24 Hours In Paris

A couple of weeks ago, I got taken to Paris for my 21st Birthday and it really was more than I could have ever imagined!

We left home at the most illegal time to be awake on a Saturday.. aka too early!! Never the less, it was all going to be worth it when we eventually got there! We arrived at St Pancras where we were catching the EuroStar, where I got vaguely distracted by the MAC store before checking in, not to mention indulging in the most AMAZING tasting croissant ever to exist from Pret A Manger. Yum!

The EuroStar was a mixture of emotions, mostly because your ears don't know where they stand when you go flying into a tunnel at god knows what speed! For anyone who has never experienced this, it's like blowing your nose when it's so blocked that nothing comes out - consequently making your ear drums feel like they're going to explode on you!

Anyway, so you would expect this extravagant French looking place when you arrive on the other side of the border, but it was nothing more than a bunch of English looking fields with a few french warehouses thrown in for a bit of colour! This aside, we made it to the Hotel alive and eager to explore!

The Eiffel Tower in January

After settling in to the hotel, we went for a walk to the Eiffel Tower (which was nothing short of amazing..obvs!) I'd been before as a very young child, so the memory of the previous trip was too vague to remember.

We stopped to take photos and took to tourist mode pretty quickly, as you do. I love taking pictures and capturing the moment that you're in, that time you will never get back.. Spooky, huh??

As we didn't really have any time to waste only being there for a day, we decided to cram in all the monuments together. So, we took a slow wander across the river towards Arc De Triomphe (not actually knowing where we were going) and after a few de-tours, we made it!

Paris In January

The walk was about half an hour, but if you're debating getting the Metro, it's not worth it. You see so much more on foot and things you don't expect to see, plus you're getting a bit of good ol' exercise!

Before arriving, we unexpectedly found another MAC shop *preach hands x10000* I seemed to be on this great, worldwide mission to find 'Velvet Teddy' their Matte Lipstick because it had sold out nationally in the UK, so with a bit of luck and the new French handbook coming into play.. BAM!! Sold. Thanks Jack! :)

To any girls trying to get hold of this, please don't hate me, go to Paris.

Anyway, EVENTUALLY after getting soaked in the rain.. 
Arc De Triomphe everybody!!

In a nutshell, it's a big amazing looking monument in the middle of a 4 lane roundabout, when people suddenly forget how to drive.

That night, we went out for the worlds most expensive, early birthday dinner and took a trip up the Eiffel Tower in the dark. Jesus Christ that thing is high! For someone who can't even handle the Blackpool Tower, this was next level. Also the fact that there is an Ice Rink on the 1st floor sort of distracts your mind a little bit too..?!

Can I just say, whoever has walked the entire way to the top, yes you are a champion, but WHY?!

We got all the way to the top and it was like an Arctic Hurricane infused with Tourists and Selfie Sticks. The view was the most breathtaking thing I have ever seen in my life, it's quite astonishing how much you can actually see at night. Absolute must do for anyone going to Paris!

Eiffel Tower At Night


Day 2 was home day, but we still had until 6pm to kill time. It only seemed right for us to mooch on out for a quick, french themed breakfast and gobble up all of the Croque Monsieur & Orangina, before heading to the Catacombs! I understand the picture makes this look very uneventful!

The Catacombs were really exciting and slightly scary for us as we'd just recently been to see 'As Above, So Below' at the cinema. For anyone who wants to know, it's not a very accurate representation in the film, so if you're still interested in going, then do it!

A lot of walking was involved and there was definitely a sense of uncertainty down there, especially as you all branch off individually and you're just strolling through endless empty, tunnels. Not something I'd recommend doing alone or if you are easily claustrophobic.

After a brief historic overview scattered around, you reach the tomb where all the bones were blessed and laid to rest. It's so surreal to think that those bones were once living people from centuries ago and now they're on show for everyone to see, slowly crumbling away. It goes on for miles and miles, it's unbelievable. When we reached the exit, I genuinely thought we were going to come out at the entrance, but we were almost the other side of the town!! Crazy!

After this, we went for something a little more light hearted and headed to Notre Dame and The Love Bridge. Notre Dame is the most spectacular piece of architecture I have ever seen, something I would normally take for granted back home - I just wish I had a good enough camera to take full advantage of the beauty. Inner nerd alert.

After a few cheesy photos, we had some lunch and walked over to the Love Bridge. Google told me that was it's actual name, so I'm just going to call it that unless I'm told otherwise haha!

We got ourselves and lock, wrote each others initials on the keys, kept each others and threw the third into the River Seine. Weirdly enough, I saw my name graffiti'd and spelt the right way, so we put the lock there. It was obviously a sign ;)

Last but not least, we walked to The Louvre. It was the final thing on the list and probably the worst thing we could have saved until last. Okay, so maybe we were a little bit grouchy from being tired, freezing cold and got slightly lost on the way but it didn't really change my opinion, even now.

Don't get me wrong, it's a cool looking building, but I just don't understand the hype! Sorry to anyone this may offend, but it really was the biggest anti-climax of the trip.

We found ourselves more interested in the random archways and buildings surrounding it.. Just incase you were wondering why I threw these in!

Paris In January
So I know what you're thinking.. Was it really the best time to go? In all honesty, it was a little nerve racking being in a place where something is so new and raw. You're constantly conscious of what's going to happen next. We actually found ourselves in some heart stopping moments from time to time, especially coming home, but that's another story.

Even though there was a language barrier, you still felt like you had to be careful about what you said, regardless if anyone heard or not.

I've never seen so many armed soldiers and police in my whole life, it's really quite intimidating.
But what we did see, is that no matter how bad a situation, everyone seemed to stick together and supported one another.

Minus all of the drama, it doesn't change how beautiful the city is! The architecture of the buildings is just the most incredible thing I've ever seen, and something I've really learnt to enjoy and respect as I've got older.

Overall, it was an amazing time away and I can't thank Jack enough for listening when I said I wanted to wake up in Paris on my birthday when I thought he wasn't! It was more than I ever dreamed! Something I will never forget.

That was the first holiday of 2015.. bring on the next! :)

Seeya Paris! Until next time..!


  1. What a great way to celebrate your 21st! Some really beautiful pictures, Paris looks amazing :)
    Rebecca // rebeccamariee.blogspot.com xx

    1. Thank you :) It was so good!! Haha, just so expensive! I really recommend going there if you can or haven't been! :) Xxx


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