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If anyone offers me free alcohol then chances are, I'm there! Maybe it's a little manly, but I literally love beer. It's my casual drink of choice and I actually really enjoy it. To be honest, I think I just got into it from getting the 'cheapest drink' at gigs.. ha! Anyway, I am totally digressing.

Last week, my friend Jaz and I were invited to the BrewDog Tap Takeover with Yelp Brighton. The event itself was held at Hotel Du Vin on Ship Street, Brighton. This couldn't have been a better venue as I have always wanted to go inside, but never had a reason to until this moment! Inside had a very sophisticated vibe to it and a super cosy feel, just as I had imagined.

We were greeted by the lovely,  accommodating staff and sat at our own little table with some wonderfully generous goodie bags already waiting for us. Yay! Soon after, we were given some cheese and onion popcorn as a little snack, shortly followed by platters (and platters) of complimentary nibbles to prep us for the beer tasting. A part of me died at the fact I'd already eaten dinner, however I still made all of the room. ;) We had warm scotch eggs, pork pies, crusty bread and a huge selection of cheeses and meats. ACTUAL HEAVEN.

So, let me tell you a little bit more about Brewdog themselves. They are Scottish craft beer company who pride themselves in serving only the best and yummiest craft beer from all over the planet. They come in all different exciting flavours and the packaging on the bottles are so eye catching. What I love the most about their concept is that their beers have no added ingredients, preservatives, chemicals or cheap substitutes. I think that's what make Brewdog so special.

The night was jam packed with fun; we got to join beer school with the lovely Chloe and Alex from Brewdog who showed us the ropes. They really did know their stuff and I would kill to have a memories like them, they had so much to remember! We learnt everything you possibly need to know about each beer; from how it was made, what it was made with, the aromas and all the different flavours. 

The first 3 beers were probably my favourite which were 2 ales, Punk IPA and Ace Of Citra, followed by Kingpin which was a lager. The more beer we drank, the more the alcohol percentages increased. The last two we tried were Jack Hammer (7.2%) and Hardcore IPA which was a whopping 9.2%! There's drinking wine at that percentage and then there's beer.. They were next level strong, although surprisingly very nice! I honestly didn't think I was going to like them, so it was a nice surprise! 

If you are familiar with Brighton, the Brewdog bar is located on Grand Parade, just on the corner of Marlborough Place and Kingswood Street. If you don't live in Brighton, fear not. BrewDog have bars all over the UK and even worldwide! If you are a beer fan, you do not want to miss out on going to one - you can click here for the full list to see if any are close to you!

After the evening was wrapped up, we got chatting to some other fellow Yelpers. I think the fact we bonded over great beer and food totally helped! The lovely organiser Sophie is always so friendly, engaging and puts on some great events! I've already met some fab faces through Yelp who I would love to meet again, and I look forward to the next event!

Have you tried Brewdog or been to any Yelp events? :)

Tania x


  1. This is so strange! I was literally just talking about Hotel Du Vin as I stayed there when I shot a wedding last year - isn't it gorgeous?! I don't drink, but those complimentary nibbles sound amazing. I would gladly eat pork pies everyday - they're my weakness!! :-)

    1. No way?! That's amazing! It's so lovely - I'd love to see the rooms, are they nice? :) Oooo yes definitely! Scotch eggs and cheese are mine! Felt like such a pig haha! Xxx

  2. Brewdog have just opened in Southampton and I can't wait to visit! xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

    1. Ooo that's so exciting! Even if you're not into beer I would recommend going - the flavours really surprise you :) xx


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