Top 30 Guilty Pleasures From 90's & Noughties

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Music from a young age has always been a big part of my life. It has got me through some really rough times and helped me enjoy those moments worth remembering.

I've been feeling really nostalgic lately, after re-discovering some old gems. My Spotify currently screams nothing but old school happiness.
There's nothing I love more than throwing a few shapes, or singing along to some old tunes!

I used to be one of those kids who lived for Top Of The Pops on a Friday evening.. It had to be the only 'so bad it's good' show BBC2 ever did. Remember how annoying it was when you waited all week, only to discover you hated every single artist on there?

Anyway, I had to try and narrow down my favourite, cheesetastic songs from the last 20 odd years, so here they are..

1. S Club 7 - You're My Number One. 

Loved it. Loved them. Loved the TV show. 
S Club forever. <3

P.s I didn't actually put them first for the pun, it just happened.

2. Tatu - All The Things She Said

One of the catchiest one hit wonders ever?
Were they even lesbians? Does anyone know?!

3. Steps - Better The Devil You Know

OMG this video though. No-one except Lady Gaga could pull an outfit like this off on stage these days.

 I remember playing this song so loud on my CD Player, crying & begging my mum to take me to London to see them, although I wasn't sure if I wanted to go because it might be too loud.. LOL. Needless to say, we didn't go. But I ended up seeing the Steps Tribute band a bit closer to home, which was just as epic! 

4. McFly - The Heart Never Lies

McFly were my all time favourite boy band (after Busted split, of course)

As soon as Five Colours in her hair came out, I became fully obsessed. I saw them 7 times before I was 15, then met them twice in my local HMV. They were a big part of my life growing up throughout school, and gave me some amazing friendships/opportunities. 

5. Cher - Believe 

I had this on tape.. Yep, Tape! I remember my mum driving my sister and I around, listening to this full blast and us hysterically laughing at her. Oh Mum..

6.  JoJo - Leave (Get Out) 

This girl had style.
 I literally wanted to be her at school for the whole 5 minutes she was around.

7. Westlife -Seasons In The Sun 

I used to love Westlife!
 Uptown Girl first got me into them when it came out.
I then grew to hate it, because it was so over played on VH1. 
Does VH1 even exist anymore?! 

8. High School Musical  - Breaking Free

I loved this film something chronic.
I watched the Disney Channel every single day leading up to the release of this, just to see the adverts with Zac Efron. 
Lets be honest, he has always been pretty wonderful eye candy.

9. Vengaboys - We're Going To Ibiza

Most played song on my 'Now That's What I Call *insert year here*'

10. S CLUB 8 - Automatic High

S Club 8 were the middle school dream. 
To think half of them are now in 'The Saturdays' and the others just dropped off the planet.

11. Lou Bega - Mambo No. 5 

I will shamelessly dance to this song no matter what. Sober or not. 
Lou Bega, you da man. 

12. Shanks & Bigfoot - Sweet Like Chocolate 

Now this was the most hideous song ever made, but it was also the catchiest. My dad got a CD player for his car when that first ever came about, and always played it to me and my sister for the sheer lols. We probably asked him to buy it, back in the day when Woolworths existed! 

13. Spice Girls - Wannabe

So much sass, so long ago. Too many times of crying to Viva Forever </3 

14. Busted - Air Hostess

Anything & everything Busted is always ok!

15. Hilary Duff - So Yesterday 

I really liked Hilary Duff as an actress and singer. 
It's not often that happens!

16. B*Witched - C'est La Vie

This song = Pop Idol PS2 Game. Did anyone have that? 
It was seriously the best game ever! 

17 . Avril Lavigne - Complicated 

My dad took me and my sister to see her in Brighton after school one day, and it was our first ever concert. SO GOOD. I was frantically waving at her the whole gig and she eventually waved back haha! 

Oh to be 10 again.. 

18. Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Emo days. I love Panic!

Remember all the commotion when they took away the '!'
Wait, does that still stand or..?

19. Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way


They follow me on Twitter.. Just saying.

20 . DJ Sammy- Heaven 

When Bebo & listening to music out loud in the playground was a cool thing to be doing. 
I actually think the DJ Boonie version was more popular in year 7? Crrrrinnngeee.

(Am I the only one that thought this thumbnail was a naked woman?!)

21. Five - Keep On Movin'

Ultimate school disco tune.
When jumping up and down was an acceptable way of dancing, without looking like a mad drunk.

22. Smash Mouth - All Star

I think I've actually heard this song played more by cover bands. 
Still a great hit though!

23. Simple Plan - I'd Do Anything

I remember going for a family photo shoot when I was younger & my Auntie playing Simple Plan in the car for the entire journey.  I immediately fell in love and downloaded all of their songs onto my MP3.

24. Hearsay - Pure And Simple

I don't even know where this band ever came from? 
Wasn't it a show on ITV or something, that has this giant slide inside a clubhouse?

25. Nickleback - How You Remind Me

I know a lot of people never liked Nickleback, but I for one absolutely did (and still do) 
There's something about Chad Kroeger's ridiculously low husky voice that always makes me want to sing along.

26. Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca 

He's still going according to Google! He is currently a judge on 'The Voice' in Mexico.

27. Enrique Iglesias - Hero

I think this song speaks for itself.
 He's just beautiful man isn't he?

28. The Corrs - Breathless

Another tape classic!

29. Shania Twain - That Don't Impress Me Much

This woman was the ultimate diva back in the day!

30. Eiffel 65 - I'm Blue 

It had to be the be all and end all, didn't it? 
I recently heard a spoof with misheard lyrics over the top and now all I can hear is 'I'm Blue I would beat off a guy..' 

What are your guilty pleasures from your youth?

Tania :)



  1. I love that you included McFly in this post (Fan girl moment) Listening to them as we speak haha. And S club 7 were a favourite of mine, my first ever concert in fact! :) Definitely miss the old music! x

    1. Haha of course! I was literally the biggest Mcfly fan ever, they really need to tour again!!
      I miss it too, but it's great to look back and reminisce on :) x

  2. Ah I used to love a bit of Panic! At The Disco!! Really fun post!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

    1. Thank you! :)

      They were definitely the go to band back in the day! xx

  3. LOVE these songs hahaha! wow blast from the past x


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