GRWM: The #InstaSelfie Base With Rimmel London*

I'm back again again blessing you all with my naked face (soz in advance) for my latest get ready with me. As my last GRWM post is actually one of my most popular posts, I thought I'd try out another one as I received some lovely new bits from Rimmel the other day! 

I'm going to be talking you through some of Rimmel's latest releases and more importantly, showing you how to use them to create a great, Summer base! 

Rimmel Insta Collection

I started by using the #Insta Fix & Go 2-in-1 Primer & Setting Spray* after my usual cleanse, tone and moisturise routine. Blabla, you know the drill. This stuff smells absolutely incredible in compassion to some fixing/primer sprays I have used in the past.

It leaves your skin soft, non-sticky and dries really quickly, ready for any face products. Now, prepare yourself for my gross, naked face (and terrible non-filled brows!)...

Although you can't really see tell that much from this photo, my skin tone is actually quite uneven and can be quite problematic at times. My dark circles/under eye bags for life on the other hand are another story and they are a constant battle to try and cover up.

Using a colour corrector palette usually gives me an advantage, and works a lot better than just concealer alone. The #Insta Conceal And Correct Palette* is ideal for this as not only is it a colour corrector, it tells you on the packaging what each colour is designed to target too. No more searching the internet for answers!

Rimmel #Insta Conceal And Correct Palette
Here, I've used the orange under my eyes for dark circles, the purple to brighten up any dull patches and the green to counteract any red bits. This is a cream-based product that blends out really easily using a brush, but slightly more difficult using a makeup sponge.

I do like to go over the product with a sponge once I've buffed most of the product in, just to give a smoother, non-streak finish.

Rimmel #Insta Conceal And Correct Palette
After colour correcting
I used the concealer shade from the #Insta Conceal & Contour Palette in Light* for a bit of extra coverage on my blemishes and dark circles. Again, this is a cream-based palette which I have to admit, I am still fairly new to. I used a flat foundation brush to apply this initially, then blended it in with a mixture of my finger and a sponge.

The texture of the concealer reminds me a lot of the Benefit Bo-ing Concealer. It actually does an almost identical job at a fraction of the price! 

Rimmel #Insta Conceal & Contour Palette
Excuse the unplucked brows!!

This is the type of concealer which really brightens up your face but without emphasising your troublesome areas! One thing I would say is that I do have to set it under my eyes pretty quickly with the #Insta Fix & Matte Translucent Powder*, otherwise it does crease very slightly!

The pressed powder leaves a beautiful, matte finish with no flashback and doesn't give your face a cakey look. It's a lot less faff than a loose powder.

Rimmel #Insta Duo Contour Stick

Rimmel #Insta Duo Contour Stick

To contour and highlight, I tried out the new #Insta Duo Contour Stick in Light*. Both the stick and contour palette come in shades Light, Medium & Dark to pretty much suit any skin tone. I'm using the shade light for this look.

I chose the stick over the palette because it's so quick and easy to draw on where you want to contour & highlight and glides effortlessly across your face. It's also just that little bit more compact. For more intensity, I'd definitely reach more for the medium shade of this.

Rimmel #Insta Duo Contour Stick
Unblended highlight.
Rimmel #Insta Duo Contour Stick
After contour and highlight.
Now after all these products, I'd normally add foundation over the top. However, when the hotter weather comes around I usually don't like to bother with it as it melts off in 2 seconds! Instead, I just used a few more sprays of the #Instaselfie Fix & Go 2-in-1 Primer & Setting Spray* to set it in place.

Rimmel Insta Collection

Personally, I love how affordable all these products are, how easy they are to use and how well they work on the skin! There isn't a thing in this range I wouldn't recommend. Thank you Rimmel! :)

Have you tried the #InstaSelfie collection yet? x

*This post contains PR samples, all marked with an Asterix. All opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. You look super pretty and the makeup is super natural! I haven't tried anything of this line from rimmel but now I'll definitely try some of those products .
    Instagram | Blog

    1. Awww thank you, that means a lot :) Let me know if you like them! xxx

  2. I haven't tried this collection yet but I've seen so many good things about it! You look gorgeous wearing these products and I love that you documented every stage x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌸

    1. Aww thank you :) You totally need to try it out, it's worth it :) xx

  3. i love the contour stick and how handy it is - plus it's perfect when travelling or when you're in a rush!!

    xx from Italy
    Cate //


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