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Hi everyone! Hope you're doing ok and getting into the festive spirit nicely!
I saw this tag over on Sazbomb and It'sJustMeHayleyD's blog's a while back and I really liked the idea, so I thought I'd give it a whirl...

1. What do you order from Starbucks?

Either a Caramel Macchiato or a Caramel Frappucino. I just lurrrrve the Caramel. 

2. What's one thing in your closet you can't live without?
If we're talking this time of year, then it'll absolutely have be high neck jumpers
(and bobble hats, and ankle boots, and Topshop Joni Jeans. 'Cause y'know, walking around in just a jumper ain't that classy)

3. What's one thing most people wouldn't know about you?
I am the worlds biggest worrier. 

I go into every little detail about why something happened the way it did, what I did wrong, what I said to someone, what someone said to me, the way someone said something, what could I have done to make the situation better, what if I came across the wrong way to someone, what if someone hates me, why? 

The list is virtually endless. I know this probably isn't normal but hey, maybe I'm not alone?! Please let me know if you experience the same thing, that might re-assure me that I'm not completely off my rocker!

4. Name one thing you want to do before you die?
Swim with Dolphins 
(Terribly cliche, I'm sorry)

5. Name one food you can't live without?

Cheese. Cheese is life. 

6. What phrase or quote do you live by?
''One door closes, another one opens'' or ''Fuck it'' 
*washes mouth out with soap* 

7. What do you like/dislike about the blogging/youtubing community?
I like that I've met some really lovely people & friends through blogging. Also the people who take the time to read your posts, comment and say such nice things. It's really meaningful :)

I very much dislike the bitchiness around blogging. At the end of the day, we all blog because we enjoy it and want to express ourselves in our own ways, so if you don't like someone just unfollow them and be done with it. Unnecessary drama benefits nobody.

8. What's your most listened to song on iTunes?
Well I no longer use iTunes as all my 9 years of music got deleted *sobs* (Spotify ftw) 
I reckon at the moment it's probably 'What A Catch, Donnie' by Fall Out Boy. I don't care what anyone says but Folie A Deux is deffo one of my fave FOB albums.

9. What kind of style would you define yourself by?
I don't think I have a set style, if I like something I basically bring it into my life immediately! 
Unless of course, it's ridiculously expensive.. 

If I had to try and sum it up it would be girl next door mixed with a bit of alternative? 

10. Favourite number?
7.. Not sure why it just seems to always spring to mind! 

11. Two hobbies?
Blogging (obvs) and Shopping. Shopping is a very dangerous addiction. 
 ''Put me down'' screamed the bank card. 

12. Two pet peeves?
When people are rude for no reason. The things that really wind me up the most is when people don't say ''hello'', ''please'', ''thank you'' etc! Common courtesy costs nothing, Zilch!

When people say ''I done that'' instead of ''I did that'' Eeeek! Now that is the sound of nails to a chalkboard. 

13. Guilty Pleasure? 
Blasting 90's and Noughties music in my car and belting the lyrics quite shamelessly. 

Thanks for reading :) Let me know if you do the tag, I'd love to read your answers!

Tania x

AW15 Clothing Wishlist

It's no secret that I am a sucker for Autumn and Winter fashion. It's just so cosy and wearing black seems all the more appropriate. Every time this time of year, I have to face the dilemma of either buying Christmas presents early and being prepared (rare) or emptying my bank account on one trip to town - mostly on clothes I probably could have waited for. I've always been a jumper and jeans kind of girl, although in the colder months I feel the urge to become more adventurous with different clothes. Does anyone else feel like that? 

Anyway, here's what I've been lusting over during the last couple of weeks!

Yellow Brushed Wool Blend Knitted Jumper £38 Black Tassel Trim Poncho £22.99 | Cable Knit Mock-Neck Sweater £15 

MOTO Dark Grey Joni Jeans £36 | Black Button Through Denim Mini Skirt £28 | MOTO Clean Black Slim Dungarees £48 

Glamorous Tunic Dress With Cut Out Collar With Flare Sleeve £22 | Grey Check Pinafore Dress £24.99 | MOTO Cord Pinafore Dress £39 

I have definitely fallen madly in love with Pinafore and Tunic dresses recently. I obviously searched for the Pinafores, however the tunic dress I came across whilst looking for something to wear for my friends 21st Birthday. I am obsessed with the Topshop dress, although I just couldn't subject my bank account to £39 on just one item of clothing! 

 Oversized Checked Shirt £30 | Ditsy Floral Print Pullover £12 | Glamorous Checked T-Shirt in Shrunken Fit £16.00

Brushed Plaid Coat £45 | Quilted Faux Leather Moto Jacket £19 | Plaid Open-Front Coat £45

Is anyone as obsessed with tartan/ plaid stuff as me?!

Coral Check Fringe Hem Scarf £9.99 | SNO Silver Foil Print Beanie £14 | Metal Tab Shoulder Bag £35

Tan Chelsea Boots £19.99 | Fur Lined Sk8 Hi Slim Vans £70 | Faux Shearling Trimmed Boots £22.90

Oh! I forgot to mention I am also into tan coloured things lately too. I think it's such an Autumnal colour and makes your outfit say 'oh heyyyyyy!!' a little more than your average black pair of boots! Also, HOW NICE are the fur lined vans?! *heart eyes emoji*

What are your picks this season? :)

TB x

Friday Fives #1

Hello again! I've seen a lot of these 'Friday Fives' floating around lately, so seeing as the lovely Rebecca mentioned me in one of her previous posts - I thought I'd give it a go! I love reading posts like these, because I always like having a nosey to see how much I have in common with someone. I also like discovering new information or things that are around/upcoming too, so I'm going to make these a regular thing and hopefully you can do them too!  

Five Things On My Bucket List:

Swim With Dolphins
Go Shopping In New York At Christmas
Meet Penguins
Learn to Ski or Snowboard
See the Northern Lights

Five American Things That Need To Exist In The UK:

Five Things I Want To Learn:

How To Use Photoshop
How To Use a DSLR properly
How To Stay Motivated
How To Make My Own Candles
How To Bake Like A Pro

Five Bands I Would Love To See Live:

Simple Plan
Panic! At The Disco
The Cab
The Used
Jimmy Eat World

Five Places I Want To Visit:


If you do give this a go, let me know in the comments! :)

TB xo

September & October Favourites

Hello everyone! It's favourites time again! I didn't do one last month because I didn't really feel like I was using anything new, so I hope 2 months merged into one is ok with you all?! As Christmas is fast approaching, I don't know if I'll be buying much else for myself from now until then, but if you have anything you've been absolutely loving then do let me know! I do love trying new things! :)

Bath & Body Works Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss Ultra Shea Body Cream -
Yes, I'm here again babbling on about my undying love for B&BW and how much I wish they existed in the UK! I've been using this stuff ever since my lovely Watermelon Lemonade Hand Cream ran out.

In all honesty, before that, regardless of how much I enjoyed the smell of it - I did push it to the back of the cupboard for a while. I now use this every single day and it's brilliant. It claims to be 24 hour moisturiser, although I do find I have to apply it a few times a day because I have to constantly wash my hands. Even though this isn't a hand cream as such, is does the job just as well!

Soap & Glory 'One Heck Of A Blot' All Day Liquid-To-Powder Foundation in Cool Sand
This is so wonderful. I love that it isn't really on the pricier side of foundations and it literally does everything it claims on the bottle, without the designer price. I won't go on too much about it because I recently reviewed it in a separate post (which you can find hereThis foundation is great for combination-to-oily skin, as it leaves your face matte all day long, reduces pores, redness or any fine lines and provides a perfect full coverage.

Garnier Pure Active Matte Control Moisturiser here- I bought this the other day and I have to say I'm already seeing results. Due to the nature of my skin, I struggle to combat the shine on my T-Zone a lot of the time. This smells absolutely incredible and it really does do its job. Another plus side is that I now no longer glow like a McDonalds chip. Woop. I was previously using Garnier Moisture Matte + which kept my skin at bay for a while but not for the whole day. This is more focused on oily areas of the face and it works a treat - there's no way I'll be using anything else for a good while now!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge here- Yet again, I am ridiculously late to jump on the bandwagon of beauty blenders, so I had to snap this up when I saw it in Superdrug for £5.99! I had been told about these vaguely in Sephora when I went to America earlier this year, but never really delved into the idea as I almost passed out at the thought of $20 for a sponge. However, I started to become more intrigued when lots of other bloggers started raving about how great they were.

I didn't like it to start with because I was using it oh so wrong and dragging it along my face, as opposed to dabbing in said make-up. So it quite rightly did not leave a nice finish at all. I use this to blend in my concealer, as personally I find it a lot less harsh than a brush, particularly on the more sensitive sections of my face. The only downfall I have with this, is that it's very delicate to clean and mine has a rip in it where I was too rough with it. Oops? I would like to try some different ones after this has had its time, but for now it's one of my make-up bag staples!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 477 Black Cherry - With Autumn getting into full swing, another berry coloured lipstick was destined to find its way into my collection somehow! What is it with bloggers and seasonal lipsticks?! I've taken a great liking to Revlon quite recently, as I never really checked them out before.

This lipstick is quite a severe colour, so not one for someone who plays it safe with lipstick! It comes out a very dark, vampy purple/red colour and leaves a nice moisturising finish. The stay power is pretty good for your average drugstore lipstick and had a nice pigment of colour in it. If you can, I'd definitely urge you to exfoliate your lips before you apply this as it can show any marks or bits of dry skin you may have. I'd also strongly recommend you use a lip liner, as this can get very messy and if you're not careful it can spill out of your lips!

Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo here - Ever since I had my hair bleached a while back, my hair hasn't really been my BFF. With that being said, I am more than willing to spend a little more on hair care than I normally would. To be honest, I have come to realise over the last year that my appearance is actually really important and sometimes it does pay to feel/look good (unless I'm slobbing at home in my PJ's of course!).

I am more than happy to spend a little more than normal on things that I know will work, and coconut oil is basically a holy grail ingredient to anything that needs a bit of nourishment and moisture. I found this on Feel Unique and I wasn't aware that Palmers did any coconut oil hair care products, I'd only ever been familiar with the cocoa butter body care bits on the shelves.

The shampoo lathers up really well and gives my hair such great shine and condition. It's thick but not too thick, which is fab because there's nothing I hate more than a shampoo which doesn't bubble up well and you have to use pretty much half of the bottle in one wash! It's really affordable too at £3.99, so it's a pretty big saving in comparison to the £6.99 I was paying for OGX stuff. This is definitely one to add to the hair care routine!

What have your favourites been over the last 2 months? :)

TB x

Soap And Glory One Heck Of A Blot All Day Liquid-To-Powder Foundation | Review

I have always been familiar with (and love) Soap And Glory products, although prior to this I had never delved into any of their make up range. Not because I haven't wanted to, I just purely never got round to it. One thing I do know, is that I have never heard a bad word about them as a brand. So recently, I got rather excited when I saw that they were advertising their new liquid-to-powder foundation on Instagram. The whole concept of a foundation like this had never really occurred to me in the past (maybe they've been around for ages, I'm not sure!) I have never found myself brave enough to go for any solely powder based foundations, as I always feel like they won't provide enough coverage on my face - plus the fact I've always been a liquid kind of gal.

One Heck Of A Blot is definitely a full coverage foundation which includes shine-bloc 12 hour longwear technology and super-blur powders. It is extremely lightweight and there are no traces of cakiness - which is exactly what I like in a foundation. (I love actual cake in real life though) This is literally perfect for anyone that suffers with Combination to Oily skin. I didn't notice a single bit of shine, or any sign of it wearing off - even at the end of the day. It covers up pores, redness and any fine lines, leaving you with an incredibly smooth complexion all day! I applied it as soon as I got home from purchasing it, and within less than an hour my sister had already complimented me saying how nice it looked. 

The foundation comes in 4 shades: 01 Fair Enough, 02 Cool Sand, 03 Happy Medium & 04 Caramel.
Personally, I think there could be more selection, but luckily enough 'Cool Sand' was pretty much a perfect match for me as I'm quite pale. I'm sure most of you do test a new foundation before buying to check if it matches your skin tone, BUT don't be deceived by the colour of the bottles! 'Cool Sand' looks quite a severe next 'Fair Enough' but it is just a slightly warmer shade of fair outside of the bottle! 

I found blending this in odd to begin with, mainly due to the fact I'd never used anything like this before. It goes on as a liquid and turns to a powder the more you blend it into your face. You do need to make sure this is spread evenly and applied with a slightly lighter hand than usual, as it can go slightly patchy/uneven if you are too rough. I am definitely used to it now and it's basically just become second nature to me. You can buy the matching primer if you really want to, but I am not normally one for primer unless I'm really 'going' somewhere. So if you're anything like me and kind of cba with primer, I strongly suggest you moisturise before you apply this (if you don't already) as this will better your chances of maximum coverage.

Overall, this foundation is perfect for my skin type as I get a very oily T-Zone. Anything to help my skin stay matte and hides my pores & imperfections all day is a winner in my books! I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with dry/sensitive skin, as I don't think it would sit well on the skin and could potentially cause irritation. This product is on the shelves at £12, and for everything it does - it's perfect. I am definitely not going to be changing my foundation anytime soon! 

Have you tried One Heck Of A Blot? :)

TB xo
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