone could be fighting a battle you have no idea about. Be kind, always.

Stand up for yourself. 
One thing with friendship groups/ at home I was always afraid to do. School especially, consisted of such a diverse environment, which means someone always had something unfriendly to say about any situation or judge you for choices you've made. If you feel strongly about something, have YOUR say. Otherwise people will latch onto the fact it's your weakness and walk all over you. I learnt that the hard way.

Stop waiting around for people who don't care.
You know it, you just don't admit it. That one person you rely on leaves you in the lurch or goes behind your back when you trusted them. They will only find you because they have no-one else you run to their aid. Don't do it, you're only making yourself a doormat. Move on and find someone else who appreciates you being around. It's a scary thing but you will look back and feel proud that you did it - even if at the time you felt rubbish! 

What would you say to your teenage self? 

How To Make Stuffed Peppers

I made a stuffed pepper today after a pledge to start my 'holiday healthy eating detox' .. (yes, I just made that up) and with only 6 weeks to go, I thought it's now or never to start working on that beach bod!

This is such a simple and easy to make idea, it seemed silly not to try it?!
This was just a base but you can obviously change the contents to your personal taste.
By no means am I an expert at cooking, nor have I done this before but I just wanted to share as it's super simple to make!

Here's how I made mine..

1 Red Pepper
1 packet of Ainsley Harriott Sundried Tomato & Garlic Couscous
2 Cherry Tomatoes
A Handful of Pitted Green & Black Olives

How to cook: 

Preheat oven to Gas Mark 6/ 180 Degrees for Fan Assisted Oven.

Cut widely around the stalk of your pepper & scrape out the excess seeds.

Prepare Couscous.

Cut olives and cherry tomatoes into small slices/ chunks.

Mix in together with the Couscous and stir lightly.

Cut Mozzarella into small, thin slices.

Layer the Mozzarella evenly throughout the pepper
(adding the couscous mixture to your pepper as and when you like)

Place on a tray/ oven based dish

Cook for 20-25 minutes. 

Serve on a plate with some salad and enjoy!

What I thought:

It was really nice and the flavoured couscous gave it such a nice sweet flavour. I think next time I will try it with some green pesto, as I didn't really feel like there was anything to compliment the tastes of the ingredients. Also if you're not big on Mozzarella or prefer more crumbly cheeses, I'd suggest using something like Feta or Goats Cheese, as either of those would taste amazing! It was SO filling, so much so that 1 pepper was absolutely ample, depending on the size of your appetite. At roughly 200 calories, it makes a great snack or meal. Suitable for vegetarians too.

Anyone got any healthy meal inspirations/ideas that might be worth a try? 


Upcoming Spring Gigs & Festivals

image: WeHeartIt

This is something I've always got excited about ever since being about 12/13 years old.. Gigs. 
Here are a few I have coming up I want to share with you :)

Architects w/ Every Time I Die & Counterparts | 13th March | Camden Roundhouse, London

I've seen Architects a few times before, but this is their biggest show I have been to yet. 
I loved 'Hollow Crown' and 'The Here And Now' but after that I can't say I've listened to anything! Oops? I've seen Every Time I Die before (supporting A Day To Remember last year) and I wouldn't say they're a band I would listen to very often, but they're weirdly fun to watch live. 

I have never seen Counterparts but I know my Boyfriend LOVES them. If anyone knows of any newer Architects stuff that's worth a listen then let me know in the comments!

Funeral For A Friend | 20th February | The Haunt, Brighton

I have never seen this band and I am ridiculously excited, as this band have got me through all the happy and incredibly sad times aka. Break Ups & Arguments etc in the last 7 years. As weird as it sounds, I literally can't wait!! Plus it falls on payday! What better way to celebrate?

Four Year Strong w/ Hit The Lights, Light You Up & Forever Came Calling | 28th March | Concorde 2, Brighton 

I am SO excited for this gig. Not only have I wanted to see FYS since 'Bada bing wid a pipe' came out but Hit The Lights are possibly my favourite band to watch live (and in my home town aswell..mega brownie points!) I am yet to listen to Light You Up or Forever Came calling but I've heard they are really good, so I will be listening to them sometime this week. 

Slam Dunk Festival 2015| South | Hertfordshire University | 24th May 

So it's only a day event but this is my all time favourite festival. I've been going for the last 4 years and not once has it let me down. Pop-Punk is my favourite genre of music and this holds such a variety of Alternative bands, from local to all over the world. I have met loads of different bands/artists just from walking around the campus & seen so many bands I would have dreamed about seeing live at the age of 14. It has definitely upped its game over the last 2 years or so. 

I actually appreciate it a lot more when I'm not stumbling around looking for a toilet, or crying because I'm too drunk. I have never been to the after party because I find I'm just too tired at the end of the day. I would rather slump into a cosy hotel bed until morning! I have heard it is a lot of fun (also a great way to meet/ party with band members) so if you can stay awake like a saint then I'd recommend it. 

If you're thinking about Slam Dunk, be sure not to miss out :) Its a sure winner! 

Any gigs or festivals you guys are thinking about this year?
Or if you are going to one of these shows, let me know!

The Versatile Blogger Award

The other day, I logged on with sheer happiness to find that I had been put up for The Versatile Blogger award by the lovely Rebecca. I was very honoured to have been nominated considering I hadn't heard of this and I'm quite new to the blogging world.. we've all got to start somewhere though, right?!

Even though I am posting this and have absolutely no clue, I really appreciate it none the less and I'm just going to follow on with what I have seen.

You basically have to find 15 blogs you have found recently and then nominate them to tell you 7 facts about themselves. No follower limit required! Yay!

My 7 random facts:

 My Birthday is the 11th of January 1994.

 I have been going to gigs and collecting tickets since the age of 10.
(First gig was Avril Lavigne.. that was 11 years ago.. jeeze!)

 I studied Beauty Therapy for a year at college.

 I met Metro Station when I was 15 after winning a Kerrang! Magazine competition. (Mega Cringe..!)

● I don't like tea. Sorry to all you lovers out there.

● I have 2 tattoos, one on my left wrist of the Capricorn symbol as 2 of my grandparents have theirs 
and a random pink bow on my right ankle.

● I am absolutely usless with money. 
I have zero control and I could easily spend my wages within a week.

 I could quote Mean Girls in just about any sentence 
(if that was socially acceptable of course!)

I nominate:

TrudyNatalie Eden Becca Darcy Cara Courtney Hayley

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