My Must See Bands at Slam Dunk Festival 2017

Slam Dunk Festival 2016

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that Slam Dunk Festival is quite literally my favourite day of the year. Whilst I felt quite underwhelmed with the line-up this year, there are still a lot of bands I love (a hell of a lot) and will find myself watching. Not only that, it's mine and Jasmines 1 year friend-iversary. YAY! <3

I know this is a bit random and music isn't really what I write about on here, but it there's no denying it's a huge part of my life and I certainly don't talk about it as much as I'd like (which will be changing!)

Here's my low down for this year on who I want to check out this year!

Neck Deep & Bowling For Soup.
I think this is the first year where I've been truly torn between headliners. I think I have seen these two bands an equal amount of times making the choice that little bit harder. Hopefully they will overlap slightly so I get to see both but AHHH! SO TORN. I think Neck Deep might take the win though.


Seaway will always be a 100% no-brainer for me. I bloody love 'em and they never fail to put on a good show. Definitely up there with my top 5 favourite bands. I'm so happy to see they are pretty high up on the bill this year which is totally deserved.

Cute Is What We Aim For.
HOW THROWBACK IS THIS?! My inner emo definitely freaked out and wasn't sure what to do for about 5 hours whilst I listened to the 'The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch' album on repeat. I'm excited!

We The Kings, Slam Dunk 2015

We The Kings.
I've only ever seen We The Kings a handful of times but they are one of my favourite bands to see live. They are so full of love and their music makes me so happy! They do clash slightly with Seaway, but I'll definitely be checking out some of their set as they're playing their self titled album in full!

The Gospel Youth.
YAY! I'm so proud of these guys that they made the SD line up! No doubt Jasmine and I will shamelessly fan girl and sing like crazy fools haha! If you haven't heard of them I strongly suggest you give them a listen!

WSTR, Slam Dunk 2016

I actually saw WSTR last year at Slam Dunk, and back in January supporting Seaway. Both times their energy has been great. I'm also loving the new album so much, so getting to see some of that live again will be great!

With Confidence.
I just missed With Confidence on their latest UK tour, so to know I can see them in just under a month = happy Tania. I actually discovered this band on a pop punk Spotify playlist and I've loved them ever since!

Zebrahead, Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

My boyfriend and I saw Zebrahead a few years back in Portsmouth and it was such a fun show. Although they are clashing with a band I haven't seen before, I'd love to try and catch a glimpse of their set!

Like Pacific.
These are actually one of the first bands to open on the lineup and I'm hoping we start queuing early enough to make their set. They are another recent discovery from Spotify too!

Are you going to Slam Dunk? Let me know what bands you would/are seeing! 


  1. Looks like a lot of great bands, and YAY for We The Kings - love them! :) Tania Michele xx

    1. They are so good! Gotta love We The Kings :) xxxx


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