Brighton Foodies Festival 2017

Last weekend myself, Jasmine, Jack and Sean attended the Foodies Festival in Brighton! If you saw my recent giveaway, you'll know that the festival is held on the heart of the Hove Lawns, slap bang in the middle of Brighton and Hove and runs over the first May Bank Holiday weekend.

As last year was off the cards, there was a lot of making up for lost time this time around! When we arrived it was cloudy with a bitter wind (in true british style, obvs), but we were determined not to let it ruin our day!

Jasmine and I actually wanted to go to the festival 2 days running, but life just got in the way and we ended up being way too busy in the end!

When we arrived, I couldn't quite believe how big the festival was! You are greeted with all sorts of wonderful smells, live music, an old London bus bar and a Pimms Tennis Ball. There was a huge selection of drink stands to choose from but it only seemed right to start the afternoon on with a pint of Pimms. Yup, a pint.

There were endless amounts of food and drink stalls with plenty of free tasters which obviously we couldn't resist! If I was rich, I could have easily bought everything I tried!

It was hard not to feel overwhelmed by the amount of BBQ smells and delicious scents floating around in the air, I literally didn't know what to have for lunch.

We wandered around a good few times to see what we fancied and ended up getting a chicken wrap from this giant BBQ stand I can't remember the name of. This set us back £7 and I won't lie, it was nice but not anything special.

The macaroni on the other hand from I LOVE MAC N CHEESE was absolutely insane! It was so good I could eat it a million times over!

They even put crispy onions on the top and OMG. It was just the best thing ever. Anything cheesy is life though??

Another thing that really caught our eye was the KIN Vodka stand selling Lake District Toffee Vodka. The charming northern guy was enough to sell it alone and of course, alcohol tasters will always interest me.

The vodka itself was BLOODY AMAZING. I'm not usually big on sickly sweet drinks (or straight vodka) but this was something else. It didn't even have that harsh vodka taste to it and I could genuinely drink it straight haha.

There was also a giant pirate ship bar (which you could not miss) who were serving cocktails in coconuts. I really wanted one for the novelty but I'm not a fan of the coconut taste, so I think that would have just ended badly haha.

Although the boys basically drank the Kingfisher van dry throughout the day, Jack did try the Fullers Frontier Craft Lager from the Frontier van (..funnily enough!) OMG. It tasted SO good! Craft beer is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and I highly recommend it! I'm so glad to know I can buy it in my local supermarket and pubs too!

To end the afternoon, we were lucky enough to have access to the VIP bar and a complimentary glass of fizz! The bar and seating area was nestled under a giant teepee which had it's very own acoustic stage. We got there just at the right time as 'Teenage Dirtbag' by Wheatus started playing and the rain decided to make an appearance. As if we weren't cold enough!!

Jack and I picked up some goodies between us and came home with some gourmet dog treats for his cheeky little hounds (if I remember the brand I'll link them later on!), Garlic & Herb Green Thunder cheese from Snowdonia Cheese Company (which I can confirm tasted divine!) and also a mini Kin Toffee + Vodka which I mentioned earlier.

Despite being totally frozen, the afternoon was a lot of fun and I am definitely going back next year. I WILL try and buy more next year too - especially the bubble waffles! Hoping they make a comeback. Thanks so much for the Foodies Festival for having us! Hopefully the weather won't be such a washout next year and we can go more than once! :)

Have you been to the Foodies Festival before? :)

**I was invited along as press by Foodies Festival but all opinions and food lusts are my own.

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