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Oooooh, I do love a good ol' tag! I feel like they are a need in my life, because I love answering random questions, as much as I love reading them! I also love Christmas soooo much. *sings 'it's the most wonderful time of the year'* It is possibly the only one day of the year I'm actually a remote morning person or keen to wake up! (Still with the struggle of course) As per, let me know if you do/have done the tag! I'd love to read yours! :)

1. What's your favourite Christmas film(s)?

A Christmas Carol, Home Alone, The Polar Express, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas with the Kranks, you name it - I love them all! It's way too hard to pick one!

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day morning?

 My boyfriend and I always do the odd one or two stocking fillers on Christmas Eve, as we don't see each other until late on Christmas Day, but other than that - it's all about the big day!

3. Do you wear PJ's or dress up on Christmas Day?

Strictly PJ's until at least 12pm, and then it's dress up all the way. Need an excuse to get the snazz out once in a while!

4. If you could only send one person a present, who would you choose?

Just the person who deserved it the most.

5. Have you ever built a Gingerbread house?

Well yes, if the pre-cooked one counts?! I did the sticking together and decorating? Tehe.

6. What do you on your Christmas break?

Eating (obvs), last minute frantic shopping, wrapping whilst listening to Christmas music, lots of cosy evenings in watching films, spending lots of time with family & friends. POI-FIC. 

7.  Do you have any Christmas wishes?

World peace. Not even kidding. 

I do kind of think of that song that goes 'peace on earth..parumpapumpum' All jokes aside though, there's been far too much evil world lately, which continues to cause such sadness to people every day. I wonder what the world would be like without terrorism, war and evil? We can only hope! 

8. What is your favourite Christmas Food?

Cheeselets! Plus all of the festive trimmings on a roast. Not together though, obvs! 

Also a big shoutout to Pringles. I do love them all year round, although Christmas is definitely the time I start poppin' and not stoppin'. Ps. I've never felt as gangster as I do right now.

9. Candy Cane or Gingerbread?

Gingerbread, all the way! Candy canes look cute but hurt my teeth!

10. What is at the top of your Christmas list?

I don't really have anything at the top of my list, I'd be happy with any presents!
I prefer buying and giving people gifts. :)

What are you looking forward to most this Christmas?

TB x

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