Garner Skin Active Botanical Honey Flower Collection

Garner Skin Active Botanical Honey Milk Collection Review
You know when PR companies go above and beyond to send you the most generous care package? Yep. Well that is Garnier for me! I was blown away when a HUGE giant box arrived on my doorstep recently and I literally couldn't believe how amazing it was. 

When I opened the box there was the brand new Skin Active Honey Flower Botanical range*, as well as a t-shirt saying 'Honey Honey' and a little boxed wooden USB stick! :) 

Garner Skin Active Botanical Honey Milk Review

First Impressions

First of all, I love the packaging and mustard yellow is literally one of my favourite colours so no problems there! As for the scent, I was slightly worried I wasn't going to like it as Honey isn't my fave smell ever, but I was actually pleasantly surprised by how nice it was! The scent can appear quite strong, however the product definitely smells slightly more mellow when it's on the skin.

Garner Skin Active Botanical Honey Milk Collection

The first 2 things I tried were the Cleansing Milk and the Gel Wash.

I loved how gentle the cleansing milk was and how easily it removed my makeup with a small amount on a cotton pad. I was slightly worried this would leave a greasy feeling to my skin (with me having such a sporadic skin type). However, I'm pleased to say I didn't find that at all and it left my skin feeling super soft and comfortable. You don't even need to rinse it off!

The gel wash is great as a general rinse off cleanser. It's not stripping and foams up really nicely! I tend to use this more as a morning cleanser personally, as it definitely has more of a refreshing feel to it!

Garner Skin Active Botanical Honey Milk Collection

You can tell the toner is aimed at the drier skin types as it's definitely one that takes a bit longer than usual to sink in - that's something I've never really been used to before. Don't let this put you off though! You only need the smallest amount on a cotton pad, as you'll find a little goes a long way. It's really hydrating and leaves such a smooth feeling to the skin after using it.

Garner Skin Active Botanical Honey Milk Collection

The day cream is one of my favourites and one I have been using the most religiously. Although I don't have very dry skin on my face, I find during the summer months it gets really dehydrated due to my slightly crazier lifestyle (aka one too many summer ciders!). This is incredibly nourishing and gives dry skin the drink it needs without causing it to over-compensate with oily patches.

Garner Skin Active Botanical Honey Milk Collection

What if I don't have dry skin?

There are 4 different ranges tailored to different skin types in the new Skin Active Botanical Range including the Honey Flower, Rose Water, Green Tea and Aloe Extract. All of the botanical range have 96% natural origin ingredients, are dermatologically tested with no parabens, sillicones or artificial colourants.

So, what suits what skin type?
Honey Flower - Dry to Very Dry.
Green Tea - Combination-to-Oily.
Rose Water - Dry and Sensitive.
Aloe Extract - Normal-to-Combination.

Overall, I absolutely love the new Honey Flower range and I'll definitely be purchasing it again the future. I'd really love to give the other ranges a try too. Thank you so much Garnier - you lovely bunch!

Have you tried these yet? :) x


  1. This sounds so luxurious! I think I'd love to try the Aloe range if its for combinations skin. I could imagine it being super refreshing in the summer!

    1. Yes definitely. I'd love to give that a go too! :) I bet it smells gorgeous!

      Thank you for commenting :)



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