Huge Lush Winter Haul!

The last time I did a Lush haul on here, it was probably one of my first ever cringealicious posts! Started at the bottom, now we're 'ere. Since then, my obsession has got so big, that I think I need some kind of restraining order to stop me buying everything in there. It's just so addictive! Oh, Halloween and Christmas stuff, Y U SO TEMPTING?! 

There is still hope yet though, as I am still yet to take a trip up to the Oxford Street store. I fear I will love the 4 floors of heavenly goodness so much, that I basically won't leave and you'll never see me again. *writes goodbye notes*

Anyway, this haul is split over 4 trips in the same week so prepare yourself, there is a LOT of stuff! I got a mixture between their normal range and their winter range, so a nice wide variety for all you fellow Lush fans to gawp at ;) 

In the midst of picking up every single bath bomb and smelling each one (even though I know what they all smell like) I found this and ho-ly crap! The only way to describe the scent of this, is basically what the smell is when you walk into the Lush itself.. Heaven. 

I used to be really put off by orange/ yellow colour bath bombs, as I'd worry that it would resemble the colour of wee or something.. Is that just me being gross?! Haha. I knew there had to come a time when I put my feelings aside and gave some of them a try, so that is exactly what I did! My friend had previously recommended this to me and I'm so glad she did, because I don't regret buying it at all! It's a very slow fizzer which is okay if you're a patient person.. I for one am not, but I was amazed when all these cute purple and blue colours started bursting out the middle towards the end. It turns your bath an orangey colour (funnily enough) but I can now say this is my new favourite. It is the most relaxing bath bomb I have ever used - definitely a hidden gem in amongst the newer products!

Originally, I was very put off by the minty smell of this. I am always more drawn to colours of bath bombs, and with blue being my favourite, it was almost certain this would be one of the new ones I picked up to smell first. On previous visits to Lush, I had always been like ''ew no, I can't possibly buy a peppermint bath bomb''.. but with a few very convincing opinions, and picking it up each time I went in, I took a gamble and bought it!

It's very minty and fresh, but the mint tones down when you're actually bathing. I'd say it fizzes at a steady pace and turns your water a beautiful dark, glittery blue. I did notice the glitter pretty much instantaneously, but it's not an overwhelming amount, (where you get out of the bath looking like you've had a one night stand with Edward Cullen) it just gives you a nice shimmer. As it fizzes, there really pretty swirls of pinks, greens and lighter blues. I thought this would be the one I hated most, but I really do like it now. It leaves a really nice, clean yet musky smell on your skin when you get out. Perfect for Autumn!

 I just want to start by saying, this is my all time favourite product from Lush. (Now that Dorothy has been discontinued :'( RIP) I went in to repurchase this and I soon came to the realisation that they had reformulated it. Sometimes it annoys me when companies change old products, but this was another level of fabulousness. It's WAY bigger, prettier and glitterier! Lush, you have outdone yourselves.

It's a very rosey scent with sweet undertones, which is probably my perfect concoction of smells! I think the bubbleroons are brilliant because they are in 2 halves, so you can re-use it as little to as many times as you want, depending on how bubbly you want your bath of course. It turns the water a gorgeous light pink and leaves the most incredible smell and feel on your body afterwards. I couldn't recommend this enough! 

Now we're on the bubbleroon subject, I thought I'd pick this one up too. I never really noticed or cared for this one much before because like I said, yellow bath water never really appealed to me. After I had smelt it though, my senses took over and I knew I had to buy it. I've read lots of reviews on the Lush website saying this is moisturising, which is what I would expect from something with Cocoa Butter in. I have really come to like quite sweet smells over the last few months, and this is the perfect tangy smell with a not too sickly chocolate undertones. I can imagine this is very refreshing, so I can't wait to try it! 
This face mask isn't really a newbie to my collection, but I did sort of forget about it for a while after it ran out. Not because I didn't like it, because I do.. I just wanted to try new things on my dilemma of a face. I dabbled with Cupcake but I thought it was so disgustingly sickly and strong, I couldn't relax at all with it on my face. Love Lettuce is great if you have a combination skin type and it has a gentle exfoliant, so it isn't too harsh when you're applying or washing it off. I'd say this is best to use in the bath, as you sweat out all the grossness and the face mask can really work its magic. It's really balancing and with Lavender being one of the main ingredients, you're basically 99.9% going to feel stupidly relaxed!
Who doesn't love a good Mean Girls quote?! Mean Girls + Lush = 2 of the best things ever. It's also a turquoise blue colour (fave) so I was very excited to temporarily resemble a smurf. This mask is very exfoliating with a fresh lemon scent, so you can almost guarantee that it is going to give your face a damn good clean.

 The first time I used it, it was really abrasive and actually hurt my face to apply and wash off. However, the second time I used a much lighter hand and it seemed like a completely different mask! As I have combination skin, I find it very difficult to tame the oil in my t-zone area, without neglecting/irritating the rest of my face. I can honestly say though, I noticed this worked almost instantly, and there were no signs of a greasy t-zone hours after using. Due to the rough nature of the product, I don't recommend this for sensitive skin, but I do urge anyone with skin like mine to go out and try this. 

I've never seen these before! My friend picked it up whilst we were shopping and it looked really interesting! You basically drop it into a bowl of hot water and let it steam your face, so it absorbs all the essential oils. I'm interested to try a different way of toning my face, but this is definitely for a rainy day, as I don't have time in my normal routine to constantly use this! Never the less, I can't wait to give this a try!  

Golden Handshake Hot Hand Mask

Oh.em.gee, this is the most adorable little idea I have ever seen! It is a tiny little golden hand on a stick that you put into boiling water to create a hand mask. So I am excited to see if this makes any difference, as my hands are currently experiencing major dryness from the dramatic change in the weather. I will be feeding back on what its like! 

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

Just look at this, in all of its Halloweeny and Glittery goodness! This is definitely the first thing from the Halloween range that caught my eye as I love pumpkins.. and glitter! This smells quite tangy and warm and really gives you that autumnal feel! 

Star Dust Bath Bomb  

This is a smell I'm finding really hard to describe. I'm still undecided on how much I actually like it, or if I was just mesmerised from where they had the demo of it in-store. If you never try, you never know I guess? When fizzing, it turns and beautiful baby blue and explodes with tiny star confetti.. Too cute! I'll definitely be using this nearer to Christmas time I think, so hopefully the smell is more appealing to me then.

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar 

Luckily, I didn't go too mad on Christmas stuff just yet. I adored the look of this one and I think that's the main reason I bought it. It smells very chocolatey, and a bit like Snow Fairy which I don't really like that much, but there must have been something I liked about it for me to buy it. It just smells SO odd!! It does include Shea Butter though, which I genuinely do swear by. So definitely ok with that if all else fails!

Shoot For The Stars

 This deceived me slightly because I thought it was 'Christmas Eve' in Bath Bomb form.. Unfortunately it's not and they didn't bring it back to the UK this year *cries in envy at the Lush USA website* :( The colour scheme is pretty much exactly the same but just smells different. It smells very refreshing and has a lovely uplifting smell, including Brazilian Orange and Bergamot Oils.

Snow Angel Bath Melt

This really intrigued me! I thought it was a bath bomb to begin with, but one of the lovely members of staff informed me it was actually a bath melt. Double win! I don't tend to use bath melts, as I prefer my bath to look a bit more exciting. The only time I normally buy them is if my skin is really dry and in need of some TLC. This basically looks like a bath bomb anyway, so I couldn't really resist getting it! 

The smell of this is hard to describe. In my opinion, it's a mixture between sweet and floral, with some musky undertones. It leaves your water with a sparkly, gold shimmer & yellowy/green water. I actually used this last night and it made my skin feel so lovely. I personally love it and it moisturises my skin so well. The only people I wouldn't recommend this to, is someone who doesn't like that oily/dewy feeling to your skin after you've got out the bath.

Overall, I am really pleased with what I bought, even if I haven't tried half of it yet! If you made it this far, I hope this post wasn't too long & boring and thanks for sticking around! 

What are you loving from Lush at the moment? Have you tried any of these? :)

TB x


  1. I stumbled into Lush the other day and came out with a list as long as my arm of things I want to try! I'm so gutted I don't have a bath anymore since moving but it's definitely made me appreciate some of the other products they do more. I'm currently trying (and failing) to work out how to use their showders without ending up with it all over my bathroom xo

    1. Haha! I genuinely do think that the smell in there forces you to want/buy everything!
      That must really suck not having a bath! My friend has the exact same problem atm since she moved out of her flat!
      Showders?! They sounds intriguing haha!



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