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Sorry it's been a while since my last post, I've been on holiday and I am currently in the process of pretty much getting arse back into gear. I have also been creating a vlog type thing which is taking a little longer than expected, so I have had to sort of put this blog on a back burner for a while, as I've been busy sorting out other commitments. 
But all of this aside.. I'M BACK! :)

So, I want to make a habit of doing this every month and share some music with you which I am currently loving/playing constantly. Some bands from previous months may creep up if you follow along, but I'd love to know what music you're into leading up to Summer!

This month I'm basing the playlist on Slam Dunk Festival, as it is just a week away! 
Right, now that little outburst is out the way, lets continue..

If you haven't already heard of it, it's basically a Pop-Punk/ Alternative day long festival, held over May Bank Holiday Weekend. A different venue separated over 3 individual days, consisting of Leeds (North), Hertfordshire (South) & Wolverhampton (Midlands). If you already knew that I apologise for going on about it like it's a god or something, but I do feel like great festivals should be recognised.

Here are some bands I'm very excited about seeing..

Patent Pending - One Less Heart To Break

I saw this song live when they supported the 'Bowling For Soup Farewell Tour' in 2013. They told a story of a girl they were very close to who committed suicide and they ignored her cries for help for too long. I was basically left with a lump in my throat at the end of the song, so beautiful. 

This Wild Life - No More Bad Days

Wow, I mean this guys vocals just hit the spot for me. He has the voice of an angel! I saw this band last week with Seaway, As It Is & Boston Manor at Southampton Joiners, but these guys stood out the most for me. Again, this is another tear jerker (apparently I like a lot of those at the moment) which is when his mum was going through a batch of Chemo and the affects it had on him and his family etc. The lyrics just melt my heart into a puddle. If you are going to Slam Dunk, you MUST check this band out.

Cartel - Save Us

I promise this wasn't purposely another sad song, I originally wanted 'Say Anything (Else)' but Spotify only allow this one song to be played.. WEIRD. 
I was lucky enough to see the 'Chroma 10 Year Anniversary Tour' with my boyfriend in Orlando last month, and it was honestly one of the greatest gigs. 

I had seen a snippet of Cartel's set at Slam Dunk in 2011/'12, but this was better than anything I had ever expected. After their batch of shows for this festival, they won't be touring the UK again, so I thought it wasn't an opportunity I could pass up on. Plus, Chroma in full!!! 
Who would want to miss that?! 

Let me know in the comments what music are you into at the moment?! 
:) <3

Tania x


  1. You gotsta check out A Loss For Words at Slam Dunk too. Their last ever UK shows and I reckon you'd like em =)

    1. Ok cool, thanks! I will give them a listen! Are you going?? :)


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