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After a barrel of hype about this mascara - with lots of comparisons to Benefit Roller Lash, I had to try this! I normally look for volume building mascaras, but I found myself swayed by all the high opinions and I was dying to give this a go! I was tempted by Roller Lash, but I didn't particularly want to splash out loads, when I knew I could buy the cheaper alternative.

I am not normally a fan of plastic brushes, as I have quite sensitive eyes, but this has really shown me the light on how great they can be. When you first apply, although it may not look instantly dramatic, it is easy to build up to your own personal taste. The brush is slightly curved & I find this really lifts and lengthens my lashes, just the way I want them.

The only thing I'm not sure on is the formula, it seems quite wet when you first apply it, forcing it to clump if you put too much on in one go. After a week of using it, it seems to have dried a little, and is much more pleasant to use. I hope it stays that way!

I like how compact this little tube is - I'm just hoping it lasts as long as previous concealers. After having a long, loving relationship with my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, I felt I needed to branch out and try something new. I picked this up because I really like L'Oreal as a brand, and I have tried and loved the True Match Foundation. I prefer the consistency of this against the Collection one, because it's not as thick and it's easier to blend. 

The coverage is brilliant and matches perfectly with my skin tone. Although it's great for covering spots and blemishes, I find it doesn't do much/ anything for dark under eye circles. So if you are blessed with those, you may need something of a thicker consistency!

3. B. Glowing Shimmer Block Just Peachy 161

I picked this up because not only do I love B Products, but this looks so pretty and compact. I tried this on my cheeks in the shop, and it brightened up my face instantaneously. I like that this is a multi-purpose product, you don't just have to use this as a blusher, you can use it as eye shadow/ highlighter too. Triple whammy.. Woop!

4. Make Up Revolution Palette in Redemption Iconic 3

Firstly, Make Up Revolution products are such good value for money! In this palette, you get 12 eye shadows for just £4!! Yes, four! 
In the words of Anto Sharp.. "That's going straight in my basket!" 

 I had always eyed these up (no pun intended) in Superdrug and this time I had finally decided to purchase one.
I always steer towards the more pink/ nude colours when buying eye shadow, especially in the summer. 

I prefer to save a more smokey eye for an evening or special occasion. I don't always feel adventurous enough to rock a darker eye, without the fear of ruining the rest of my make-up if I mess up! 
Needless to say, the pink and golds really bring out my eyes, so this is perfect for an every day look. 

When I saw these lipsticks lining the promotion shelves, I knew I just had to have one. I am a bit peeved because I am so pale & this shade basically blends in with the colour of my skin once applied!(If you can see from the swatch..) 

I think it would work for someone with an olive or tanned skin tone, because it is SO light. I look like a had foundation lips when I put it on.. Eeek. I can't wait to go back and find a darker shade.

Oh my goodness.. This stuff smells absolutely DELICIOUS. I've heard a lot of good things about OGX, and they always catch my eye with their quirky bottles on the shelves. Recently, my hair hasn't been in the best condition, I've read so many things on coconut based products being really beneficial for the hair. The smell lasts until I next wash my hair, whereas normally, any old shampoo would only smell good for a few hours then wear off. This contains coconut oil too, so my hair is super shiny once washed!

Now, I didn't get the matching conditioner, purely because I wanted to mix and match. I normally need quite thick conditioners because I have so much hair, and the coconut water conditioner didn't look as thick in consistency.

This has egg white proteins which strengthens the hair and coconut oil to nourish the drier ends. As soon as I had dried my hair, it was so shiny and soft. No frazzled ends in sight! I will definitely be re-purchasing this.

8. L'Oreal Leave In Conditioning Spray

After my beloved Andrew Barton Leave In Conditioner ran out, I was destined to try a new one. I searched far and wide in Boots & Superdrug for a spray leave-in conditioner, and I only found 2 brands who did them! This being one and the other, Aussie. 

L'Oreal won me over out of the two, because I needed the most nourishing product possible. As amazing as Aussie stuff smells, I find the consistency of their products too watery for my hair. This smells really nice and fresh & is very lightweight on the hair, so it doesn't make it look greasy. I have found so far that this keeps my hair in great condition, it makes life so much easier to tame any unwanted tangles!

9. Zoella Tutti Frutti Fizz Bar

Ok, how lovely is the packaging on this?! Turquoise and Pink have be my fave colour combo! I had been excited to try this as soon as Zoe announced that she would be bringing out her new beauty range.

I literally went straight home after purchasing this and ran a bath. The smell is gorgeous and not too overpowering, which is what I look for in bath products.

It fizzes when you drop a chunk into your bath, a bit like a bath bomb, but unfortunately it didn't do much else (apart from making my skin feel slightly soft). I can't say I expected much, as it is just a simple, white version of a bath bomb. However, I will be using this again, but with a bit of bubble bath next time, just to spice it up a bit! :)

10. Planet Spa Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist

After having a lot of trouble sleeping recently, I was desperate to find a natural remedy to help me doze off easier at night. Having lots of experience with Aromatherapy scents from my Beauty Therapy days, I know certain smells are ideal for relaxing.

I saw this in the Avon book for just £1.99, so I had to snap it up. You spray this onto your pillow and let it dry off before you want to go to sleep, and it's amazing what a great sleep you have. It smells of Lavender and Camomile, which in my opinion is the perfect combination for relaxation. 

I find I have to lay there for about 10 minutes to wind down, but after a while I am so sleepy that I just doze off without tossing and turning. I have such a good sleep, that I find it so hard to wake up.. (To be honest, that's the story of my life regardless!) 
Proves the old remedies are sometimes better!

I had never really thought I needed to delve into the world of serum at such a young age, but I had been told if I used this after moisturiser and blotted with powder, it reduces any shine you may get on your skin.

I thought there was no harm in trying, as I am always on the lookout for new tips & tricks that can help combat a shiny complexion. This serum stood out for me because it claims to tighten pores, which is what I really need having an oily t-zone. I will let you know how I get on with it!

Have you tried any of these products? :)

Tania xo


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    1. Haha thank you! :) You definitely need to try some! Xx


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