Soap And Glory One Heck Of A Blot All Day Liquid-To-Powder Foundation | Review

I have always been familiar with (and love) Soap And Glory products, although prior to this I had never delved into any of their make up range. Not because I haven't wanted to, I just purely never got round to it. One thing I do know, is that I have never heard a bad word about them as a brand. So recently, I got rather excited when I saw that they were advertising their new liquid-to-powder foundation on Instagram. The whole concept of a foundation like this had never really occurred to me in the past (maybe they've been around for ages, I'm not sure!) I have never found myself brave enough to go for any solely powder based foundations, as I always feel like they won't provide enough coverage on my face - plus the fact I've always been a liquid kind of gal.

One Heck Of A Blot is definitely a full coverage foundation which includes shine-bloc 12 hour longwear technology and super-blur powders. It is extremely lightweight and there are no traces of cakiness - which is exactly what I like in a foundation. (I love actual cake in real life though) This is literally perfect for anyone that suffers with Combination to Oily skin. I didn't notice a single bit of shine, or any sign of it wearing off - even at the end of the day. It covers up pores, redness and any fine lines, leaving you with an incredibly smooth complexion all day! I applied it as soon as I got home from purchasing it, and within less than an hour my sister had already complimented me saying how nice it looked. 

The foundation comes in 4 shades: 01 Fair Enough, 02 Cool Sand, 03 Happy Medium & 04 Caramel.
Personally, I think there could be more selection, but luckily enough 'Cool Sand' was pretty much a perfect match for me as I'm quite pale. I'm sure most of you do test a new foundation before buying to check if it matches your skin tone, BUT don't be deceived by the colour of the bottles! 'Cool Sand' looks quite a severe next 'Fair Enough' but it is just a slightly warmer shade of fair outside of the bottle! 

I found blending this in odd to begin with, mainly due to the fact I'd never used anything like this before. It goes on as a liquid and turns to a powder the more you blend it into your face. You do need to make sure this is spread evenly and applied with a slightly lighter hand than usual, as it can go slightly patchy/uneven if you are too rough. I am definitely used to it now and it's basically just become second nature to me. You can buy the matching primer if you really want to, but I am not normally one for primer unless I'm really 'going' somewhere. So if you're anything like me and kind of cba with primer, I strongly suggest you moisturise before you apply this (if you don't already) as this will better your chances of maximum coverage.

Overall, this foundation is perfect for my skin type as I get a very oily T-Zone. Anything to help my skin stay matte and hides my pores & imperfections all day is a winner in my books! I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with dry/sensitive skin, as I don't think it would sit well on the skin and could potentially cause irritation. This product is on the shelves at £12, and for everything it does - it's perfect. I am definitely not going to be changing my foundation anytime soon! 

Have you tried One Heck Of A Blot? :)

TB xo

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