Review: LUSH - 'Granny Takes A Dip' Bath Bomb

Umm.. Oops, I accidentally on purpose slipped into LUSH again yesterday..twice! I could spend days on end in that place, yet still find something to be blown away by. Anyone who doesn't love it must be crazy not to! Maybe I am just an oddball, but later in the day when I returned, the 'Sakura' Bath Ballistic I wrote about last week had completely sold out! Maybe Londoners like that spring kinda thing! Each to their own I guess!

I bought a lot of different bits in there, so I'm going to individually review them as & when I use them - that way, it's not as crammed into one post :) 
(mainly bath bombs/melts.. sorry not sorry!)

Anyway, tonight's bath consisted of 'Granny Takes A Dip'.. (not literally, I didn't decide I wanted to jump in the bath with my Nan!!) 

At first, I wasn't massively taken aback by this. It looked AMAZING and didn't seem to smell all that great (it actually did resemble a grannyish scent a little bit!) but I wanted to take the plunge by trying something different. The colours drew me into buying this the most, as I had umm'ed and arr'ed about getting it in previous visits. 

Once I put in in the bath, it blew my mind. Quite honestly, I actually stood and watched it fizz around in the water (with a beaming smile on my face) for a good few minutes.. (how sad is that!) It basically makes a rainbow in your bath and eventually turns pink! Definitely one of the more exciting bath bombs I have used, by far!

It's a mixture of spicy but a very tangy, citrusy smells. You really notice the lemon oils in this, almost as soon as you sit in the bath. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky soft which is something I really like, having quite dehydrated skin. I felt instantly calm & relaxed sitting in the bath and almost fell asleep! Perfect if you've had a long day at work, wanting to unwind, or if you just want a quirky addition to your bath! 

I really liked this and will definitely buy it again at some point! :)

Anyone got any favourites from Lush or is there any other bath bits you'd recommend?! 

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