Upcoming Spring Gigs & Festivals

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This is something I've always got excited about ever since being about 12/13 years old.. Gigs. 
Here are a few I have coming up I want to share with you :)

Architects w/ Every Time I Die & Counterparts | 13th March | Camden Roundhouse, London

I've seen Architects a few times before, but this is their biggest show I have been to yet. 
I loved 'Hollow Crown' and 'The Here And Now' but after that I can't say I've listened to anything! Oops? I've seen Every Time I Die before (supporting A Day To Remember last year) and I wouldn't say they're a band I would listen to very often, but they're weirdly fun to watch live. 

I have never seen Counterparts but I know my Boyfriend LOVES them. If anyone knows of any newer Architects stuff that's worth a listen then let me know in the comments!

Funeral For A Friend | 20th February | The Haunt, Brighton

I have never seen this band and I am ridiculously excited, as this band have got me through all the happy and incredibly sad times aka. Break Ups & Arguments etc in the last 7 years. As weird as it sounds, I literally can't wait!! Plus it falls on payday! What better way to celebrate?

Four Year Strong w/ Hit The Lights, Light You Up & Forever Came Calling | 28th March | Concorde 2, Brighton 

I am SO excited for this gig. Not only have I wanted to see FYS since 'Bada bing wid a pipe' came out but Hit The Lights are possibly my favourite band to watch live (and in my home town aswell..mega brownie points!) I am yet to listen to Light You Up or Forever Came calling but I've heard they are really good, so I will be listening to them sometime this week. 

Slam Dunk Festival 2015| South | Hertfordshire University | 24th May 

So it's only a day event but this is my all time favourite festival. I've been going for the last 4 years and not once has it let me down. Pop-Punk is my favourite genre of music and this holds such a variety of Alternative bands, from local to all over the world. I have met loads of different bands/artists just from walking around the campus & seen so many bands I would have dreamed about seeing live at the age of 14. It has definitely upped its game over the last 2 years or so. 

I actually appreciate it a lot more when I'm not stumbling around looking for a toilet, or crying because I'm too drunk. I have never been to the after party because I find I'm just too tired at the end of the day. I would rather slump into a cosy hotel bed until morning! I have heard it is a lot of fun (also a great way to meet/ party with band members) so if you can stay awake like a saint then I'd recommend it. 

If you're thinking about Slam Dunk, be sure not to miss out :) Its a sure winner! 

Any gigs or festivals you guys are thinking about this year?
Or if you are going to one of these shows, let me know!


  1. Yessssss, see you at 3/4 of these! How have you not heard Architects' Lost Forever Lost Together?! It's absolutely incredible. I require you to listen to nothing but that album on repeat until next weekend.
    Loovvvvveeee the new layout by the way, looks fresshh ;)

    1. Ooo yay! Which one aren't you going to? :o Nope not listened yet! But I'll have to get on that asap as the gig is next week!! Haha thankssss girl ;)

    2. Not at Funeral, saw them play Hours in full last year though, was 10/10.
      Also definitely listen to Light You Up, great guys.

  2. I saw Funeral for a friend in january, they were soo good!! I'm hoping to go to slam dunk for the first time this year, lineup looks really good x

    1. Yay! Even more excited now! What sort of stuff did they play (more old/new?)
      Yes make sure you make it to Slam Dunk, it's beyond amazing :)


  3. I'm going to Bestival this year, I went last year as well it's amaxing, such an underated festival!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

    1. Yes! I have heard that's amazing from so many people!
      Who is on the line-up?

  4. Such an amazing post! Lovely idea :) Did you go to FYS? I am SOOOO excited for Slam Dunk! Only 1 month to go! xxxx

    1. Aww thank you! :)
      Yeah it was amazing!! Had such a good time! They were great live but didn't have a lot of excitement! HTL and LYU were amazing though :)
      Too excited for Slam Dunk! Wooo!
      Who are you most looking forward to?? Xxxxx


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