February Favourites

Well hello there March! I can't say I'm surprised to see you so soon, as every month seems to be flying by recently! In February, I tried a lot of new things that I loved, so this is a post I've been very excited to share with you all. Don't worry, I did narrow these down! (Also soz for the state of the Beauty Blender, I did clean it the day before but y'know, girls got needs..)

Schwarzkopf got2b Oil-licious Tame & Shine Styling Hair Oil 

If anyone told me to use a hair oil this time last year, I'd have probably shuddered a little. I have horrible memories of using my mums hair serum when I was younger (you know when you went overboard and you had those wet/greasy looking ends?) Yup, it happened. 

Anyway, I thought I'd set all my bad memories aside and give this a try (any excuse for those Boots points!) Let's be honest, bleached hair needs all the care it can get. This is actually a styling oil, which I have never really been familiar with before. You can use it for extra care when pre-washing, on damp hair for better manageability (pre-styling) or on dry hair for a sleek, finished look. I tend to use this before blow drying or on dry hair, as either works wonders on my ends.

 It also contains Argan Oil, which I think we all know is basically a godsend for your hair. Let's not forget what an amazing scent this product leaves on your hair - it literally resembles your ultimate tropical paradise. I would happily lather myself in the stuff if it wasn't frowned upon covering your body in hair oil. Just sayin'.

I had been reading up on all the hype for the Beautyblender when it first came out, but I could never justify £16 for one sponge. I bought the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (which by the way is a great dupe) ages ago and did use that pretty religiously, until I realised I wasn't supposed to scrub it to clean it and almost ripped the poor thing in half.. Swiftly moving on.

On my mission for change, I had to jump at the chance when Wowcher were advertising the Beautyblender for £6.99. Um, hell to the yes please. (I did end up paying about a fiver postage, but we will just forget about that..)

This distributes my make up so incredibly well. It feels so gentle on my skin and gives such a great finish - without having to worry about losing any excess product into a brush. The Beautyblender is such a multi-functional little sponge which has basically replaced the majority of my make-up brushes - that's when you know you love something a heck of a lot! 

Soap And Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen 

Where has this been all my life?! I see this product being talked about by make-up lovers on a regular basis, but it seemed like every time I tried to change from my Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner to any other formulation/brand, I just couldn't seem to get on with it - especially the pens.

Soap & Glory's make up range is still slowly creeping it's way into my fast growing collection and I've never had any bad experiences with them, so there was no harm in trying. If all else failed, it was only £6 I was losing.
No biggie.

I swatched this on my hand in the shop and I was instantly sold. The pigmentation and stay power is incredible on my eyes, nothing quite like I'd ever used before. It a carbon black formula, so it can also be smudged if you want it to fit in with a perfect smokey eye. I find this so much easier to do winged liner with and I really never thought I would! I 100% recommend this to anyone, especially if you're shy at trying new liquid liners. 

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know that a few months ago I had an undying relationship with the OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner. As much as I love that combo and they work wonders on my hair, I felt like I needed to spice up my hair routine a little bit. As OGX already gained my trust a long time ago, I decided to delve a little further into what else they had to offer. Again, I know Argan Oil is a well known ingredient to help protect the condition of your hair, so as soon as I opened up to smell it - I was basically sold. Although I don't feel it's as nourishing as the Coconut Milk, this definitely still makes my hair super soft with amazing shine! 

Back at Christmas time, the Beauty At Tesco Twitter page were giving away either this free Max Factor Mascara or an Olay Anti-Ageing cream. You could apply to get one of these by getting someone to tweet you the link, on the condition you filled out a short survey when you received your product.

Honestly, I was a little sceptical about if this would ever arrive. I kept having daunting thoughts that I'd given my address out to some random spam company. Paranoia at its best. However almost 4 weeks later, it finally turned up! *pumps fist* I have taken a strong liking to plastic applicators on mascara's lately, as I feel like they grip and lift my lashes much more than a usual fabric brush. I do have to say, the formula is quite sticky to begin with, so you do need to bear with it. However, I love how buildable it is and how you get volume as well as length. Another great thing about False Lash Effect is that it doesn't flake or give you panda eyes.. Yay! This is on the slightly pricier side of high street mascaras, but I can assure you it's worth it.

Soap And Glory 3-in-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash

This cleanser is such a breath of fresh air to my skincare regime. I love using products that really feel like they are 'working' as you use them and this is definitely high up on that list. It has a very fresh smell to it, and contains small ultra-soft scrub beads, which give your face that extra clean feeling without being abrasive on your face. It's £8 for the cleanser and the bottle is huge. No kidding, I've used this pretty much every day since Christmas and it looks virtually untouched. You don't need a lot of product for it foam up on your face either, which is one of my favourite things about this. It leaves my face feeling smooth, refreshed and I have noticed a small difference in a brighter complexion too! 

What did you love in February? :)

TB x


  1. I'd like to try out the Soap & Glory 3-in-1 Daily Detox Wash as something different to my skincare routine. I like that you mentioned about the beads not being abrasive on your face as sometime when I'm washing my face with other scrub products they really hurt. Thanks for the recommendation I'll be on the look out for this on my next Boots visit.

    Kirsty x

    1. No worries! It's definitely worth a try and it literally lasts for so long! :) Let me know what you think of it! x


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