Staple Summer Scents | 2015

Stating the obvious, but as you can probably tell.. I love perfume! Who doesn't?! 

It's amazing how powerful one smell can bring back so much nostalgia of a place or person. I feel like each smell has a different story to tell. Does anyone else get that?

I like to wear it more on special occasions, or when I'm feeling my best, that way it makes more of an impression to the people around you. Let's face it, who wants to waste a spritz or two on a cba day?! 

I also think there's nothing better when someone walks into a room and their perfume hits you instantly. If I was ever a fairytale character, I'd be a person who collects nice smells in cute miniature bottles. Those you would expect to see on Alice In Wonderland!

Here's what scents I have been loving throughout this and last summer! 

Gucci Guilty Black Eau De Toilette here

This has to be the most sophisticated looking and smelling perfume that I own. 
*cue Shania Twain - I feel like a woman*
Although they say Eau De Toilette isn't as strong as a regular perfume, I find this lasts a fairly long time. The smell is quite intense, but not too overwhelming.
It's very musky with orange and floral tones. I feel like if you're looking for something that makes a statement, then this is the one for you.

Zoella 'Blissful Mistful' here-

Okay, maybe I'm cheating. This isn't a perfume as such, but the bottle just looks so lovely in my collection! I reach for it so much, especially when I want quite a subtle smell to wear out. This is the one I wear most to work, because I don't want to stand out too much, but I do want to smell nice & fresh. I recently wrote more about this in my 'May Favourites' post which you can find here

'Dot' By Marc Jacobs -

 This has to be my go-to summer scent. The Marc Jacobs bottles are always the most creative ones to look at on the shelves, because they are so eye catching. I find the bigger the bottles get, the cuter the packaging!

'Dot' has to be my favourite of the range because of it's bold design, and delicious scent! The smell is very girly, which can only be described as it's floral, yet sweet! 

My main memory of wearing this is going on holiday to Tenerife with my boyfriend, and spending lots of summer days out with him. Unfortunately, this has been quite a rarity for the last year. Thnx 4 The Mmmrs though, Marc.

(Couldn't resist the Fall Out Boy reference there, soz!)

Avon 'Luck' Eau De Parfum -

 There is absolutely no doubt that Avon perfumes are my guilty pleasure. There's nothing I enjoy more than endlessly flicking through the book when it lands on the doormat. 
I mean, who doesn't love a good perfume scented page? ;) I swear that is still the main reason I even pick it up!

I love Avon because there is always, without fail a product I like, at an incredibly affordable price.

The packaging is so adorable on this perfume, it looks like a little present - almost like it could be a really classy, expensive perfume. Needless to say, this definitely not a high end product!
Personally, I'd say it has a really similar scent to YSL Black Opium. A fairly good dupe, for WAY over half the price. 

The only downfall is that some of the perfumes are seasonal, so you could grow to love one and it will be non existent for ages, then come back 6 months later! 

DKNY Be Delicious Golden Apple Eau De Parfum -

This is my most trusted perfume brand. Not only are the apple shaped bottles beautiful, they all smell incredible. DKNY Green Apple was probably one of the first perfumes I ever got and I instantly fell in love. 

If I want to wear a girly scent, then this is the one I will pick up. It's a happy smell, but also very fruity. 
If you're not really already familiar with DKNY perfume & you're not a fan of sweet smells, then you will probably this range quite sickly. 
I have owned pretty much all of them, but this definitely one of the tamer, floral ones. 

  I have loved this brand from as far as I can remember, and I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon!

'La Tentation De Nina' By Nina Ricci Ltd Edition in 2014. 

I swear I am just attracted to colourful, apple looking bottle when it comes to perfume. Notice a pattern forming here?! I have no idea where this obsession has sprung from.. I don't even eat apples!

 This perfume has raspberry, citrus and vanilla tones to it. I really like it when someone throws a bit of vanilla in the mix, that way it doesn't smell as sharp.

 Although this was limited edition last year, Nina Ricci has actually brought out a pretty much identical bottle. Whether it smells the same I'm not too sure, but I think it's based from the previous scents. 

I am so excited to give it a smell & see if it's a match! If anyone has smelt it let me know in the comments? I'd love your opinions!

What smells are you loving this summer? :)

Tania xo


  1. I've been wanting to buy a new perfume for a while but haven't found one I want to buy just yet, I'll keep an eye out for these though they look and sound great! x

    1. Yes, do! If you like sweet/ floral smells then these are definitely ones to keep an eye on :)


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