3 Lush Products I Wish They Wouldn't Discontinue..

Recently, I was browsing Instagram to find Lush Portsmouth dropping the bombshell that they will be discontinuing some of their products from the current range. I am fairly sad because some of my most useful favourites are going to be gone forever! </3 
Out with the old & in with the new though, right? 

Here's what I will miss the most..

Dorothy Bubble Bar 

Noooooooooooooo!! *sobs continuously* This is my absolute favourite bubble bar of all time from Lush - in line with 'Mother Superior' which is only available around Mothers Day (if you didn't already guess by the name). I am basically going to have to invade all of the shops until I create a huge, never ending stash of Dorothys. 

Not only does it look beautiful, but I normally like to save this for when I've had a horrendously stressful day & just want to sit back and unwind. The scent is so fresh, floral and relaxing. It has Ylang Ylang as a main ingredient, which is a known by professionals to naturally enhance your mood. Of course, any bright blue bath with bubbles is enough to please anyone, but this is my number 1 favourite that I never thought I would have to say goodbye to. I can only hope that they bring out the same product under a different name & design or bring it back altogether. Goodbye my trusted, bad day friend! 

Granny Takes A Dip

I'll be honest, the main thing I will miss about this bath bomb is how fun and fascinating it is to watch erupt into your bath water.. It's the little things! 

First impressions when I picked this up in the shop, were that I wasn't overly impressed with the scent. I think purely because I had smelt half the shop already and lets just say, my senses felt a little.. overwhelmed?! As soon as I got this home and into the bath, it was just the greatest thing ever. Turns out, I really loved the smell! I liked how it was musky, but it also complimented the sharper lemony scents, making it a perfect concoction.

It's not all doom and gloom though, they have actually released the new 'Granny Takes A Dip Bubble Bar' *gasps*. Come to think of it, I do prefer the idea of this, as you can have all the pretty colours, just in bubble formation! Yay! 

 Stepping Stone

Admittedly, when it comes to caring for my feet, I could generally find better things to do.. Until one day I was browsing when a lovely lady in the Lush Brighton store approached me and introduced me to this. She mentioned that it was great if you're about to go on holiday, and want to give your feet a good seeing to before letting them loose on the beach. Funnily enough, my holiday was indeed coming up! 

She did a demo on my hand and oh my! *insert heart eyes emoji here* The difference between my 2 hands were incredible - I was instantly sold!

Stepping Stone has a gorgeous minty, refreshing scent to it. This is great because on the rare occurrence I do tend to my feet, I want to make sure they are rid of dead skin and any dirt or unwanted smells! 

You just need to break a bit off, run under warm water, massage into your feet for a few minutes (working on the harder parts of skin) and rinse it off. The Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter play a big part in this pummice, as they are 2 ingredients I swear by for making your skin incredibly soft. I was not let down by this product whatsoever, as I got out of the bath with what felt like brand new feet! They were so soft, smooth and clean, with the traces are hard skin pretty much erased.
 It sucks that this is leaving the shelves because I feel like I am going to find it very hard to find a close alternative. 

See ya again sometime little green foot! 

So those are the products that I will sadly wave off into the horizon in the near future, but I can't wait to visit the new Oxford Street store next month to hopefully find some great new things to try! :)

For any fellow lush fans, here is the list below with all the products linked.

For bath:
Phoenix Rising | Space Girl | Rose Queen | Granny Takes A Dip | Dorothy | Amandopondo

|You Snap The Whip | Aqua Mirablis | Sweetie Pie | Grass | Flying Fox

Face & Body:
Aqua Marina | Lustre | Lovely Jubblies | Tiny Hands | Putty For Your Hands | Stepping Stone | Formulae Known As | Vanilla Puff |

Ice Blue | Dirty | Mangnificent | The Godmother

What are you going to miss the most?

Tania xo

May Favourites

As we roll our way through June, I think we are all asking the same question.. Where the hell did May go?!
It's alarming to think we have already flown half way through another year. I feel like I have nothing to show for the last 6 months, even though I've done so many amazing things. Although they are over, I'm so glad I have so many timeless memories to look back on in years to come :) 

Here's some products I wanted to share with you that have been an absolute god send this May..

 I've actually had this brush since December.. but I thought considering I've never done a beauty favourites that made it to being published, this deserved a mention.
I went into my local Hair & Beauty Wholesalers originally looking for a Tangleteezer, but when getting to the till, the cashier showed me this & said they were so much better.
 I wasn't overly struck at first because I just thought 'whatever, that looks like a normal hair brush'  OH HOW I WAS WRONG!! 
Ever since picking it up, there has not been a single day where I don't use this. It's aimed for brushing out knots when your hair is wet, but I think it works just as well when your hair is dry. Unlike any normal brush, it doesn't pull or strain the scalp when you're trying to de-tangle your hair, it just glides through effortlessly not causing any pull or pain. I do actually need to buy a new one, as I used it to blow-dry my hair and I must have had the hair dryer so close to the brush that some of the bristles melted out of shape.. Oops! Other than that, I highly recommend this product.

2. Morroccan Oil Heat Styling Protection

After years of shrugging off the idea of heat protection, my split ends had certainly seen better days. I got given this by my boyfriends mum, as I'd previously tried it before drying my hair one day. When it was dry.. Wow, the difference it had made. I applied it onto damp, towel dried hair and then blow dried it. Normally once dry, I have all these fly away bits of hair and really notice the straggly ends, but this stuff worked a miracle leaving my hair smooth with a bit of shine and hold, making it much easier to style and keep in place. I wouldn't go too mad with the application though, as it leaves a bit of a dewy, coarse effect on the hair if you use too much.
 I use this more on the ends rather than the roots, but definitely noticed a difference since. If you struggle with fly away, dry hair in need of a bit of TLC, then this product is definitely one for you!

3. Andrew Barton S.O.S HELP ME! Leave In Conditioner

Just before I went away on holiday, I had decided to get a load of blonde highlights put through my hair. In the past, my hair has not been the biggest fan of bleach, so I instantly took to panic mode. Whilst casually browsing Asda on a mission to save my hair, I stumbled across this. The bottle took to my attention immediately, as the title basically summed up my exact thoughts at that point in time.
I had been mmming and arrrring about leave in conditioners for a while, as I had this image of it making my hair look constantly greasy, but I thought there was no harm in trying.
Ever since using this, my hair has been the softest, most bleach friendly thing on earth.
 It has Shea Butter in, which is naturally moisturising, make it easier to tame those tangles and brittle ends before brushing. You can use this on wet or dry hair -
I personally think it's best to use this on towel dried hair, as it leaves a nice sheek look/feel when it's dry, with no traces of it stickiness. At an amazing price of £5, this does everything it says on the bottle. I will be purchasing this again and again!

So with my love for Zoella, it would be wrong not to put this in! Plus the fact, I absolutely love this product! I was looking for a fragrance to take on holiday with me which smelt nice and fresh, but not too pricey just incase it got lost. I was one of the slower people to jump on the bandwagon for this, purely because I feel like body mists don't normally last very long on me, but when I saw that it was only £8 in Superdrug, I couldn't resist! I had nothing to lose, and after trusting Zoe's opinion for a long time now, I knew her actual products would be hard to let me down. I can only describe the smell as clean, fresh and floral - which is delicious! It pretty much acts as a perfume on me and lasts all day long.
Can't wait to try more of her range! 

I've had this lipstick for a while now, and it is literally perfect for every occasion. I'm not normally a nude lipstick fan, but this compliments any outfit and skin tone. As we are coming into the summer months, I thought I'd ditch the red/berry tones for a while and dig this bad boy (or girl..?) out. I have worn this more in the last month, than I ever did when I first got given it for my birthday back in January. It adds a natural texture to the lips with it being a Matte Lipstick, so it literally lasts ages! I feel it's not as pigmented as the darker shades, purely because it doesn't leave a stain on the lip like the rest. I'd just like to throw out there that it smells & tastes really nice? Is that weird?! Oh MAC, what are you doing to me?!

This is actually part of the Core Collection Kit and it's perfect for blending in liquid concealer. I don't always go for a full make-up look, especially if I have nowhere important to be, so I definitely use this brush the most out of the collection. It's great for the more sensitive, smaller areas you want to concentrate on like under the eyes. 
I realise everything I just said defeats the real purpose of this brush, but I'd just like to point out that I do also use this for a little bit of contouring here and there, but I don't feel like that's always necessary in a look. If you're not sure about make-up brushes, these are a great brand to start out with! 

After wanting to get my hands on this mascara for as long as I can remember, I FINALLY got it when I went to America. *jazz hands* Woo! Oh my god, it was so worth the wait, it's amazing! I like my eyelashes to look as big and bold as possible, so I tend to look for more volumising mascaras. I am not normally one to splash out on things like this, but as I was on holiday - this was the perfect excuse! It's so easy to apply and so easy to remove. The more coats you apply, the bigger and better your eyes look. I would say, this definitely isn't a subtle mascara, so if you're not into big, fat lashes, this isn't the one for you. 
I really hope Too Faced never stop selling this product.
Before & After

8. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Ok, so I get that none of these products are probably news to you.. But if they are, then I hope this advice finds you well! I was never really a fan of liquid concealers until I met this one. I always stuck to my reliable concealer stick, purely because I'd never really had any problems with it. After venturing out and trying this, I have honestly never looked back. 
The coverage is absolutely brilliant and it blends so nicely into the skin. It works well with foundation underneath/over the top of your application. I find it exceptionally good for dark circles under the eyes, as it gives a really nice finished look and hides any unwanted blemishes or spots. This is 100% in anyone's price range, and a great 'go to' product for anyone experimenting or struggling to find a good concealer.

9. Barry M 'Hi Shine Gel' Nail Paint

Okay, I have a slight obsession with mint green shades at the moment, so I instantaneous picked up this Nail Varnish as soon as I saw it. I wanted something a little more bright and eye catching (rather than a pastel effect) so I took to the trusty Barry M stand in Boots.It's a gel type nail paint, so it's very shiny and easy to apply.

I could almost describe this as a mermaid green. I don't tend to go for bolder shades like this, as I bite my nails (yes, it's a terrible habit) so they don't always look as attractive as they should do. So I thought as we are well into the spring/summer months, why not? 
Bright colours = Happiness.. As long as they don't blind you of course! 

What were your favourites this month? 


The Summer Tag

Summer is well and truly upon us. Ironically though, as I write this, it's raining.. In true British style of course. Isn't the weather just the best & easiest small talk ever? 

Anyway, I pinched this tag from the lovely Sazbomb, because I love doing tags, just as much as I love reading them! (If you didn't already notice)

1. What's your favourite thing about Summer?

Everything! (Apart from wasps!) I naturally become more sociable when it starts to get hotter, because I want to spend more time outside. Who doesn't?

My favourite thing to do, would definitely be cute picnics and having a BBQ's. I love playing a bit of Frisbee, catch and all the childlike activities you can get away with when the sun is out. I'M NEVER GROWING UP!

2. Do you have a favourite summer drink?

Yes! I love fruit cider, aka Kopparberg or Rekorderlig. I crave them so much in the summer, they're so refreshing! Failing that, if I'm feeling more adventurous, I may indulge in a cheeky Pimms.

If it had to be a soft drink, I'd go for anything strawberry flavoured probably.

3. Is there a location you like to go each summer?

The beach is normally my first port of call, either for walks or just sitting down to have a chinwag!

4. What's your favourite make up look for the summer?

Foundation that has a light formulation, concealer, powder, a bit of bronzer, gold eyes and a bold lip. :)

5. Dresses or Skirts?

Based on my wardrobe, I own more dresses. I think because they are easier to throw on with a cute denim jacket and sandals. I struggle with skirts having an hourglass figure, so they are not always as flattering as I'd like them to be. Sad times.

6. Festivals or Vacations?

Vacations! Or as we call them in the UK.. Holidays! Sun, Sea & Sand any day!

If I'd have had to answer this a few years ago, I would have said festivals. Don't get me wrong, I love the music scene, but camping isn't really for me. I've had one too many crappy camping experiences, so I ultimately don't plan to buy a tent or put it in a field any time soon!

7. What's your signature summer hairstyle? 

A messy bun, ponytail or a side plait. I find I get too hot with my hair down. I think anyone can rock a hair up in the summer, because it's quite a quirky look and easy to maintain throughout the day! :) 

8. Favourite Summer Perfume? 

I have quite a few! I recently wrote a post on my Staple Summer Scents, which you can find hereif you needed any ideas. If I really had to choose though, it would be DKNY Golden Delicious or Dot by Marc Jacobs. 

9. Favourite Music for Summer? 

Anything goes with me to be honest. I am currently really loving acoustic & pop-punk music, as it's easy listening when you are on your travels. 
If I was going to host a party or something, I'd definitely bring back the likes of S Club 7 or B*Witched. 90's music ftw! 

11. Pool or Beach?

Pool! I hate the sea. Unless I can see the bottom, which as most of you will be aware, is virtually impossible here in Britain. I get super freaked out, especially if something touches my leg or I see fish swimming around.. Eek!

12. BBQ or Seafood? 

BBQ! Seafood scares me. Plus it's effort having to pull heads off prawns etc! *cringes* 

I now tag anyone who wants to do this, if you follow me or not :)

Let me know in the comments when you've done it, as I love a good mooch!

What are your favourite things to do in the summer? :)

Tania xo

My Weekend In Photos #1

Sometimes there's nothing better than just getting into bed, lighting a few candles and sitting there letting your imagination run wild. I often dive into my own little world with lots of new ideas for posts, that I get so overwhelmed at the thought of them, I just give up and don't actually do anything at all. I over-analyse everything, like how I could piece together the perfect post or write something that interests people enough to make them want to keep reading. When really, I wouldn't write anything I didn't feel interested in, nor would I publish something I didn't believe in or feel happy about. After all, it is a hobby for me that I really enjoy & sometimes, my stupid brain can't understand that. This makes it 10x harder to concentrate & commit to certain ideas without worrying if it's going to be good enough.

Anyway, that got me thinking, I really should be getting out more. As much as I have all these exciting ideas for new posts & typing away to try and get them finished, I really had almost forgotten that I had a life outside a computer screen.

So, last weekend I thought I'd be a little more sociable and it just so happened that on Saturday, one of my closest friends was celebrating her 21st at the casino, in true style of course! ;) Although I was completely sober, I had so much fun. Jack won more money than he came with, and I indulged in a few too much redbull & too many photo bombs!

On Sunday, after our weekly Costa ritual, Jack & I had a bit of a reminisce on our childhood playing swing ball in the garden. It was so much fun! Minus the fact, we almost got injured about 2000 times - I forgot how vicious that game actually is! We then settled down in the evening to watch Maleficent - which by the way is a GREAT film! I love sitting down to a good Disney movie!

Here's a few happy photos that I wanted to share with you :)


We look like 2 girls telling each other secrets..

What's made you happy recently? :)

Tania xo
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