2020: Looking Back On The Little Victories

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a shambles of a year. What started off to be a year of positivity and self-care, turned into a multiple lockdown flop. It wasn't all doom and gloom though. I'd like to think I still achieved a hell of a lot of things that pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me feel proud of myself (which I find difficult to admit).

The year started with the mandatory Birthday week off and Valentines Day fun. This included visiting the beautiful Cheddar Gorge, Escape Rooms, Mini Golf, Harry Potter Studios and getting on with some general life admin. 

I started how I meant to go on. For someone who has suffered with ridiculous anxiety surrounding the Dentist, I actually plucked up the courage and went for the first time in 10 years! (Don't judge me). A lot of the fear was very much mind over matter and it turned out to be fine. I only needed 3 fillings and my front tooth capped (which in the grand scheme of things could have been a lot worse!). No root canal's like I had feared!  

I started classes at the gym as I was fed up with how I looked and omg.. I literally loved it! The thought of the gym (exercise classes especially) had always been my idea of hell, so I went in with as much of an open mind as possible. I started Body Pump with one of my best friends and she really helped ease my anxiety around people watching/ laughing if it wasn't doing it right and told me if I couldn't do it, it was ok to go at my own pace. 

That was something I really needed embedding into my brain as after my first class, I had absolutely smashed it for a beginner and loved it so much. I didn't worry if anyone was looking at me and just bossed the whole thing. For me to say that is BIG. I continued to go with her every Monday and I even went to some classes on my own, along with trying HIT, Yoga and Spin a few times (which I'd vowed to never do again following what felt like my first near death experience.. lol).

It was going so well and I was really starting to see and feel a difference in my body which was such a refreshing feeling after months of feeling like a total blob. I started to feel more confident wearing more flattering outfits again and feeling all round positive.

Knowing I could push myself and feel happy outside my comfort zone, I made another huge choice which I'd been putting off for ages. I signed up to an evening course at a local college to study Dog Behaviour. It was nerve racking, yet exciting to finally to start feeling in control of my future. Not to mention learning about something that I've had a passion for as long as I can remember.

Then March happened.....

Ahhh Corona.. I have run out of words for you. Lockdown happened and shit hit the fan over the entire world. Parliament almost fell apart not knowing wtf to do and it seemed like the UK was behind every other country. Hats off to the NHS and key workers who really held it together for us over that time - what amazing people. 

Fortunately, I was still working from home throughout which kept the normality going and eventually moved in with Max. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this as living at home and being confined to a tiny box room was going to send me insane sooner or later. 

I went to seek medical advice for my ever worsening migraines and daily cluster headaches. The doctors just palmed me off with Sumatriptan (which works if you catch the migraine quick enough) and that was that. My mum suggested I see a Chiropractor (I know, weird right?) and I can't even tell you how much it's changed my life! Although they can't *cure* migraines, they can drastically reduce the daily headaches so you are more aware of when one is coming on.  I won't go into detail but I will write a whole post on how it's helped me if anyone is interested?

Although multiple lockdowns did suck somewhat, I, as well as the rest of the world were kept relatively sane by unlimited Zoom quizzes, sunny walks, personal beer gardens and incredible Spring/ Summer weather. It has also helped me to feel more in control of my finances (which is the first in a long time!) so house saving can happen quicker. 

Not to mention, we got a puppy! His name is Marley and he is such a little bundle of mischief and joy (and stinky farts!). He has really helped to keep the morale up in the house and kept us busy throughout.

In September, the Dog Behaviour course finally went ahead as colleges were allowed to stay open. I enjoyed it so much and unlike my experience of college in my teenage years, this was completely refreshing and I looked forward to going every week. It reminded me how much I love learning, especially when it's something I've been passionate about and had an interest in for so long. (Plus, it gave an excuse to do a big stationary haul!). 

By the end of November, the course had finished. I handed in all of my assignments and by December, I received feedback to say that I had passed them all first time and YA GURL IS NOW A QUALIFIED DOG TRAINER!

Despite all the world drams, so much good actually came out of 2020 and I am so bloody proud of what I've achieved. I couldn't have done it without the endless support from everyone, so thank you! There is already so many exciting things to look forward to in 2021 and I've been super proactive in prep for the year ahead. Fingers crossed COVID just takes a chill pill and we will all be relatively back to normal soon.

I hope you are all looking after yourselves and staying safe (I sound like the opening line of an email lol). I'd love to know what good came out of 2020 for you and what you're proud of? Let me know in the comments.

Much love,

T x


  1. Love this positivity! You achieved so much!! And this has made me feel like I should pluck up the courage to go to the dreaded dentist too


  2. I'm so happy for all of your achievements this year 😍 just incredible girl! You're right about the savings part as Luke and I managed to save enough to buy our own house 😁 which is super exciting. I think lots of us lost ourselves last year but then as with any downfall new doors opened and we found ourselflves in a Completley new way! Every cloud I guess xx


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