I Am Freedom Final & TAM Beauty Halloween Party

Last Thursday, I was fortunate enough to be invited to I Am Freedom live final and TAM Beauty's Halloween Party aka. Revoween! The event was held at DSTRKT Club in London's Piccadilly Circus. The venue was kitted out with some creepy dolls, spider webs and all sorts of scary decorations; the famous GIF photo booth from the Makeup Revolution 2nd Birthday Party even made another appearance.

I met up with my lovely girls Orla, Megan and Naddy beforehand for some more dancing shenanigans and not forgetting a good old catch up! I also saw some old and new faces Laura & Jasmine and Sophie, Isabelle & Kirsty who I've wanted to meet for ages. They were all so lovely and we enjoyed many drunken snapchat sing-a-longs and selfies together!

Upon arrival, we were greeted with free cocktails and amazing canapes, such as sushi, mozzarella balls and chicken skewers. It didn't stop there, mine & Meg's mouths almost fell open when they brought out little mini cheeseburgers (which I proceeded to spill all around my mouth and down my coat!) The class was just unspeakable.

Around 7:30, Adam (The founder of Makeup Revolution) and Daisy came onstage to introduce the evening, along with the 5 finalists for the I Am Freedom competition! I had seen a few of the girls floating around beforehand looking absolutely incredible - you can tell they put in so much effort and time because they were all so flawless!

It was so exciting knowing that one person would be going home assigned to the brand and the lucky owner of £20,000. We all got our chance to vote, which was SO hard because all of the entries were amazing. The winner of the competition was the lovely Lorna; she smashed every round of the competition and her win was totally well deserved. Huge congrats to her and the wonderful runners up! 

I would just like to apologise for the bad quality/lack of photos of the actual event itself; my phone apparently no longer cares for my safety (or blog needs) and leaves me 9% battery (with 4 hours left of the party and a 2 hour journey home!) Thankfully, there are lots of funky GIF's to keep you all amused! After my very own search party for a charger, waiting 20 minutes for someone (only to get pied off) and a lot of embarassing myself, Sophie finally came to my rescue with a portable charger! What a babe.

The dress code was party/cocktail with your own Halloween twist. I went for a black and red smokey eye (which failed massively) from the Makeup Revolution 144 Eyeshadow Palette and Black/Purple vampy, matte lip from the Makeup Revolution Beyond Vamp Matte Lipstick Collection. I wore an Off Shoulder Black Lace Dress from Boohoo with some black suede wedges. After arriving, I wish I'd have gone 'all out' because some people had really gone for gold and looked amazing!

The night consisted of lots of dancing on the runway, mingling with other bloggers/youtubers, a DJ who played the most epic tunes and also a MJ impersonator (well, dancer/actor) with 2 doses of Thriller re-enactment for us all to enjoy! There were lots of Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup products dotted around the venue too, including some amazing gift sets - which are all so afforable and perfect for Christmas! Shoutout to all the boyfriends! ;)

Once again, a huge thank you to TAM beauty for putting on a great party. I am forever greatful for the opportunity. It really is crazy how one night can help you to meet people you know will be your friends for life. Bring on the next party!

Did you go to Revoween? If not, what events have you been to recently? :)

Tania x


  1. Ahhh wow this looks absolutely amazing! What fun. I wish I could have come along, I didn't dress up for Halloween this year but hopefully I can go all out next year!!

    Katie | www.katiekirkloves.com

    1. It was amazing, I wish you could have come along too! We should have our own Mini Blogger Halloween party next year! xxxx

  2. Ah that looks like such a good event and you look fab (as always). I'd love to go to events like that but I'd be too scared aha!

    I'm not a big fan of Halloween but I did dress up this year and go to a little gathering at my friends house xx

    1. You are the kindest <3 Nooo, don't be scared! Honestly, I went to my first blogging event of my own and it was such a milestone. You meet so many lovely people - I'd always go with you anyway! :)

      Aww that sounds nice, what did you go as? :) xx

  3. Looks like you had an awesome time and you look stunning!! xx
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  4. Look like you had a fab time :) Started following your blog. Hope you follow back.



    1. Aww thank you! Of course, I will follow you back now! xx


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