July Favourites

Hello everyone! How was your July? I hope it didn't treat you too badly. I'll try not to bother with too much weather small talk because let's face it, it was a bit of a washout. Let's hope August treats us a bit better, eh? Oh the brightside, I did find some awesome products throughout July that made the cut for this months favourites, so here they are!

Mitchum 48 Hour Protection Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant
Ok I'm gonna go straight in with the TMI here, but before I used this.. Nothing seemed to tame those pits. I found that spray deodorants didn't work for me and they also set off my asthma, so there wasn't really anything winning about them. Although the thought of roll-on sounds more time consuming and rank, the cream version is a dream. It doesn't sting after shaving, you don't have to wait for it to dry and most importantly, it stops you sweating/being smelly all day. I highly recommend Mitchum deodorant to anyone, especially if you're struggling to find one that works for you. Absolute life saver!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Intense Black
I've mentioned this in a previous favourites before but ho-ly mother f'er. It's amazing! I'm kind of bored of trying out new mascara's now (well, for a bit) and there are only two that I know, love and will purchase time and time again. That is this and the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

Since my last review on this, I think they've changed the formula because it feels much less wet than before. In my last favourites I reviewed the Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara; however after comparing the two, I much prefer Lash Sensational. This has a much better wand, doesn't melt off your lashes and stays put all day. I feel like this lifts my lashes within seconds of applying and it really does not budge! I'd even go as far as saying it has more stay power than any other high end mascara I have ever owned! 

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hydration Leave In Conditioner

What happens when you go out of your way to buy your mum shampoo and conditioner and there just so happens to be a 3 for 2 offer on all haircare in Boots? This, that's what. Never missing a beat 2k16. 

Now I have a lot more blonde in my hair, keeping it in good condition with all the products I can possibly find is an absolute must. This product smells so fresh, doesn't weigh down your hair and leaves it the softest it's ever felt after drying! It promises to restore strength, silkiness and shine to the most bleached of blondes. It is also enriched with nutrients such as Pro-Vitamin B and Honey to give your hair the love and moisture it needs. I was also totally sold by the fact this is a heat protectant too! I feel like leave-in conditioners with heat protection are very far and wide these days. John Frieda get it so right with hair products and also tailor to all different hair colours. Highly reccommend.

I don't know where this has been all my life but I only purchased this last month! After attending the Make Up Revolution 2nd Birthday Party, I found out this was their best selling product and I knew I couldn't resist it. Although it did take me about 5000 years to actually buy it. The palette itself has a great range of pigmented blush, highlight and bronzer/contour shades which include a perfect mixture of matte, shimmer and baked shades.

Top Row: Left to Right.
Bottom Row: Left to Right.
Personally, I find the blushes a lot more subtle on my skin tone as I'm used to a more bold blush, however they do leave a beautiful shimmer to your cheeks. I do tend to mix all 3 blush shades and dab them onto my brush just to give my face a bit more colour. I haven't dabbled too much with the contour shades just yet, although I have used the baked bronze shade for a more sunkissed look and it looks fab. The top left highlight is my personal favourite. It is quite shimmery, so if you're all about the glitter then you will totally love this! I think this palette is so multi-purpose and suitable for a day or night look. Makeup Revolution are such a reasonable brand for the quality of their products and this whole palette only cost me £6!

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil in 05 Deep

Now it will be no shock to you at all, that I got this as a freebie with Elle Magazine fairly recently. I'm not gonna pass up on a £4.10 Benefit product am I? The shade was pot luck because you couldn't actually see inside the plastic packaging of the magazine but I ended up with the shade 05 Deep. This is their second darkest shade which I was a bit dubious to use, because although I have black eyebrows, they say it's not always best to use brow products which are the same colour.

I found the colour more of an ashy black and it actually seemed to fill in my brows really well, without looking like I'd painted them on. I use my Gimme Brow first to tame any wispy bits and give my brows more volume, then I follow on with Goof Proof to fill in any patchy bits. I'd say it is more of a crayon than a brow pencil, which is applies so easily and stays on like a dream. It is retractable, waterproof and defines my brows more than anything ever could. I love it so much!
It will also be no surprise to you that yet another lip liner has made the favourites. Maybe I'm a little obsessed. I've heard lots of good things about Barry M lip liners lately, so I knew it was only a matter of time before I picked one up. I find they are much lower maintenance to wear all over the lips and you don't have to re-apply them as often as a lipstick. The shade I picked up is a brown with red undertones because I know my collection is seriously lacking in that field. I was shocked to find that it really suits my skin tone, it's really pigmented and has lasts a good few hours before I even need to consider topping it up. Barry M are so reasonable and all of their products cruelty free. What's not to like?

What did you love last month?

Tania x


  1. You've got some great favourites this month! I can agree with you on your little bit of TMI haha! I picked up that deodorant and its the best I've tried x


    1. Thank you lovely! :) Haha! TMI where it's needed but it definitely has to be the best out there! Well worth it x


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