A Little New Forest Getaway

Last weekend, myself and Max decided to take a last minute camping adventure to the New Forest. After a huge Amazon camping shop, it only seemed right to do a little prep for our upcoming Cornwall trip. Albeit it was only a night, but still. Long enough to get a feel for campsite life, play Frisbee and fail at lighting a BBQ...

There’s something about being in the Forest that gives off the ultimate relaxation. We had hardly any phone signal and it was so nice to detox from social media and far enough away from any main roads/ shops that it was so quiet. Besides a cow mooing aggressively at 2am but y'know, ya catch my drift. 

I’ve been to the New Forest many times on little day trips, but never actually stayed overnight so this was the perfect opportunity. I also hadn’t been camping for a good 10 years, nor did I have the foggiest clue how to pitch a tent.. so needless to say I was a little apprehensive. 

Luckily, our tent was the easiest thing ever to put together and Max was a lil pro, so we didn't end up having to sleep in the van!

We stayed at the Roundhill Campsite in Brockenhurst which we literally booked the night before (I know right, well edgy). When we arrived, we were greeted by the most friendly campsite staff and endless wild horses and cows just roaming around, shaking their bootys and doing their thang. Not gonna lie, it took ages to find the perfect pitch as the ground was wonky as hell and we are both stupidly indecisive, but we got there in the end.

Thankfully, our tent was huge (a big old 8 man) so there was plenty of room for everything to fit and no sense at all of feeling claustrophobic. It was so easy to put together and we were done within about 20 minutes. I bought some fairy lights for the tent to make us feel a little more homely and it looked so flippin cute at night. 

Once we’d got settled, we decided to take the most aimless drive to try and find a supermarket for our BBQ supplies as we were literally that secluded, nothing was really within walking distance. We ended up passing through Beaulieu which is a beautiful little village - there are even donkeys roaming around. *melts* 

Y so handsome? 

When we got back, we prepped the chicken kebabs, set up the BBQ (which little did we know would take about 5 hours to actually light) and whacked out the Kopparkeg (Kopparberg keg), the music, the Frisbee and watched the sunset. 

GAHHH. It was so perfect. It really is the little things in life that make me the happiest. 

After waiting what seemed like HOURS for the food to cook, we resorted to the gas stove and frying pan which worked just as well. We actually forgot oil so we just fried our sausages in ketchup instead (10/10 do not recommend) Zero regrets though. Still tasted good.

After dinner, we decided to go for a little walk before it got too dark to explore. There were lots of little paths surrounding our site (which I imagine you could actually get somewhere on with a bike) before settling down for a sleep. 

The sleep was actually pretty good besides being woken up at 2am by what I can only describe as the sound of a bleating cow. Honestly, this thing would not shut up for a good half an hour and despite being slightly concerned by the noises it was making, I just wanted to sleep 

The next day was significantly more cold and windy but it was home time anyway so there was no dramas. Apart from dismantling the tent which I really wanted to make a parachute out of. 

On the way home, we decided to stop in Lyndhurst for a spot of Sunday lunch. We found this adorable little pub called The Fox & Hounds and got ourselves the most delicious roasts and a bev each. By this point, it was a race to see who’d fall asleep on the table first as we were both knackered! 

We then wandered into what we thought was a fudge shop, only to leave £50 later with sticky toffee coffee, all sorts of flavoured alcohol and minimal fudge. 

Honestly, the entire trip was so cute I didn’t want to leave. It was the perfect little preparation for our Cornwall trip this week and I’m so excited to do more exploring and being a fire lighting pros by the end of it. 

Have you been camping before? Let me know your recommendations. 

Lots of love,

T x 

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