24 Hours In Paris

A couple of weeks ago, I got taken to Paris for my 21st Birthday and it really was more than I could have ever imagined!

We left home at the most illegal time to be awake on a Saturday.. aka too early!! Never the less, it was all going to be worth it when we eventually got there! We arrived at St Pancras where we were catching the EuroStar, where I got vaguely distracted by the MAC store before checking in, not to mention indulging in the most AMAZING tasting croissant ever to exist from Pret A Manger. Yum!

The EuroStar was a mixture of emotions, mostly because your ears don't know where they stand when you go flying into a tunnel at god knows what speed! For anyone who has never experienced this, it's like blowing your nose when it's so blocked that nothing comes out - consequently making your ear drums feel like they're going to explode on you!

Anyway, so you would expect this extravagant French looking place when you arrive on the other side of the border, but it was nothing more than a bunch of English looking fields with a few french warehouses thrown in for a bit of colour! This aside, we made it to the Hotel alive and eager to explore!

The Eiffel Tower in January

After settling in to the hotel, we went for a walk to the Eiffel Tower (which was nothing short of amazing..obvs!) I'd been before as a very young child, so the memory of the previous trip was too vague to remember.

We stopped to take photos and took to tourist mode pretty quickly, as you do. I love taking pictures and capturing the moment that you're in, that time you will never get back.. Spooky, huh??

As we didn't really have any time to waste only being there for a day, we decided to cram in all the monuments together. So, we took a slow wander across the river towards Arc De Triomphe (not actually knowing where we were going) and after a few de-tours, we made it!

Paris In January

The walk was about half an hour, but if you're debating getting the Metro, it's not worth it. You see so much more on foot and things you don't expect to see, plus you're getting a bit of good ol' exercise!

Before arriving, we unexpectedly found another MAC shop *preach hands x10000* I seemed to be on this great, worldwide mission to find 'Velvet Teddy' their Matte Lipstick because it had sold out nationally in the UK, so with a bit of luck and the new French handbook coming into play.. BAM!! Sold. Thanks Jack! :)

To any girls trying to get hold of this, please don't hate me, go to Paris.

Anyway, EVENTUALLY after getting soaked in the rain.. 
Arc De Triomphe everybody!!

In a nutshell, it's a big amazing looking monument in the middle of a 4 lane roundabout, when people suddenly forget how to drive.

That night, we went out for the worlds most expensive, early birthday dinner and took a trip up the Eiffel Tower in the dark. Jesus Christ that thing is high! For someone who can't even handle the Blackpool Tower, this was next level. Also the fact that there is an Ice Rink on the 1st floor sort of distracts your mind a little bit too..?!

Can I just say, whoever has walked the entire way to the top, yes you are a champion, but WHY?!

We got all the way to the top and it was like an Arctic Hurricane infused with Tourists and Selfie Sticks. The view was the most breathtaking thing I have ever seen in my life, it's quite astonishing how much you can actually see at night. Absolute must do for anyone going to Paris!

Eiffel Tower At Night


Day 2 was home day, but we still had until 6pm to kill time. It only seemed right for us to mooch on out for a quick, french themed breakfast and gobble up all of the Croque Monsieur & Orangina, before heading to the Catacombs! I understand the picture makes this look very uneventful!

The Catacombs were really exciting and slightly scary for us as we'd just recently been to see 'As Above, So Below' at the cinema. For anyone who wants to know, it's not a very accurate representation in the film, so if you're still interested in going, then do it!

A lot of walking was involved and there was definitely a sense of uncertainty down there, especially as you all branch off individually and you're just strolling through endless empty, tunnels. Not something I'd recommend doing alone or if you are easily claustrophobic.

After a brief historic overview scattered around, you reach the tomb where all the bones were blessed and laid to rest. It's so surreal to think that those bones were once living people from centuries ago and now they're on show for everyone to see, slowly crumbling away. It goes on for miles and miles, it's unbelievable. When we reached the exit, I genuinely thought we were going to come out at the entrance, but we were almost the other side of the town!! Crazy!

After this, we went for something a little more light hearted and headed to Notre Dame and The Love Bridge. Notre Dame is the most spectacular piece of architecture I have ever seen, something I would normally take for granted back home - I just wish I had a good enough camera to take full advantage of the beauty. Inner nerd alert.

After a few cheesy photos, we had some lunch and walked over to the Love Bridge. Google told me that was it's actual name, so I'm just going to call it that unless I'm told otherwise haha!

We got ourselves and lock, wrote each others initials on the keys, kept each others and threw the third into the River Seine. Weirdly enough, I saw my name graffiti'd and spelt the right way, so we put the lock there. It was obviously a sign ;)

Last but not least, we walked to The Louvre. It was the final thing on the list and probably the worst thing we could have saved until last. Okay, so maybe we were a little bit grouchy from being tired, freezing cold and got slightly lost on the way but it didn't really change my opinion, even now.

Don't get me wrong, it's a cool looking building, but I just don't understand the hype! Sorry to anyone this may offend, but it really was the biggest anti-climax of the trip.

We found ourselves more interested in the random archways and buildings surrounding it.. Just incase you were wondering why I threw these in!

Paris In January
So I know what you're thinking.. Was it really the best time to go? In all honesty, it was a little nerve racking being in a place where something is so new and raw. You're constantly conscious of what's going to happen next. We actually found ourselves in some heart stopping moments from time to time, especially coming home, but that's another story.

Even though there was a language barrier, you still felt like you had to be careful about what you said, regardless if anyone heard or not.

I've never seen so many armed soldiers and police in my whole life, it's really quite intimidating.
But what we did see, is that no matter how bad a situation, everyone seemed to stick together and supported one another.

Minus all of the drama, it doesn't change how beautiful the city is! The architecture of the buildings is just the most incredible thing I've ever seen, and something I've really learnt to enjoy and respect as I've got older.

Overall, it was an amazing time away and I can't thank Jack enough for listening when I said I wanted to wake up in Paris on my birthday when I thought he wasn't! It was more than I ever dreamed! Something I will never forget.

That was the first holiday of 2015.. bring on the next! :)

Seeya Paris! Until next time..!

2014 faves.

So 2014 is over. How ridiculously fast has that gone?!
I have to say though, as cliché as it may sound, it probably has been one of the most interesting and  productive years of my life. 

So it's the same every year, we always go on about what we're going to 'change and do better' and make unrealistic New Years Resolutions that more or less, we can't commit to for five minutes
'Save money, diet, join the gym' 
Our Facebook timelines get clogged up with 'Great here come's all the New Year, New Me Bullshit' memes with Robert Downey Jr. rolling his eyes at us. Alternatively you have other people vowing their lives away in a status.
Ok, admittedly we have all done that at some point in our lives, but this year has really proved to me that you can aim so much higher for yourself and if you want something, go out and get it.

Until about half way through this year, I was so negative about everything. I would always see the bad side or think the worst of any situation I was faced with, I just thought 'well it's alright to be cynical because if that does happen then at least I expected it' 
I ended up getting anxious about every little thing and wind myself up until I was in this horrible, panicking mess.
 One day I just thought, is this really worth it?
 Regardless of what I was thinking or worrying about, I just had to tell myself  'I have so much to live for and I'm acting like this, some people are so much worse off with  nothing' 
I could have made so much more out of those moments that I will never get back. Ultimately, it's probably one of the best things that's ever happened because I feel like such a better person.
 Having just the smallest bit of confidence in yourself can completely change your mindset.
 Life is too precious to take for granted so make it as worthwhile as you possibly can.

Think that's enough babbling anyway, so here are my 2014 highlights :)


Lets take ourselves back to the time I went to JB's with people from work and got a takeaway milkshake, slipped in bird poo at Brighton Station and the whole thing went all over me. I may aswell have just been pooped on by an.enormous bird!!
 I am absolutely the most clumsiest person ever.
Not to mention, making as much use out of giant onion rings as possible!

My 20th Birthday.
A group of us went to Lucky Voice Karaoke in Brighton and all sang like a bunch of bad X-Factor rejects (obviously) which turned out to be one hell of a night!!
Then the next day, Jack took me to London to see The Woman In Black show, followed by TGI Fridays and a mooch around London. One of the greatest birthdays!


Valentines Day/ Mine and Jacks one year anniversary.
ICEBAR London and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory musical.
Can't believe how quickly that went and how close it now is to our 2 years!!
I love him more than anything.

City And Colour// Brighton Dome.

We Are The In Crowd w/ Neck Deep @ Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

Reel Big Fish w/ Less Than Jake & Zebrahead @ Concorde 2 Brighton with my Auntie. 
She knows how to treat me ;)

A whole solid week of gigs and outings with Jack. Some of the most memorable in 2014.
Froze our limbs off outside ADTR in the queue, but seeing the most awesome line up was totally worth it. 
Mindblown as always, by Derren Brown and getting on stage for one of his acts was so surreal. Neither of us got picked but hey, its not every day you can say you got on stage for something!


More London times! We might aswell live there! 
I'm being brief.. But awkwardly, I can't remember the name of the museum.

My teenage dream happened and I went and saw Fall Out Boy for the first time ever. This has to be one of my all time favourite shows. (Excuse the picture quality, we were very far away!)
I had to include a picture at the top of The Pretty Reckless and they were an awesome support and I liked the back drop ;)


Mini road trip with Jack to this little abandoned church in Bedham. 
Rekindled my passion for taking photos and going on random adventures.
Really want to find more places similar to this in 2015.

Laura went away on work placement :'( 

Not forgetting to mention that Jack and I booked a holiday to FLORIDA!!! Then paying it off 6 months later! Honestly can't wait!


Slam Dunk Festival South 2014/ Hertfordshire Uni. 
This festival is definitely one of my favourite days of the year, every year! 
We The Kings definitely made it for me though, they totally excelled themselves! Definitely the best band of the day. Obviously spent with the best company aswell!

Grandads 70th Birthday Meal.
Ok, so not everyone posed for this photo but someone below had other ideas....

Ladies and Gents, my Nan taking a selfie!

Loved this day at Brighton Pier, such a spontaneous outing. 
We ended up getting unlimited wristbands for a tenner. Bit of bargain for mid May!!
 I don't think we've ever been on a log flume ride so many times in a row. I never thought I'd actually get dragged onto The Booster by Jack, but I am so glad that he hated it equally as much as I did when we had to sit at the top trembling and sweating with fear, for what felt like 10 minutes. But he made it up to me by winning Dolphin Derby and giving me his nemo toy ;)

Charlie Simpson/ Brighton Concorde 2. 


Arundel day trips with Laura & Beth chauffeuring around the seagull at the end of our boat awkwardly short changing on a bill and making a dash for it.

Annual mass catch up and classy beach drinks with Becca before she travelled America for the whole Summer </3 Ended up having the BEST battered sausage, chips and curry sauce from some random chippy in Goring. It's the little things.. ;) 
I miss this girl!!


Summer BBQ's!!

Brighton with some of my Cafe faves..then realising how much of a party pooper and ridiculously unreliable and emotional I become when I have too much to drink then suddenly decide it's time to go home..
I never want to pre drink Martini Wine EVER again..

Evening Dog Walks up the golf course with 2 relentless dogs who just don't run out of energy...

Thorpe Park!
The day stealth was closed and we got depressed, so ultimately we did what we do best.. Eat and a obligatory loggers leap selfie.

Caught up with these lovely ladies and this little monkey, it was one of the nicest mini reunions!
I miss this, it needs to happen more! PLEASE DON'T BECOME STRANGERS!! :(

When Barcombe Mills got mistaken for Venice..
Then the next day.. This happened..

Basically waded to the train station and upon arrival, the subway was 4ft deep in water and the signal box at another station was on fire.. Safe to say I was NOT on time that day!!

Afternoon 4 mile beach walks with Laura, (stopping off for ice cream on the way of course ;)) Talking about paddleboarding but never actually doing it and partially using the gym on the beach.. I say that because it only lasted about 5 minutes haha.


So Viv definitely taught me how to Longboard, spontaneously went to Eastbourne after work one day and loved it! I don't care if it is boyish, it's so much fun and a weirdly big achievement purely because I thought I would never be able to do it! 
(Also have to throw in the photo credit to the cute old couple who stopped to take about 10 of the same photo!)

But we DEFINITELY can't forget our unruly and crude version of Scrabble with some classy wine thrown in on the side. ;)
P.s. I won.

Blackpool and Alton Towers for Jack's 22nd.


Such a good time here. Jack helped me conquer my fear of glass floors (which I only found out existed on the day at Blackpool Tower!) Minus the fact I nearly had heart failure, it was such a great view! On the first night, we went to Coral Island and went on the pirate ride round the top of the arcade, I swear to god that thing is so unsafe.. but very funny none the less!
I actually won at Donky Derby for the first time EVER.. Then we had a few drinks and walked back to the hotel. It was such a nice walk back, although the seafront is a super tacky version of Brighton, it was so lovely. Just before we got to the hotel we saw part of the Pleasure Beach was open, seeing the rides there at night was like part of a horror film, but very cool!
The highlight of the Pleasure Beach the next day was definitely the Pepsi Max and Ice Blast.
 Nothing could prepare you more for either of these rides, they're incredible! Although, the G-Force on the Pepsi Max pretty much smooths out any wrinkes you might have! 

Alton Towers was also brill! Air and Oblivion ALWAYS win. The Smiler was the most horrendous experience ever mind you, although it did what it said on the tin??

Lost my 'Liquid/ ONE Bar' virginity. I say no more.

This terrible but clearly very happy photo was taken.. Haha

Oh and Eastbourne Pier copied West Pier..


More Longboading, Dinner and Free Ice Cream as the waiter didn't add it to the bill. Oops, sorry not sorry.

This was before we found out the night buses don't run past 1am midweek.

Re-united with Ellis at 'The Great Wall Of China' Aka. Pebbles On The Port (it sounded more classy!) Sat outside and got absolutely drenched in the sudden downpour.
So glad we kept in touch, the friends you never lose but you always have. :)

Stumbled upon Dave Grohls' Mexican Cousin. I think his orientation changed to Spanish throughout the night but Mexican sounds way cooler. We definitely did a Mexican 'Dave' in his honour ;)


Old photo but BECCA CAME BACK!! WOOOOO!!

Discovered Miller And Carter & had the most unbelievable meal.

Elsie's 90th Birthday.

Go Ape! with this lot!
And then a week later with Jack because it was that good haha.
It was scarily high but such an adrenaline rush knowing that your life is in your own hands.
Heights is no longer a fear of mine, so another achievement to add to the list!
Such a funny day and met some really nice people :)


The Maine w/ Lydia & Nick Santino // The Haunt, Brighton.
THE funniest night with Courtney!

Pre Halloween Pumpkin carving with a horrific cold then followed by bed at 7pm.. Fun sponge right here.

Stealthy.. Need I say more. ;)

Fright Night.. the day part! 

The Clown Maze almost killed me.

Outbreak Brighton Horror Experience. 
Something I was physically unprepared for aka. Muddy, Wet, Cold, PRESS UP AFTER PRESS UP, Running, Climbing, Crawling, Bags over your heads, walking through the forest alone and most importantly something I probably wouldn't want to ever do again haha.

Uncle Dans claim to fame!

Halloween Night/ Early Bonfire Night.
Sparklers, too much wine, Heads Up! and lots of awful photos!


Rachaels Birthday, it was nice to see some old faces :)
Shots, shots and Pringles.


A Day To Remember w/ Lower Than Atlantis // Brighton Centre
A great but also a very tragic night hahaha.

Me and Ellis had cocktails in BAUBLES!! 
Slug and Lettuce have done me proud.

Cute things about November ^

Why me and Jack should never go blonde.. ever.

Forever looking younger than my sister.

New Found Glory w/ Statechamps and The Story So Far // The Forum, London
My favourite gig of the whole year. 
I've wanted to see New Found Glory since I was about 12 and it was honestly astounding. Hayley Williams made an appearance too! 
Gotta love Statechamps and TSSF.
This night 100% did not let me down!

Laura's 20th Birthday meal! 
These girls are fab!


Man hoovering, happened.

Passed my driving test first time!
The BIGGEST Achievement, not just of the year but of my whole life.
No words to describe what a great feeling you get.

The Magical Ice Kingdom

Winter Wonderland Ariel View

We found the pub from last year.. at last!

Me and Mum got stuck in the Christmas section for quite a while, and I found a Santa hat with a built in beard.. Never had so much fun in Tesco!

Hot Chocolate, Christmas Films & Festive Cuddles with my man :)

Michael Buble // The O2 Arena, London.

One of the only times when Worthing is at its best.

My favourite re-union of all time with Laura & Nibby.
I will never not love these two, regardless of how long we go without seeing each other.
You always know a bottle of wine and a tragic selfie is on it's way.
Can't wait for this to happen again!

Christmas Day!

'I don't know what that is, but i'll lick it anyway'

Selfie Wrecker

My poorly Christmas boy :( 

Absolutely spoilt with the most amazing presents from Jack <3 
(and the families too! All so lovely!) :)

Wow ok, it's 2am and after almost 7 hours of straight making this, IT'S FINALLY DONE!
I don't even know if anyone will read this but I just wanted to make an effort.
Thank you to everyone who made 2014 so special, been involved or made me laugh in some way, whether we are great friends or don't even know each other at all. 
Happy New Year to everyone,
Hope it's a happy and healthy one :)

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