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If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that mine and Jasmine's new hobby once a month is Afternoon Tea. It only seemed right, as we do really love food and each others company. We made a pact just before 2020 that we would have a day of fun at least once a month. This lead onto her suggesting I should start a little series on my blog, so... HERE IT IS. 

I had seen the Funfair Favourites Afternoon Tea all over the internet in December, so we made it our mission to get it as a belated Christmas present to each other. I can tell you now, it was definitely one of our more glorious present ideas.

We went in mid January (and here I am months later writing a review) but it's something if you are local to Brighton, you absolutely MUST try. Especially those with a sweet tooth.

The Afternoon Tea itself takes place in Harby's Bar & Diner (part of the Harbour Hotel) on Brighton Seafront. It costs £23.50 per person and is available to book every day of the week between 3-5pm. Before the visit, I didn't realise HOW underrated it is. The decor is beautifully retro with all sorts of fancy velvet chairs and neon signs. I mean, if you don't like neon signs then who are you really?

We arrived for our sitting and were greeted by some really friendly staff who sat us down and presented us with a giant (what we thought was a book) with different pots of tea leaves in to smell before you order. (FYI, the tea is bottomless!) I thought this was such a nice touch and really helped enhance the experience. 

We ordered some kind of Strawberry tea which neither of us could actually get enough of - it was so nice! The staff also let us know that as a lot of the food is prepared fresh, it does take slightly longer to come out.

Whilst we were waiting, Jasmine quickly noticed the cocktail menu had 4 different types of Espresso Martini (not included but oh my god, OBSESSED WITH THE IDEA!) so naturally, we ordered one each. We both got the Vanilla Latte Espresso Martini which I can confirm was incredible. Only £8.50 each too which in the world of cocktails in Brighton, I think is really reasonable. 

To start, they break all the rules by bringing out the Desserts first. The reason for this is that one of the macarons actually has ice cream inside, so they do this so you can eat it before it melts. There is always a method to madness people!

On the Ferris Wheel stand they come out on, you are completely spoilt for choice. On it comes Coconut Meringue Ice-Cream sandwiches, Mini Sticky Toffee Cupcakes, Marshmallow Lollipops, mini Doughnut balls with Chocolate dipping sauce, Strawberry Macarons, Raspberry Popcorn, Chocolate Scones with Cinnamon Butter and Cotton Candy, balanced in a mason jar of mini marshmallows!

It was such a cute setup, I literally could have cried. 

It didn't stop there, they soon brought out the savouries! This excited me greatly as I am way more of a savoury gal myself but made an exception for these beyond adorable scenes. We had mini fish finger sandwiches,  olive and sun-dried tomato scones with basil butter, mini hotdogs and cheeseburgers and smoked salmon bagels. 

I really wish I could give you a highlight of each but it was all so delicious! The only thing I wasn't keen on was the ice-cream sandwich, but only because anything coconut makes me want to throw up in my mouth. 

We seriously couldn't believe how much food we were about to face but most of all, what AMAZING value for money it was! 

Overall, we literally had the most adorable time and stayed for a good few hours! We weren't rushed through the experience which made it so much more comfortable, and made us not want to go home as quickly to combust in our new food comas. I couldn't recommend this highly enough and we will absolutely be going back!

Have you been to Harby's before? x

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  1. Omg this looks absolutely amazing!! I need to go here, especially for the mini hot dogs! Xx

    Holly |


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