Little Payday Beauty Haul

So, I may or may not have stumbled into a few shops (with full intent ofc) at the weekend to celebrate payday. That's allowed, right? Ignoring the fact I do go away on holiday in less than a month and I should be saving for Euros (and duty free happiness!) 

I wasn't totally bad, I did actually need the majority of the things I purchased - apart from some! I thought I'd do a little haul for you as I haven't done one in ages! Keep reading to see what I picked up.  

My Experience With Contraception | Girl Talk

**DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a doctor, nor have I studied anything medical - everything in this post is to do with my personal experience and I understand certain things react differently to certain people. If you are triggered by anything to do with weight gain/loss and anxiety,depression or self harm then please also don't read ahead. I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. If you are grossed out by periods then you probably won't want to read ahead either (I assume no guys will be reading this anyway but I wanna just cover my ass!) I'd also like to clarify that I am not posting this for any means of attention, I just want to share my experiences with you incase you are going through similar things, or not sure what choices to make regarding contraception. Obviously, I'm not saying anything is medically proven and I totally understand we are all different! All contraceptives I have mentioned are linked on the words themselves if you wanted to know specifically about them**

A Little London Getaway

Last week, Jack and I headed up to London (if the title didn't give it away) for some of his belated Birthday celebrations. It's tradition we always go away, or get up to lots of exciting things around his birthday; however this year, we didn't want to drive for hours in traffic to get somewhere.

We decided to stay a little closer to home this time so we booked London for 2 nights. Although we wanted to visit The London Dungeon, Madame Tussauds and all the generic touristy stuff that you would expect, we actually opted for some activities a little bit different!

The Summer Lip Edit

For ages, I've been promising myself (in my head) that I'll post more beauty on here. It's not that I haven't wanted to, I just find I cover most of what I love in my monthly favourites posts. It's no lie that I have a lot of makeup; however when looking at my collection, it's obvious where the real obsession lies.. Lip Products. Can a girl ever have enough?

Cute Gardens & Fields Of Happiness

July Favourites

Hello everyone! How was your July? I hope it didn't treat you too badly. I'll try not to bother with too much weather small talk because let's face it, it was a bit of a washout. Let's hope August treats us a bit better, eh? Oh the brightside, I did find some awesome products throughout July that made the cut for this months favourites, so here they are!
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