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Last week, myself and my lovely blogger friend Holly of Closing Winter were invited along by Chloe of CloClothes to the The Maker Club pop-up shop event in Brighton. This little gem was tucked away on 114 Church Street, just opposite the dome. Before this though, obviously some makeup shopping at Boots and Debenhams had to take priority because y'know.. Needs. 

Outside the shop, there was a fabulous watermelon two piece which instantly caught my eye from afar and actually made me squeal with excitement a little. I mean, why wouldn't you want that? As we walked in, we were greeted by the wonderful Chloe - the owner of CloClothes and possibly the most friendly, down-to-earth person I've ever met! 

The shop itself was ridiculously aesthetically pleasing with white walls, wooden flooring and pops of pastel decor. Before mooching around, we indulged in (more than one) complimentary Bucks Fizz, sweets and popcorn in little plastic cups for us to help ourselves to. Food and alcoholic beverages = Life. Just sayin'. 

CloClothes are a London based clothing and accessory brand inspired by colour, fun and making it feel like it's Summer all year round. Each item is handmade by Chloe and two other freelance seamstresses and designs are only made 5 times before they go out of stock and never come back. Personally, I think that idea is so unique and adds such a personal touch to what you are buying. Trust me when I say, she has some amazing pieces!  

Now, I may be the queen of exaggeration but I am definitely 100% truthful when I say I wanted to purchase 98% of the store. Obviously my bank balance would never allow me to do that #reallifeprobs. However, I know which online stores I'll be heading straight to when I get paid; along with recommending them to all of my friends!

Miss Papercut were also featured in the store who stock a beautiful range of British, homemade papercuts and homeware pieces. This is owned and run by the extremely talented Stephanie who is based in Kent. She started off as a freelance illustrator with paper cutting and crafts as a hobby; she ended up loving it so much that she was able to turn Miss Papercut into a brand! Her stuff is colourful, involves lots of Stag prints and is just so practical and pretty for day-to-day life.

Downstairs was home to the likes of Prints Harry, who we also got chatting to during the event. He is a London based Illustrator who creates some awesome prints, with the occasional pun thrown in. Who doesn't love a good pun? My favourites were the Brighton themed designs, especially the ice cream cone with the Royal Pavilion sitting on top (which I managed to get in my goodie bag. Yay!) Another amazing print was the West Pier at Sunset with starlings formed in the shape of a whale. Such imaginative ideas - gotta love design with a bit of a twist! 

Freddie Payne LDN also made it into the shop. He is a 25 year old 35mm photographer who also based in London. His work is incredible, all his own and each photograph comes mounted and framed. His portfolio is on his website, however if there is something that you don't see in the Big Cartel store - he will make create you your very own unique order. I fully appreciate photography and some of his shots were just stunning and so creative. There were plenty of limited edition pieces up for grabs on the day and I literally just wanted to jump into every single photo. 

Common Thread Upholstery are a London (if you didn't already guess) based Upholsterer who combine gorgeously unique textiles to perk up old, worn out furniture. I love some of the designs, particularly the pastel cushions and the wooden chair with the grey patterned seat. Their stuff is so cute and worth checking out! 

Mcindoe Design had a small rail of clothing downstairs too, which totally jumped out at me whilst browsing. Their tropical and bright patterns certainly can't be missed! Their prints are hand-drawn in (yep, you guessed it) London before they are applied onto 100% Brushed Cotton. Mcindoe are all about bringing the energy of South America to South London and have been doing so for 2 years. I love how quirky their designs are - can you spot the funkiest sloth, watermelon and lobster shirt? 

The afternoon was shortly followed on with a performance by the mesmerising folk/acoustic singer, Jennie Moloney. She is originally from Southend-on-Sea but is now currently living in Brighton. Her voice is incredible and she sure has a set of lungs on her! There is not really much else I can say besides check her out and show your support!  

When we left, we got given the cutest, most generous goodie bags! Mine came with a beautiful Moroccan style cosmetics bag from CloClothes, a purple compact mirror from Miss Papercut, the Brighton Royal Pavilion Ice Cream postcard I had been eyeing up the for the entirety of the event from Prints Harry, and some milk bottles. A big thank you to them! So alongside all the goodies, I did end up making some super cute purchases, which included the Blue Heart Aviator Sunglasses from CloClothes and the Beside The Seaside Notepad From Miss Papercut. 

Sadly, The Maker Club is no longer there, the brands however are all still available online, so be sure to check them out and show some love! Saturday was a day well spent if you ask me and I had such a fun time with Holly! I can't wait to meet up with her again. :)

Have you been to any events recently? 

TB x


  1. All of this sounds incredible. As I was reading I found myself trying to remember the names of the creator's whose work I liked the most - but I'm thinking that saving this post will be easier, haha!! That Pavilion print is rad and I'm totally in awe of that watermelon two piece - and it's so cool that CloClothes limits the number of remakes too!

    1. Hahaha! It was pretty good! :) They are worthy of checking out, you won't be dissapointed! :) I always forget to save posts, I just screenshot them! My photos on my phone are one big to-do list haha. Xxxx


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