My Top 10 In-Flight Travel Essentials

Top 10 In-Flight Travel Essentials

With my holiday less than a few days away now, the preparation begins (as well as me mentioning it about 2 million times during the lead up!) Maybe you're off on your holibobs too? I love going away in September because 1. It's cheaper and 2. Most people have already come back from their Summer adventures and it's nice to say a big old 'LOLBYE' to those who rubbed it in earlier in the year.

Being quite a nervous flyer, the thing I freak out about the most when packing is hand luggage. I need a lot of distractions to take my mind off the fact I am a zillion miles off the ground and various other disturbing thoughts. Anxious or not, what essentials would I, or anyone else need to keep themselves amused AND distracted on a 2 hour+ flight? I'm here to tell ya!

Seventeen Makeup You Absolutely Need For Autumn

I've recently joined the Seventeen Blogger Network and oh my goodness, was I excited or was I excited? Spoiler alert: I was excited. I love Seventeen so much; being a huge fan of their products, I couldn't wait to see what the network entailed. If you're not sure, Seventeen are an affordable makeup brand who are exclusive to Boots. Their shelves have always stuck out for me because the packaging of each product is so bold and eye-catching - seriously enough to make you want everything!

BrewDog Tap Takeover with Yelp*

If anyone offers me free alcohol then chances are, I'm there! Maybe it's a little manly, but I literally love beer. It's my casual drink of choice and I actually really enjoy it. To be honest, I think I just got into it from getting the 'cheapest drink' at gigs.. ha! Anyway, I am totally digressing.

August Favourites

August Favourites

August is overrrrrrr (if anyone got that We The Kings reference, I love you.) In all seriousness though, where did it go?! More importantly, where is this year going? I guess that's a good thing that we're speeding into September as Jack and I go to Mykonos in 2 weeks! (Any travel guides left in the comments will be fully appreciated!) I managed to just about muddle together some favourites for this post, as I've been trying not to buy too much this month. Here's what I've been loving! 

My Night-Time Skin Care Regime with Farfetch

Skincare is always so important to me. Long gone are the days where all I would use is a face wipe to look after my face... eek! However, I have finally got a good set routine which helps my skin appear much more alive and blemish free when I wake up. When FarFetch got in touch with me about their latest competition on night-time skincare, I had to get onboard. I much prefer to do my skincare routine at night because it's the perfect excuse to pamper yourself before sleeping. Plus, they say your skin heals itself when you sleep? Although this isn't much different to my daily skincare routine, I do have a range of interchangeable products that I use depending on how my skin has reacted throughout the week.
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