If I Were To Spend Money Mid-Week Wishlist #1

I've wanted to do one of these for a while, although lets be honest.. they're not exactly original! I just love writing lists and browsing for things I want to buy & can't afford. Don't we all love a bit of sweet torture?

I'm trying to save as much money as possible before Florida, which is infact 2 months away, so as you can imagine, I'm pretty broke. So what better than to set unrealistic expectations?! (Besides the odd few affordable products thrown in)

1. Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set - EUR 65.

Since watching a lot of tutorials and looking into these brushes a lot recently, this set has really won me over. They're absolutely beautiful (I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover) but they look like they blend and evenly apply make up very well. 
I would absolutely love to try them. When I can eventually afford these I will definitely be splashing out big time! 

2. Benefit 'Roller Lash' - £19.50 

Now part of me could NEVER justify spending this much on a Mascara, but it's Benefit and it's brand new on the shelves at the moment.
I've never owned any of their products, but I always hear people speak really highly of them and say they're worth every penny, so I may have to give in to this next time I need a new mascara!

3. MAC Amber Lights Eye Shadow - £13.00

This colour is so so lovely. Its' quite daring for an every day look, but some people pull it off really well! I'm normally quite adventurous so this is a must have for the make up collection! know copper/gold tones bode very well with blue eyes, so it'll be interesting to test that out. 

The website said it blends very well, is highly pigmented and applies evenly. I think this would need a darker shade of brown or bronze to add intensity. I have always loved MAC products, but never really ventured away from the lipstick section, so I'd love to try this! For £13 per pot, you can almost always say it's going to be a worthy buy!

4. Minnie Mouse Chamilia Bead - £35

Obviously, Jack and I are heading to Florida in April, and I spotted this on the Chamilia website and it fitted in perfectly with the holiday theme! I've always loved their Disney range but never felt it was worth buying a charm if I've never been to Disneyland properly (or been old enough to remember it)
I love getting charms to symbolise my favourite places/ memories, so that's why I'm 110% set on this, either before, during or after the holiday!

5. 'T' LED Carnival Light - £60

I LOVE this style decor! It's so authentic and it would be a great addition to any bedside table, shelf or wall. Generally something that you can put anywhere in the house.
 The price is a little steep and if I had a bigger room, I wouldn't think twice about buying this, but I have a serious lack of space. They actually have a mini version of this too for a whopping £30, not quite sure how mini 'mini' is though..?!

6. Topshop MOTO Ripped Leigh Jeans - £40

When your long lasting, beloved pair or Leigh Jeans finally rip (at the crotch may I add) you know you can't possibly part with them until you have a new pair. 
I would love to pull off the Topshop Joni Jeans, but I have a weird shaped figure ie. Out at the hips, in before the thighs and yes, you guessed it.. Out at the thighs.

So unfortunately, these don't really hold in any of my bigger features or compliment my figure. 
I've always got on with Leigh Jeans because they're the perfect fit, not too high or low on the waist and the leg size variations are always a bonus. I also don't tend to buy any other make of jeans.. (besides that white River Island pair I couldn't resist last summer!)
100% need and must have!

7. Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo Palette 1 - £49

This is one of those things that will be on a wishlist, but will probably never make it off unless I start to roll in the P! I don't know how high of a budget I could set myself for a palette. This does really appeal to me because they have all the copper/bronze shades, and that's something I'm really liking at the moment. I found this on the Debenhams website, as their stores are conveniently placed near to where I live, but a lot of other retailers will stock this so take your pick!
Maybe I will break the bank sooner or later!

8.  Dune Kelly Diamond Lock Purse -£29 

I love the look of this purse. Coral is very attractive at the moment, as slowing slipping into spring. I like to try and change my purse with the seasons, but this year has only gone and failed. I have had a purse with summery colours & pineapples all over it for a little too long now! You know when you start to feel slightly uneasy and damn right judged by the shop assistant, after whipping that bad boy out of your bag?! Yep.. That's the one!
I never really shop on ASOS as there is normally too much choice, but I've really jumped onto the Online Shopping band wagon recently and opened up to websites I have been avoiding for many months.

9. Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' Concealer - £5.49

I have just started using liquid concealers and I absolutely love the coverage of them. For darker blemishes or flaws, I like to use the concealer stick. I currently own the Collection 'Lasting Perfection' Concealer but as that has nearly dried out. 
So instead of getting the same one, I thought I'd go with a brand I know and trust, and it's always a bonus when a concealer helps you look more awake!
I will definitely be buying this on payday!

10. Things In My Head Notebook - £4.95

I love this little book, its so cute and affordable and as I've started to blog a lot more, I feel like this could be really helpful, as oppose to Notes on iPhone. 
Plus, who doesn't love writing their thoughts from time to time?!

If anyone has had any experience with these products then let me know in the comments!

What's on your wishlist this month? <3



  1. Love the purse and the beautiful palette :) I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award over on my blog :) Rebecca | www.rebeccamariee.blogspot.com xx

  2. i want to get the zoeva brushes so bad!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

    1. same! they're a bit pricey until payday haha!
      Let me know if you get them and how they are? :)

      Tania xx


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