The £5.99 Harry Potter-Inspired Makeup Brush Set You Need NOW

When I get emails from Wowcher, I'm usually deleting deals for Disneyland Paris trips I can't afford (whilst sobbing) or totally irrelevant garden furniture deals. So y'know, you can imagine my disappointment.

Last week, when I was having a really exciting lunch break browsing through my 164 unread emails (because that's how I roll now), I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the words 'Harry Potter', 'makeup brushes' and '£5.99' all in the same sentence.

I'd been lusting over the Storybook Cosmetics brushes for ages but I just couldn't justify the price, so when I saw the next best thing at an attractive price of £5.99, I knew I needed them immediately.

Harry Potter-Inspired Makeup Brush Set

Ok, so what are they like?

I knew for the grand total of six pounds (plus a bit extra for shipping) I knew not to expect anything groundbreaking, although I was very intrigued.

When they first arrived, the package was pretty weighty (for a handful of eyeshadow brushes that is) which gave me hope for the quality of them. Sadly, one of brushes had come away from the wand in transit (nothing a little superglue couldn't fix!) but other than that, they were individually packaged, sturdy and in perfect condition!

I couldn't quite believe how soft the bristles were and the quality of them pleasantly surprised me! They also claim to be 100% cruelty free, vegan-friendly, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Pretty decent if you ask me.

Harry Potter-Inspired Makeup Brush Set

The set comes with 1 x large angled blending brush, 1x blending brush, 1x small pointed crease brush, a small angled brush and what I can only describe as a small flat concealer brush (well that's what I've been using it for anyway!) Tbh, I'm just guessing what they are based on how I've been using them!

I haven't actually used these as much as I would have liked yet because minimal makeup is a must in this riddikilus UK heatwave (see what I did there?).

Harry Potter-Inspired Makeup Brush Set

These are great for a smokey eye or an everyday eyeshadow look and there's pretty much a brush for all of your needs. The one I've found most useful so far is the pointed crease brush. This is great for precision when using a different shade above my crease (hooded lid probs) and on my lower lash line.

The blending brush is effortless and really softens the eyeshadow with little-to-no effort at all. The flat brush can be used for packing eyeshadow onto your lids damp, or in my case liquid/cream concealer under my eyes.

As for the 2 angled brushes, I am still yet to use those - all in good time of course!

Harry Potter-Inspired Makeup Brush Set

So, where do I buy them? 

If you've used Wowcher before, you'll know these deals don't last forever so if you're thinking about these I'd get in there quick! You can buy this set here or the full 10 piece set here. You're welcome.

Have you tried these brushes? Will you be snapping up them up? :)


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Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polishes

Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polishes 
I am quite possibly the most useless person in the world when it comes to maintaining my nails. I know right, how can I call myself a beauty blogger? Either way, I do sometimes make an effort and paint them according to what season it is just to make them look pretty.

Gel nails have always been something I've dabbled with the idea of, however I can never keep the length of my nails for it to be worthwhile. It's also a lot of money. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polishes

This is where Rimmel come in. Their new Super Gel Nail Polishes* have the effect of gel without all the fuss. Your chosen colour has a built-in base coat, so you just need 2 thin layers, once dry simply apply 1 layer of the Super Gel Top Coat over the top to set it in place. No need for a lamp or any fuss and Rimmel claims it lasts up to 2 weeks!

Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polishes Purple Splash

I'm currently on week one and I've noticed no chipping at all. For someone who constantly bites and picks at their nails, anything that doesn't chip is a miracle!

I recently got sent 5 shades from their new Super Gel Beach Ready Collection which are all perfect for the Spring/ Summer months. Some of the names of them are so quirky.

That's not all. The range overall has 25 shades in total so you really are spoilt for choice - regardless of the season!

Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polishes Beach Ready Collection
L/R: 053 Dive Right In (Ed Sheeran anyone?!), Super Gel Top Coat082 Purple Splash
Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polishes Beach Ready Collection
L/R:  026 Sun Fun Daze035 Coral Queen045 Flamenco Beach
I love that this leaves your nails with a super shiny, smooth and streak-free finish with the natural light curing technology to really make your nails pop. You can literally achieve salon perfection in your own home.

This is easy to apply even for the crappest of nail painters (like myself) and the brush is the perfect size, especially if you have fairly small nails.

Overall, I am so impressed with the new Super Gel collection and I would recommend them to all my friends! Have you tried them yet? :)


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