7 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self

 Don't let people determine who you are and never compare yourself to others.
Be yourself and don't let anyone change you into something or someone that you're not. We are all shaped with our own personalities and adapting to be like someone else isn't making you more interesting? Lets face it, you will never be them and it would be boring if we were all the same. Have your own story to tell. Live your own. 

If you want it, make it happen. 
I let so many little things people said dictate my career path in my teenage years.. ''There's no money in that'' or ''Can you really be bothered to go all the way there?'' or ''Would you meet anyone?'' All those little questions really shaped my college/ job choices and I wish I had followed my heart. It shouldn't matter about the consequences as long as you are happy. Chase your dreams.

I think this one speaks for itself. We all get to that stage where we think those bushes above our eyes are getting slightly out of control? Am I right? I have plucked mine one too many times, and I sadly I am left with half eyebrows and have to draw them on. Get them done properly and leave it to the professionals, because once you start taking it too far, there is no going back. Don't go 0 to Britney on your brows! 

Not everyone is your friend.
I'd say this is fairly important. Mainly because I wanted to make everyone happy or to avoid hate. I used to try so hard and waste so much time on people who I thought I would like to be friends with. Honestly, it probably didn't work out it because it wasn't supposed to. You're not everybody's cup of tea and they may not work out to be yours. S'just how it goes!

It's okay to be sad..
Everything happens for a reason and we all have tough times. Don't let anyone make you feel like that it's wrong to feel that way. Someone could be fighting a battle you have no idea about. Be kind, always.

Stand up for yourself. 
One thing with friendship groups/ at home I was always afraid to do. School especially, consisted of such a diverse environment, which means someone always had something unfriendly to say about any situation or judge you for choices you've made. If you feel strongly about something, have YOUR say. Otherwise people will latch onto the fact it's your weakness and walk all over you. I learnt that the hard way.

Stop waiting around for people who don't care.
You know it, you just don't admit it. That one person you rely on leaves you in the lurch or goes behind your back when you trusted them. They will only find you because they have no-one else you run to their aid. Don't do it, you're only making yourself a doormat. Move on and find someone else who appreciates you being around. It's a scary thing but you will look back and feel proud that you did it - even if at the time you felt rubbish! 

What would you say to your teenage self? 

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  1. You are so very deep my lovely niece...but you speak alot of truth...you really have a talent for writing and you should think about putting a book together!! Love you xxxxx love your litgle blogs


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