Makeup Revolution 2nd Birthday Party

The other week, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Make Up Revolution 2nd Birthday Party. After being in love with their brand for so long, I was absolutely ecstatic when they emailed saying they'd love to have me at the event. Also, the fact I got an extra 2 days of work was a bonus! ;) The event was held at a Cafe De Paris, which is a beautiful, luxury club in London's West End. It's been a long time since I've actually woken up early off my own back and actually wanted to get up and go somewhere. I think that's when you know you're really passionate about something.

Photo Credit: Make Up Revolution Facebook Page

I had arranged to meet up with the lovely Orla before hand at her hotel, who is insanely good at make up & photography. Make sure you check out her Instagram here and other social media links to see for yourself. I couldn't have asked for a better person to meet up with, because we got on like a house on fire and we are so similar! As the night went on, we were on the lookout for some other Twitter pals (it's so hard when everyone looks different in their profile pictures!) but we eventually managed to meet the hilarious Kirsty, Naddy and Megan, who we ended up spending the rest of the night with.

During the first session, we got a chance to gawp at some best selling products and some up and coming new releases from Make Up Revolution themselves. This included the new Rose Gold Lipsticks, Beyond Radiance Highlighter Palette, Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Cheek Palette, Vivid Shimmer Bricks, Fortune Favours The Brave Eyeshadow Palette and many more. Fortune Favours The Brave is actually Make Up Revolution's first ever collaboration with Jane of Britishbeautyblogger. They have come together to create the most beautiful palette and I am so excited to get my hands on it (as well as all of the other wonderful new releases!)

As well as the Revolution bits, TAM Beauty had some of their other products on show from I Heart Make Up, Freedom, B Superdrug and ColourOn all there for our viewing pleasure! I literally think made a mental note of everything I was going to purchase on payday. It was great to speak to some of the experts and find out a bit more about the products too. Still needing those Chocolate Bar palettes though!

After speaking to the brands, we took full advantage of the complimentary snacks and the chocolate fountain, which literally had EVERYTHING you could ever imagine to dip in - including honeycomb, waffles and glittery marshmallows! <3 (I know, that's not even half of it!) Not forgetting the free wine and beer at the bar. Needless to say, I think I drank my bodyweight in wine that evening #notevensorry. As delicious as all of this was, I still felt the need to drag the girls along to KFC with me before the big announcement started. I needed something substantial to prevent me from being some kind of unruly drunk and well, y'know, it is KFC.

The second half of the event was a cocktail reception, followed by more free bar which pleased me immensely. Around 7:30pm, Adam Minto the founder of Make Up Revolution got up on stage with a very thankful, emotional speech and also let us know about the new app that is now available to download. Daisie Smith came on stage to announce that she would now be the official host for all TAM beauty events in the future, so a massive well done to her. I love her Youtube tutorials on and off the MUR channel, so I am really pleased for her :)

Then came the big announcement we had all been waiting for, I am so excited to share this with you all! The I Am Freedom Competition. What this is, is basically the X-Factor of Makeup which starts on the 1st of April. To enter, all you need to do is upload your tutorial to YouTube with your favourite makeup look using the hashtag #IAMFREEDOM. 

If you are chosen, you get the chance to compete against 5 people, through 4 different rounds and battle it out in the live final held in a top London hotspot, with celebrity guest judges. Now for the insane prize.. The winner will receive £10,000, one years supply of Freedom Makeup and assigned to the brand for a year! The four runners up will receive £1000 each! How good is that?! Wait, there's more.. The owner of Superdrug kindly stepped in to say that he would double all of those figures, which is insanely generous of him - so watch this space and get uploading! 

After the speeches were over, we were all keen to know who the celebrity DJ was. Whilst we were chatting and wondering who it could be, Scott Mills from Radio 1 very sneakily popped up on stage around 8pm. We were all so shocked and happy, you just knew from that moment the night could only get better. He played some amazing music, to the point where our group of girls at the front basically started off the shameless dancing and we all managed to get selfies with him. My personal highlight of the night is when Kirsty made him so the crab hands from his Strictly days, which had us all in stitches! He is genuinely the nicest guy ever!

Photo Credit: Make Up Revolution FB page

We were one of the last groups left standing in the room, so it seemed like a good excuse to get a few more GIF's in photo booth (which annoyingly I can't seem to attach) and headed out to pick up our coats and our amazingly generous goodie bags!

 I can honestly say that this was one of the best nights of my life and Make Up Revolution sure know how to treat their guests/put on a good party. I can't thank them enough for this opportunity, it was absolutely amazing! Also a huge thank you to the loveliest girls I had the pleasure of spending my night with, it was so nice to meet you all :)

Did you go the the Revolution Birthday?

TB x


  1. Omg sounds like you had the best night ever! I love makeup revolution, their products are amazing, I'm so excited about their new launch, the highlighters and eyeshadow palette in particular looks fab!! I would have loved to have been invited it honestly looks like it was so much fun! Xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. It was so so good! Their products really are amazing :) Both of those are a must, especially the BBB palette! Awww, if they have another one i'll let you know with who to contact! :) xxx

  2. The IAMFREEDOM competition sounds so fun! The venue looked absolutely beautiful. You're so lucky getting to go to this, it looked absolutely amazing Tan! xxx

    1. It does! I wish I was talented enough at make up looks to enter haha! It was honestly a stunning venue, I can imagine a verrrry pricey night out if it's not paid for haha! It was soooo good, I'll let you know if they have another! :) xxxx

  3. I was invited to this but sadly couldn't make it and now I am even more sad because it looks SO amazing. Their photo booth with their products looks cool :D x

    Liv | xo

    1. Aww man! I wish I could have met you there! Next time, you have to go! :) The photo booth was a lot of fun, I wish the GIF's would have worked on the post haha! xx


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