June Favourites

Serious question: How the F are we over half way through the year already?!

June was a busy month for me, so again, trying new products wasn't the easiest! Saying that, I do have the odd new product in amongst some golden oldies, so here they are! 

Rimmel London #Insta Fix & Go 2-in-1 Primer and Fixing Spray* | Here | £6.99

I touched on this in my latest GRWM: The #Instaselfie Collection with Rimmel London post, so I won't ramble on too much but I love the purpose of this spray. It smells incredible and I love how simple and refreshing it is to use during the summer. It keeps your makeup in tact for most of the day, but I sometimes like to top up on it throughout just for a bit of extra security! 

Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer in 10 Light | Here | £5.99 

I've heard shining reviews on the Maybelline Fit Me! range for ages, but have only just got round to trying it for myself! I'm fussy when it comes to concealer because I never know if it's actually going to work on me but turns out, this one is so fab!

It's hides my dark circles so well and has a lovely creamy, non drying consistency without being too thick/heavy. As for blemishes, it masks them as well as brightening up your skin. I love it so much. The foundation is definitely on my list to try next!

Mother Earth Bath Bomb | Lush | £8.99

Annoyingly, this was an exclusive to Mothers Day and only available in Lush Oxford Street but OMG. This has to be THE BIGGEST bath bomb I have ever owned! In the photo it looks normal but you just need to google it yourself or see it in person to believe it!

Now, I thought because this was so big it would take all of the moisture out of my skin, however this was one of the most moisturising bath bombs I have ever used and definitely one of the prettiest. I could take or leave the scent but it's definitely one of those that smells 10x better when it's in the water. Please bring this back, Lush! Love you.

L'Oreal Elvive Clay-to-Spray Dry Shampoo | Here | £3.99

Considering this bottle is quite small, it does last for a decent amount of time. After trying and loving the clay shampoo range by L'Oreal, I was intrigued to see if I would love the dry shampoo just as much.

For the price, it does a decent enough job and helps your prolong the look of freshness on your hair to last that extra day (or two!). I love the smell too so that's also a winner for me.

Rimmel The Only One Matte Lipstick in 200 Salute | Here | £5.99

Ever since writing a review on these lipsticks (see here), I have been obsessed with pretty much every single shade. Light pinks were never a shade I used to reach for when it came to lipstick, however during spring and summer I have absolutely LOVED this.

It is the mixture between a light baby pink and blush pink and it pretty much goes with anything you wear. Great for brightening up your complexion too!

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments! :) x


  1. That lipstick is a lovely shade!

    Emily xo

    1. So pretty isn't it? Love how affordable it is too. Thanks for commenting :) xxx

  2. Ooh that lipstick looks beautiful! I will have to check it out xxx


    1. Definitely do, it's so great and long lasting for the price :) Let me know if you like it! xxx

  3. I really want to try that bath bomb now!! I bet they don't do it anymore :( xx


    1. They don't :( It was a Mothers Day exclusive to Oxford Street and online which makes me want to cry forever! Hopefully they bring it out next year?!?! xxx

  4. That bathbomb looks amazing, and that lipstick shade looks gorgeous! I hope that you have an amazing July.
    Amy xx

    A Habit Of Solitude

    1. They are both amazing, the lipstick is a firm favourite and at least that isn't limited edition haha! :) Thanks chick, you too! xxxx

  5. Ooh I've been looking for a decent concealer to take away with me to save sweating off my foundation every day, will have to try that one!

    Liss xx

    1. Yes you 100% need to try it, it's so lovely and really does stay put considering it's not high end :) Let me know how you get on with it! xxxx


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