February Favourites

OMG. It's scary how quickly this favourites post crept up (and how late it is!) Soz. I definitely panicked the other day at how little new things I've tried lately - needless to say that WILL change this month! I've definitely focussed maybe a teeny bit more on the beauty side of things on my new Youtube Channel lately, but I am still going to continue on here, obvs!

Do you still like reading favourites posts or do you prefer watching videos on them? I'd love your feedback! 

I Heart Makeup Chocolate and Peaches Eyeshadow Palette | £7.99 | Here 

After finally finding this in stock, it truly has become a holy grail in my eyeshadow palette collection. I spoke a little bit about this in my latest haul video and I've pretty much been using it ever since.

There are 16 shades in total ranging from matte to shimmer, and they are beautifully pigmented with no fallout. Not only that, they smell like chocolate ice cream! YUM. The packaging is a gorgeous peach shade that's moulded into the shape of a friggen chocolate bar (..sadly not edible!).

This is my first palette from I Heart Makeup range and I know it definitely won't be the last!

The Body Shop Softening Strawberry Body Polish  | £10.00 | Here

Believe it or not, there are actually only 2 body scrubs I fully swear by which is this, and the Lush's Rubrubrub. Having loved this scent for as long as I can remember, I have always gone back to using this. It's incredible!

As this is a polish, the shower gel lathers up really well and the and the scrub itself is gentle yet satisfying - if that makes sense?! Either way, it's brilliant and leaves your skin smelling beautiful!

Too Faced Born This Way Concealer in Fair | £20.00 | Here

If you know me, you'll probably know that my favourite ever foundation is the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, so when Christmas came around and Santa was an absolute gem for throwing this bad boy in my stocking - I was so excited!

This suits light skin and has pink undertones to it, which is just what I need being so pale. I love that this concealer doesn't cake or feel heavy and gives you a high, glowing coverage. It covers up all of my blemishes so well and being infused with coconut water, it doesn't make the product drying on your skin. Love it!

Unicorns Heart Rainbow Highlighter | £5.00 | Here

I touched on this incredible creation briefly in my last video, but I just had to mention it in a favourites! It would have been rude not to! Compared to other rainbow highlighters on the market, this is so affordable and does exactly the same job. Well, maybe not completely exact, but do the other highlighters come in cute heart shaped packaging? I think not!

As you can see from the photo above, yes it is very glittery and yes, the colour pay off is fab. I haven't 100% worked out how to make this fully rainbow on my face yet, but it's getting there! Such an impressive product for just £5!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer | £24.50 | Here

I feel like I'm definitely the last ever person to jump on the Hoola hype bandwagon, but we got there in the end! Benefit are a brand who have never failed to disappoint me and although I can't always afford to buy their products, I do often stock up in Duty Free! Again, I was lucky enough to get this for Christmas and I've loved it ever since.

The shade is a perfect warm brown, which doesn't come out too dark but is pigmented enough to stay on all day! I mainly like to contour with this, instead of using it as a bronzer but I do think the fact that it is matte means it's perfect for both. I also find the brush so useful too (which is a first for me) especially for contouring! 10/10 love it!

What have you been loving recently? 


  1. I love my Hoola bronzer as well, I just think it is such a perfect shade of brown without any orange undertones! That unicorn highlighter looks immense! I could never make it work on my skin but my god is it pretty! xx


    1. It's the best ever isn't it?! Definitely agree with you there! It is, I reckon you could so pull if off! xxxx

  2. I'm really bad with body exfoliators I never buy them but I really should! Do like the Body Shop strawberry polish and I also like Soap & Glory's sugar crush. The eyeshadow palette and concealer sound right up my street too! Lovely post x

    Cally | xcallyloves.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Same here! I do try but The Body Shop one is basically a shower gel so it makes it easier to remember haha! Ooooh I've still not tried the sugar crush - heard nothing but good things though! They are amazing, definitely worth looking into :) xxx

  3. That highlighter looks so cute! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  4. That rainbow highlighter looks amazing



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