My Top 10 Picks: Slam Dunk Festival 2016

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With festival season just around the corner and Slam Dunk swiftly approaching, I thought it was only right to whack out the annual 'top picks' post. It's absolutely no secret if you know me or read my blog, that Slam Dunk is my favourite festival of the year (and the only one I actually attend for that matter..)
If you are a fan of all things pop punk, alternative, love getting drunk and are just generally up for a good time, then this is the festival for you. If you haven't heard of Slam Dunk and all of the above applies to you, then where the hell have you been!? You're missing out!

The festival is spread out over 3 days during May Bank Holiday Weekend, in 3 different locations: North (Leeds), South (Hatfield) and Midlands (Birmingham). All of the bands on the line-up play each day, so no-one goes home wondering what they missed out on. I've been to South 6 years in a row now and I've honestly never ever left disappointed!

My favourite part of the day is the main stage. Me and Jack every year, have always made it a tradition to watch the headline act, as it's such a great atmosphere. Everyone is always so happy and buzzing from the rest of the day - it's so much fun. Plus, you have the most space when you're outdoors (I can't believe I just said that, I'm getting so old!!) Don't get me wrong, we do watch bands on the other stages throughout the day, but the headline act will always top off an amazing day.

If you want to find out more, visit the Slam Dunk Festival website here for everything you need to know!

1. Trash Boat are a very new edition to my listening habits. I heard their new song 'Strangers' being played on Daniel P Carter's radio show the other day and I have to say I loved it. No idea why it's taken me so long to listen to these, but I'll definitely be checking them out on the day. 

2. Hit The Lights are always a firm favourite of mine and they have been for as long as I've loved pop punk music. I've seen them live more times than I can remember (even as far away as Orlando) and every single time they just kill it on stage! I can't fault a single time I've seen them and I am so excited.

Ps. Still think they deserve to be a little higher on the bill. Just sayin'. 

3. The Starting Line are a band I have surprisingly never seen live (considering the amount of gigs I've been to) and I would love to see 'The Best Of Me' live. That song is literal nostalgia and probably the only song I know by them too haha! 

4. New Found Glory are to this day, one of my favourite bands to see live. I've only seen them a handful of times, so I cannot wait to see them on the main stage after all these years. They are the kind of band that no matter what new material they release, it's ALWAYS good. They are such genuine guys too!

5. Panic! At The Disco. Not even joking you, this will literally be my emo dream come true. Panic! were one of the first bands that sort of introduced me to the alternative music scene and I am so grateful. Their new stuff really has grown on me, although some songs from 'A Fever You Can't Sweat Out' wouldn't go a miss? G'wan Brendon, you know you wanna.

6. Yellowcard I swear this year Slam Dunk have just done their best to bring back all of the emo music from my teenage years. AND Yellowcard have said they are playing the whole of their 'Ocean Avenue' album in full!  <3 ALL OF THE YES. 

7. Four Year Strong are a band I've only ever seen once in Brighton but they actually blew me away at how good they were! Not that I ever doubted that, but it was such a memorable evening. I've never seen them at a festival, so I bet the atmosphere is going to be crazy good!  

8. Zebrahead Oldie but goldie band. I saw them twice last year, once as a support and the other at their headline show in Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms. They always used to be a band I had a love/hate relationship with when I was growing up, however it's now safe to say that I now love them and I really hope I get to see some of their set! 

9. Mayday Parade Bring back the emo of the emo days for me. 'Miserable at Best' had to be everyones shoulder to cry on back in 2007. Am I right? I've seen them a fair bit, met them, fangirled and have many haunting memories of having emotional breakdowns to their songs LOL. *cue looking out the window whilst crying scene* (Tragic, I know!) I must get up on all of their new music because it'll be nice to see them for one last time.

10. The Amity Affliction Now I could definitely take or leave this band, but 'Anchors' just takes me back to some good times in my life. The Amity Affliction are a very energetic band to see live and I'd quite enjoy seeing them again if I can (preferably from the back where my pint is safe!)

So anyway, this is my round up of who I want to/will be seeing at Slam Dunk and I can't wait! Just over a month to go! F YAS. I will be adding more songs to the playlist gradually, so if you fancy a listen then my Spotify username is (prepare to cringe): @tanirawr ..Lol, I made it when I was like 12.. okay?

Are you going to Slam Dunk? If not, what festivals will you be going to this year? :)

TB x


  1. YES YES YES TO HIT THE LIGHTS. Bodybag was my alarm tone for a solid 5 years. I might have to change it back! You know how much I love all of these bands, hah! Especially Mayday and FYS. If I make it to the South one we're seeing bands together definitely :) xxxx

    1. They are soooo damn good! That's so cool, I miss my ringtone being songs! I can't wait to go to gigs with you! :) let me know if you manage to come to south! xxxxx


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