Product Empties #2

It's been a long time since I did my first ever empties post (link here) and I thought that I was definitely overdue a new one (suggested by my serious lack of storage and rather overflowing bag of things waiting to be binned) Shoutout to my laziness.  So, here I am with empties number two!

Last time, I didn't write about any of the products because I wanted your opinions on them, however you all said I should have. So I listened to your comments, and today I am going to write honestly about each and every one of them! Do let me know what you loved aswell - I'd love to know if you've tried any of them and how you got on etc!

L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore Conditioning Spray

I was frantically searching Boots a while back to find a cheapish leave-in conditioner to last me until payday. I was torn between this and the Aussie one, although as I'd had a bit more experience with L'Oreal hair care, I thought I'd pick up this.

Now, I do like the formula and how lightweight this spray is but as for detangling my hair, I can't really say it helped me out. I was still tugging endlessly at my wet hair trying to get the knots out (serious pet hate of mine!) On the plus side, it did leave my hair smelling great and looking very shiny. As for maintaining the condition and dry ends, I'm not so sure!

Would I repurchase? Probably not.

Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water for Combination/Oily Skin

If you know me and read my blog regularly, you will know I am going through a new skin drama pretty much every week. It must be the change in climates?! I think this may have been the first Micellar Water I ever tried and it worked wonders on me. I have combination skin with an oily T-Zone and the occasional odd breakout, so I knew I couldn't really go wrong with this.

I went through about 3 bottles of this in around 2 months and it did a great job of removing all of my make up, without too much rubbing. It is a water based product unlike most make up removers, so anyone with oily skin, fear not! Although it's great for a first cleanse (or a quick cleanse if you're feeling lazy) I would still personally reccommend a proper cleanse afterwards to make sure your skin is rid of all the dirt.

Would I Re-Purchase? Yes.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Combination/Sensitive Skin

Do you ever doubt yourself sometimes and wonder if you've actually been treating the wrong skin type all along? I get these moments a lot, especially when I get random dry patches popping up all over my face - or my skin becomes very sensitive to touch, very quickly. As I knew I could trust Garnier's Micellar Water already, I wanted to stay on the same kind of path.

I was delighted when I saw this little number sitting on the shelves for Combination to Sensitive skin, instead of Combination to Oily. I found this really helped my skin feel a lot less irritated,  whilst still doing a great job of cleaning my face. Again, it removes makeup as well as the other one did.

Would I Re-Purchase? Yes.

CO LAB New York Dry Shampoo here

I 100% know the fruity smell was a huuuuuge factor to sway me towards buying this, it just smells like heaven in a bottle. When I saw this was an invisible dry shampoo I felt very intrigued, when suddenly all of my teenage experiences of grey roots started to come back and haunt me during my Superdrug browse. It really does live up to its name and doesn't leave that white, talcy mess like most dry shampoos. This product honestly lasted me SO long. It gives your hair the volume it needs, without having to use too much product to hide your unwashed roots. I love it!

Would I Re-Purchase? Yes.

Soap And Glory 'One Heck Of A Blot' Foundation 

I saw this foundation advertised on Instagram a little while back and the thing that sold me the most was the Liquid-to-Powder formulation, which I had personally never heard of before. I did write a review on this a couple of months ago, but the more I used the product, the more I noticed how blotchy it went on some parts of my face.

I am someone know touches my nose a lot, so inevitable that's where my make up is going to come off first. However, I started to notice that it would leave a significant patch /circle where it had rubbed off! I don't know if I am fully to blame, as I never notice that problem with any of my other foundations, plus I don't think it's a consistency that I am used to. Perhaps that's why I couldn't get on with it!

What I did love about this foundation is that it has great full coverage and it blends so nicely. It doesn't crease and tends to stay on really well, so maybe it was just me touching my face too much which affected the stay power. It is great for oily skin types, particularly as it doesn't slide off at the first sign of grease. I want to be proved wrong by my bad experience with this foundation, so I'm definitely going to give this a go in the warmer months with the matching primer and hopefully fall back in love with it again!

Would I Buy Again? To try again, yes.

Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Leave-In Conditioner here

I was browsing FeelUnique one day for Coconut Oil hair products when I came across this amazing creation. I needed a leave-in conditioner at this particular point in my life (apparently I always need one) so when I saw this was made by Palmers and had coconut oil in, I squealed with joy.

It comes in a spray bottle and makes your hair smell so sweet and divine. It helped maintained my bleached hair so well, making it so soft and easy to brush through. The only downside is because this is basically an oil, it does take a little bit longer if you blowdry your hair. If you spray this and leave your hair to dry naturally, it does make it go a little hard, therefore I'd only recommend this if you blow dry your hair.

Would I Buy Again? Yes!

Revlon Lash Potion Mascara

I bought this mascara because I realised I had never really dabbled with Revlon too much in the past. Whilst buying one of their lipsticks, their new (at the time) mascara range really caught my eye glistening on the shelves. There were quite a few mascara's to choose from, but I eventually picked up the Volumising effect.

I'll give it that it does give my lashes a lot of volume, and it is buildable if you want that extra added length. The packaging is beautiful and the applicator is a pretty chunky, which is good for volume but not so good if you're prone to getting mascara on your skin.

I do normally like bristle applicators because they are softer and not as harsh on my eyes, although after going back to my Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - I knew this wasn't the one for me. Oh well, you live and you learn I guess?!

Would I repurchase? No.

Lush Don't Look At Me Face Mask here

I don't think I bought this for any other reason than for the fact it was turquoise blue and smelt so wonderful. I think at the time it had also just been made a staple into Lush stores, as opposed to just selling it in the Oxford Street store. I got chatting to one of the many lovely girls in Lush Brighton and she was telling me this is a great exfoliating mask to tone, brighten and soften your complexion.

I am very lazy when it comes to exfoliating my face (unless it's embedded in my cleanser) so this seemed like the perfect excuse to buy it. Now, I just want to point out that this is a very abrasive face mask, so if your skin gets irritated by this kind of thing, then I'd steer totally clear. I personally loved everything about this when I had it on. I normally use face masks in the bath, leave them on for 10-15 minutes before washing off. It smells lovely, it doesn't tingle and it really made me skin feel so fresh and clean when I washed it off.

Would I repurchase? Yes!

Provoke Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo here

This shampoo is perfect for bleached hair which needs a bit of toning. This has worked wonders for me ever since I started bleaching my hair at the beginning of last year. As I had a build up of colour on the ends of my hair and had bleach put over the top, a lot of the colour turned very copper/orange. This product has purple pigment in, which helps tone down the brassy/yellow tones to your blonde and it has honestly worked wonders on me since I bought it. Couldn't recommend this more.

Would I Re-purchase? Yes.

Lush Love Lettuce Face Mask here

This has to be one of my favourite Lush face masks. It's super relaxing and contains French Lavender, which is perfect to balance out any excess sebum production a combination skin type has to offer. It does have a gentle exfoliant to it, as it includes almond shells so if you're not a fan of that then I wouldn't suggest this. The only request I have for Lush is that they should make this self preserving, as they only currently last 3 weeks in the fridge. :(

Would I Re-Purchase? Yes.

Dirty Works Creme De La Creme Body Wash

Okay, so Dirty Works definitely made it into one of my first ever blog posts? *Cringe* We won't be looking back at that. I obviously loved them then as much as I love them now. They are such an underrated brand! Their products aren't tested on animals, are fab quality and this one in particular made my skin so soft with its creamy consistency. After a shower, this leaves your skin with a beautiful, sophisticated smell that lasts all day long. The packaging reminds me a lot of Soap & Glory, but I find this much more affordable.

Would I Re-Purchase? Yes.

Seventeen Stay Time 18hr Concealer here

I never thought I'd be swayed by any other concealer other than my Collection Lasting Perfection, but this matches my skin tone perfectly and actually hides my dark under eye circles - instead of highlighting them. I find it does stay on all day and doesn't crease, or budge as the day goes on. I can't say I've put it to the 18 hour test (I do like my sleep) but it stays on perfectly all day. For a drugstore concealer, this has to be up there with my favourites!

Would I Re-Purchase? Yes

Garnier Pure Active Matte Control Moisturiser here

This product interested me when I first used it because it's a gel formula. I thought this would feel really weird to apply, however it is oddly refreshing. It is aimed towards people with combination/oily skin and it does do a good job of keeping the oil at bay. It doesn't last all day but it definitely helps me look less greasy temporarily, so I'd definitely recommend keeping some blotting papers handy!  

Would I Re-Purchase? Not currently, due to my skin changing.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer here

I think everyone and anyone knows about how wonderful this concealer is. Especially in the blogging world. I don't really need to go into too much detail but it's pretty holy grail for me and brightens and hides any imperfections. A definite must have item for anyone with dark under eye circles, spots and blemishes. (Not all at once of course!)

Would I Re-Purchase? Yes! Over and over!  

Have you tried any of these products? :)

TB x


  1. I picked up the Collections concealer because of all the hype, I haven't got round to using it yet but I am very excited. I also love my micellar water, picked this up because of the huge hype surrounding it too, it's so gentle on the skin and works so well to remove all my makeup. The Lush face masks sound absolutely amazing... I've tried Cupcake and Oatfix before which I LOVE, and didn't like the Rose one, but really want to try more and these two sound fab. I wanna try s&g foundation too, as its one of my fave ever brands. I love how you set this post out, it was very detailed, I just love empties posts I'm so intrigued by them and nosy!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Aww thank you so much - that really means a lot! <3 So sorry I've just seen your comment!
      I literally did the same haha! Been using it for so long now, it's definitely a staple product in the make up bag! :)
      Lush always win at face masks, you know you can trust them! I've never used Oatfix, I must pick that one up :)
      I'm nosy too haha! It can't be helped ;) xx


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