What's In My Lush Christmas Goody Bag & Haul

If you read my blog regularly, you'll know I went to my first ever Lush Blogger Event the other week! I thought I'd follow on from that and show you what I goodies I was kindly given, along with some purchases too!

So, me being a bit of a tit, I got carried away taking photo's for this post at the weekend and realised I only went and took the same photo about 60,000 times. Then, I went and used half of the products, so I guess me telling you what I think makes up for not photographing all of them? I will link all the items below, just incase you want to find out more! :)

Northern Lights Bath Bomb* | £3.95

LUSH Northern Lights Bath Bomb Demo

This bath bomb is a re-design from a few years ago, as the last make of these were so flimsy they kept breaking! This has come back, bigger and sturdier than ever! If you are a huge Lush fan, you will know that the shape of this resembles Cyanide Pill (exclusive to Lush Oxford Street) and it's an interesting and very slow fizzer! It turns your water a dark, murky green and fizzes away with so many pretty colours. It includes Ylang Ylang and has a strong smell of Jasmine, which is incredibly relaxing - it takes me back to being at the spa!

Butterbear Bath Bomb* | Here | £1.95

LUSH Butterbear Bath Bomb
Instagram: @KatieKirkLoves

So, I didn't just get gifted this bath bomb, I made it! Ultimate dream. This is one of the more simple bath bombs colour wise, but makes your bath smell like cocoa butter heaven. Not only that, it leaves your skin feeling super soft and the water turns a pretty cloudy white! I love it so much. I don't think my first attempt making a bath bomb went too badly either haha!

Snowman Shower Jelly* | £3.95
Snowman HAS to be one of my favourite Lush Christmas scents! It's quite sweet with tangy lemon tinges to it. I picked it up in the FUN version last year, but I only used it once and then found it all soggy where I didn't wrap it up properly! Oops. Shower Jellies are something I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with. I love them because they are adorable and make me giggle at the texture, but I just can't use it without it slipping through my fingers (now she is gone, I'm sleeping with the light onnn....) I reached out on Twitter and some lovely fellow bloggers have given me alternative ways to use it, so I will be trying those ASAP!

Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb | £4.35

Lush Monsters Ball Bath Bomb Demo

Monsters' Ball is part of the Halloween range, which pleased me very much. I saw Louise (Sprinkleofglitter) demo this in one of her recent videos and my eyes turned to hearts. THE COLOURS. Lush wanted to go very 'Day Of The Dead' themed with this bath bomb and it certainly gives off that vibe. I don't even know how to begin describing the smell to you, but all I know is that it has a mixture of cocoa butter, lime oil and neroli included. The eye of this bomb is actually a bath melt, so you're getting the extra added moisture, aswell as the prettiest bath in the whole universe.

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar | £3.95
Being a huge fan of penguins, I think I was going to pick this up whether I liked the smell or not. BUT OMG THOUGH. Anyone who remembers 'Dorothy Bubble Bar' that got discontinued a while back.. THIS IS THAT SMELL! <3 I could scooped the whole shelf into my basket and died of happiness there and then. I am yet to use this little baby yet, as I want to stock up first!

Igloo Soap* | £3.25

Lush Igloo Soap

Just when you thought Lush couldn't get anymore creative, they went and made a bloody igloo out of soap! I want to shrink and live in a soapy igloo pls. This is so winter appropriate it hurts and it smells so fresh and clean. It has high notes of lemon to it, aswell as rose oil to tone the sharpness down. Can I just say how much this whole thing reminds me of jelly babies? Just me?

Bubbly Shower Gel 100g* | £4.95
Ever wanted a product that smells just like your favourite celebratory Christmas drink?! Look no further! I can't even comprehend HOW much this smells like Champagne, it literally makes me want to drink it. This is a very tangy scent with hints of lime, grape and orange! I'd say this is definitely an acquired taste, but it's a great addition to the Christmas range!

Pumpkin Bath Bomb | £3.25

Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb Demo

Right, this is basically a tamer version of Yog Nog and it was been and gone in the first few days of me owning it. #StartingOctoberRight. I didn't personally think I would like the smell of this, as the Yog Nog scent was way too sickly for me last year. However, this is the most warming scent ever and smells like christmas baking! (Even though it's a Halloween bomb?) If they made this in candle form, it'd definitely be on my shelf all winter!

Star Dust Bath Bomb* | £2.95
This is also back for yet another year but this time, it's fatter! This has an incredibly musky vanilla scent to it, which I still haven't decided if I like or not. I think I can see past that though because when it's fizzing away in the water, it turns a bright blue with little confetti stars in.. Adorable!

Baked Alaska Soap | £3.25

Lush Christmas Baked Alaska Soap

YAY! It's back for another Christmas! I went crazy for this after discovering it in last years Christmas collection - everything about it had me sold! The fresh smell, THE COLOURS (aesthetics) and the way it made my skin feel. Seriously, go into the shop (even if you don't buy it) and smell and just admire it. Plus, nothing will ever look as cool and colourful next to your sink.

Have you picked up anything from Lush recently?

Tania x

*This post includes some gifted items, however all opinions are my own*


  1. Oh what a dream! Such wonderful Lush goodies! I have the pumpkin bath bomb and can't wait to use it, it's smells devine. Oh can you imagine if this was actually in a candle form,I'd have it all winter too!
    Sharon x

    1. They are so fab, I want them all again haha! Omg it is literally heaven, you will love it! If Lush bring out candles itll probably be the best day ever hahaha! Ps. I bought that Pumpkin candle from your Homeware Haul -can't wait to smell it! xxxx

  2. Oh what a dream! Such wonderful Lush goodies! I have the pumpkin bath bomb and can't wait to use it, it's smells devine. Oh can you imagine if this was actually in a candle form,I'd have it all winter too!
    Sharon x

    1. They are super cute! :) I hope you liked it in the end?! I stocked up and now it doesn't seem the same. Hopefully the last one was just a duff one haha! OMG wouldn't it be amazing?! <3


  3. I need everything aha! I am especially excited for Northern Lights because the colours are so pretty. I haven't been to Lush in ages but I really want to go soon xx

    1. They are so cute! It does go a very dark murky green afterwards though but if you cover that up with bubbles then it's fine! It smells so good :) Let me know what you pick up?! Xx

  4. The Northen Lights bath bomb and Baked Alaska soap both look amazing! Jealous you got to go to a lush event, I really want to go to one!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. They are so good! The Baked Alaska is definitely a firm favourite though :) You should email their PR team, they'll add you to the list of local events! :) xx

  5. I can't believe that you actually got to make your own Butterbear. That's amazing. It's such a simple bath bomb but it's one of my favourites.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    1. It was so much fun! If you get the chance to go to a Lush event then do :) It's amazing isn't it?! x

  6. Omg this post made me so happy because I love Lush so much and everything looks fab. Really want to try that monster bath bomb sounds INCREDIBLE! Same with the pumpkin!! Definitely going back to Lush asap!!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Hahaha I'm glad it makes you happy! :D Yes do! It's almost gone because it was exclusive to their halloween range! Pumpkin is my fave, just gone out and bought 3 more hahaha! xxxx


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