July Favourites

July Favourites

Garnier SkinActive Aloe Milk Cleansing Milk | Here | £3.49

If you read my blog a lot, you'll notice that recently I reviewed the new Garnier Skinactive Honey Flower Collection. I really liked the cleansing lotion a lot, however as my skin type is always changing, I picked up the Aloe Milk one for Normal to Combination.

Walt Disney Studios & Going Home.. Kinda

I waffle far too much to have day two in my original Disneyland post, so I thought I'd write all about day two here as it was somewhat of an adventure - no lies!

So, here goes DISNEY DAY TWO...

Disneyland Travel Diaries

Disneyland Paris

GUESS WHO WENT TO DISNEYLAND? WE DID MOTHER F'ERS. Myself, Jack and our favourite emo couple Jasmine and Sean booked a last minute 3 day break to Paris for all of the fun. I last went to Disneyland Paris when I was 4, so this was all the emotions and nostalgia.

Cocktails At Steinbeck & Shaw, Brighton

Steinbeck and Shaw Brighton

When it comes to cocktails, something awakens an uncontrollable force in me and my motivation to leave the house (and be sociable) sky rockets whilst my bank balance slowly fades into nothingness.

To prove my dedication, the other day I actually queued for 33 minutes precisely in a bar, just because nowhere else around did cocktails..

20 Thoughts I've Had This Week

20 Thoughts I've Had This Week

2. Our hotel is walking distance to Sephora *cries happy tears*.
3. Oh god, do I declare bankruptcy now?
4. Ok yeah. I shouldn't have spent that much on the first day of the holiday.
5. I swear that person hates me and I have no idea why.
6. This workout is killing me.
7. I'm actually starting to like salads.
9. I wish I had more self confidence.
10. There is ALWAYS something to pay for!
11. Why am I more bloated after a workout than before?
12. Where has my motivation gone in the last 7 months?
13. OMG MY PHONE IS SO BROKEN. Pls hurry upgrade.
14. A glow in the dark cocktail? Yes please.
15. I love picnics and sunsets
17. Yay, culottes don't make me look whaletastic and now I love them!
18. I really really really want a Disney tattoo.
19. Our flight home is cancelled?!?! Help pls.
20. I think I jinxed saying I never wanted to leave Disneyland.

How's your week been? Have you been up to much? :)


Green Day, BST Hyde Park 2017

BST Hyde Park, 2017
There's no doubt that music, gigs and festivals are a huge part of my life. I said to myself this year I'd write more about things music-related and BST last weekend was definitely memorable one!

British Summer Time is a festival held over various different weekends throughout June and July in London's Hyde Park. I'm not going to lie, I never really knew it was a thing until very recently.
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