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Black Wool Boyfriend Coat | Black Cord Pinafore Dungaree Dress | Breton Stripes Long Sleeved Top |
  Black Leather Chelsea Boots | Tortoise Shell Sunglasses 

So, this isn't really an outfit of the day as such, because there is no way *insert name of storm here* would ever not hit the UK this time of the year! I got my boyfriend to take a few casual photos when we were in Barcelona the other week (I really liked my outfit, even if it is minimalistic and not very colourful!) I'm fairly new to this whole outfit post thing, but 2016 is about trying new things and whether it works or not - I'm giving it a good old go! 

Is it just me, or are pinafores high up on the majority of people's wishlists at the moment?! I love how you can literally wear pretty much anything underneath them and they look good. They're so damn comfortable too! I don't feel guilty buying things like this, because I know that in the winter I can throw on a jumper/ long sleeved top and some black tights with ankle boots. Then, in the warmer months (not that we get many here) you can go bare legged with some lace up plimsolls or high heeled sandals/wedges.

(I'd just like to point out that I definitely can't do that flawless 'moody pose' for the life of me, so have my 'blinded by the sun' smile and awkward looking down/away shots instead!)   

For me, I feel like Pinafores fit my hourglass figure so nicely without becoming unflattering. The hips and thighs have put on a bit more timber over Christmas, so I've basically been living in them. I love the corduroy material too because I find it naturally has more give, so I always feel better about myself when I say I can fit into a size down (and say FU to all the chocolate & sweets that were consumed)

I feel like tie up tops are really in at the moment. They seem to be one of those items that stick in the shops for months on end. They started coming out in the Summer and I'm pretty sure I've seen them around ever since. I finally found one in Primark for under £10 just before going away, which was the perfect find. It's a lightweight material, so you know you won't get too hot and it isn't as clingy as all the others I've seen around. You do get what you pay for, but for £8 you can't really complain! I'd easily throw this on with a pair of high waisted shorts in the spring, or jeans in the winter if I wanted to dress it down a little. 

Now, I didn't think my short figure would be able to pull off a boyfriend coat. After spotting one in the Dorothy Perkins window display in December, I knew I had to try it! It was actually a Christmas present so I didn't even end up having to buy it myself either. Thx Santa xoxo. These coats are so practical - not letting you get too cold, but also making pretty much any outfit look that little bit more chic. With it being a wool coat, I did expect it to be a little thicker, although if it was it'd be way too bulky! I think boyfriend coats compliment high neck jumpers and jeans, topped with a blanket scarf just for that extra warmth. 

I always turn to New Look if I'm desperate need of a new pair of boots. I know their shoes will fit me without any problems, and I can almost guarantee they will have exactly what I am looking for - all within a decent price range of course! I needed some comfy black work shoes that were waterproof, but also some boots to dress up or down too. I am a sucker for flats, so these obviously won me over when it came to taking them to the till! They're also elasticated around the ankles so you don't need to faff around with a zip. They are pretty bog standard, basic Chelsea boots but they are those shoes that go well with literally any outfit! 

The ponytail is nothing new to me, it's just the easiest way to keep my hair off my face when it's windy or if I just can't be bothered to spend ages styling it. I'm not completely lazy, I just haven't had my hair cut in ages. Now it's SO long, it takes 10x more time to do anything with! There's nothing I hate more than little strands of hair tickling your face, or a mouthful of hair. *shudders*

Most of my make up by this point had made an exit, my lipstick being the vital one! :( Heartbreak city. I couldn't bring it with me to top up, because we didn't take a bag with us and knowing me I'd probably lose it anyway. Either way, I think a striking red/berry lip would compliment this outfit very well. 

I was originally going to put this in my Barcelona post, but I thought I'd take the plunge and do it as a full on outfit post. I definitely do not claim to be a fashion expert, nor am I a model (obvs) I just love seeing what other people wear, so I thought I'd give it a go myself!  

Let me know if you want to see more of these posts in the future and I hope you enjoyed it! :) 

What has been your go to style recently?! 

Tania x


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