Walt Disney Studios & Going Home.. Kinda

I waffle far too much to have day two in my original Disneyland post, so I thought I'd write all about day two here as it was somewhat of an adventure - no lies!

So, here goes DISNEY DAY TWO...

We spent our second day is Walt Disney Studios, as it worked out cheaper for us to book 2 separate day tickets for the different parks. We checked out of our hotel around 10:30am as this was home day and left our bags with reception for another day of fun!

Before Walt Disney Studios, we grabbed a spot of breakfast at McDonalds in Disney Village (classy, I know..) and sat outside Hot Air Balloon watching in the sun. After our breakfast took about 16 hours to arrive, we headed over to the park. Honestly, walking into the studios is like another world. I actually felt like we'd stepped straight into a Hollywood set (probably could of passed for that tbh as it was hot enough!).

We decided to grab fast passes for The Twilight Zone: Tower Of Terror (you kind of have to if you go there). We had a 40 minute wait before we could come back to the ride, so we headed over to the Studio Tram Tour: Behind The Magic.

At first, the ride seems very dated and a bit boring.. UNTILLLLL you get to this film set. All of a sudden there is this epic water and fire show and shit goes DOWN! It will make anyone fall in love with Special FX and wanna get into Pyrotechnics immediately. You also see all sorts of film props from famous blockbusters and it's actually such an interesting tour.

Next up was Tower Of Terror! This was the only ride I actually felt genuine anxiety for whilst we were queuing. Like I could of wee'd a good 6 times I was so scared. No idea why though as I'd already been on the one in Florida. If you want a ride with crazy suspense, this is the one for you.

Next up we headed over to Aerosmith Rock 'n' Rollercoaster which was insanely fun. If you've been to Thorpe Park before it essentially shoots you off like Stealth does, then goes around in the dark to Aerosmith music (obvs). This was probably my favourite ride of the day!

Not far from here is the singing in the rain umbrella which I was on a mission to find. If you stand underneath and press a button on the lamppost it rains. I did this purposely a few times because it was so bloody hot. YAY FOR WATER.

As there wasn't a great deal of rides in the park we were actually fussed about going on, it was nice to take a easy. The guys decided they wanted to go on the Tower Of Terror again, so Jasmine and I ran away and went on some other rides. BYE BOYS.

The first one we went on was Cars Quatre Roues Rallye which was a kids ride admittedly, but so hilarious. No regrets.

Then we headed over to Toy Story Playland for the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop. Although this looked fairly amateur, it was bloody high and a LOT of fun! I could have gone on that again and again!

Jasmine and Sean got their time slot for Crush's Coaster (which Jack and I swerved because cba with spinning rides nower days) and we headed to the Blockbuster Cafe for lunch. It was nice to sit down as by this point my feet were so sore (and weirdly itchy for some reason!?).

Jack and I mooched around the shops and the park for a little bit (still Chip teacup searching) whilst the other two went on Crush's Coaster. After this, we decided to go on Tower Of Terror one last time and sit at the back (you come off your seat there!). I could have personally given it a miss to be fair but it was still a good laugh and we got a funny picture at the end. Bants.

When we'd finished everything we wanted to do, we took another last minute trip to Sephora and headed to the airport. 90 euros later (..we got ripped off!) we arrived at the airport to find our flight home had been cancelled! Not only that, there were no flights back to Gatwick for 3 days.. GR8.

Long story short, Easyjet put us up in a airport hotel for an extra night and we had to book ourselves onto a Eurostar for the next day. It was a bloody nightmare and a half but the Disney magic will never be forgotten!

Love you always Disney. Until next time.. x


  1. It sounds like you had an amazing time! I love the sound of the tour too, it definitely seems really interesting and fun to see xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. It was a lot of fun besides getting home haha! I definitely recommend the tram tour if you go :) xx

  2. I've seen SO many Disney blog posts and it's making me very jealous. I've never been to the American one but it looked so fun!

    1. Haha aww! You definitely have to go there one day, it's so so amazing! Like next level good! :) Thanks for commenting x


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