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Oh hi there, June. You crept up fast! Please continue bringing us more 26 degree days with plenty of sunshine (preferably on weekends) so I can get my tan on and help to stop my summer clothes from gathering anymore dust. P.s. I have really pale legs.. *cough cough*

So, I'm a little later than the rest on the favourites front again but hey, timekeeping isn't my forte. I literally might aswell be late for my own life. Anywhoos, here is what I loved last month! :)

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour in Seduction      
I am so late (as per) to jump on the bandwagon for these but oh my god, they are totally worth waiting for. After stumbling into Boots on payday to get my eyebrows done, I knew I couldn't possibly bypass the makeup counters without leaving with at least one product (I actually left with 4.. Oopsie!)

I love a good matte lip and I have dabbled with a few different liquid lipsticks in the past, but I feel like Revlon have really hit the nail on the head with these. I picked up the pinky, nude shade because I just feel like the colour is so nice to wear at this time of year and it pretty much compliments any skin tone. Although these dry matte, they don't actually leave your lips crying out for hydration for days on end - unlike some other liquid lipsticks I've used in the past.

This essentially glides onto your lips, just like a lip gloss would but without the sticky consistency. It has a flat side on the applicator, which makes it so much easier to apply to your lips. The product itself smells like Vanilla Ice Cream and it seriously good enough to eat (sadly, that's not advised!)

They sell for around £8.99 each, which I think is totally justified because of it's size and how much you get for your money. The stay power is pretty good for a high street product and it doesn't bleed, which is huge bonus! I know from a night out with the girls a few weeks ago that the darker colours do not budge, so if you are opting for one of those I'd definitely recommend a lip liner!

First of all, can we just take a moment to appreciate the dreamy rose gold packaging. Isn't it beautiful? I had never used a highlighting pen until this one, so I was very intrigued to try it out. I saw lots of reviews on this being a potential dupe for YSL Touche Eclat (which obviously I could never afford) so I skipped on over to my nearest L'Oreal counter to give this a go. #budgetalternativesftw

I always bang on about under eye concealers and how great they are but this is literally next level amazing! It makes my dark under eye circles disappear instantly and I immediately look so much more healthy and awake. It has the consistency of a lightweight, creamy concealer which doesn't feel cakey and is so easy to blend. It has a brush applicator to apply it with, which seemed slightly daunting to me but nevertheless, it helps distribute the products perfectly onto your skin. 

Although this is a great under eye concealer, brow & cheek bone highlighter, I would only use it for those purposes. I've only tried to use this on my spots once and it didn't really do anything for me, it actually drew more attention to them. Other than that, I think this has been my favourite product of the years so far! 

Primark Ps.. Lip Liner Pencil in Berry

I don't think this has an 'official' name but I just opted for Berry as I think that's the most accurate representation! Originally, I did wonder if the quality of this product would be any good. However I literally only cost £1, so who cares if it wasn't?! Needless to say, I was incredibly shocked at how amazing it turned out to be! It's so easy to apply and doesn't need topping up for a good few hours once you've put it all over your lips! This shade is definitely berry toned, but it's a lot softer compared to the more intense, deepers coloured lip products out there. 

The only thing I would say is that their lip liners are sealed in-store, so if you are looking to swatch or try them out before hand - you won't be able to! Either way, you are not really losing out on any money by going in blind! If you are yet to pick up any of the Primark Beauty range, do! It is so affordable and pretty good quality too! :)

KISS Light Reflecting Mattifying Primer

I became aware of this primer after reading a review over on Emmy's Beauty Cave the other day saying it was the best primer ever for £3? Her review's normally end in me racing to the shops to buy things my bank account hates me for, so when I saw this.. I couldn't get to my local Wilko fast enough. No kidding, I swear their beauty range is actually the future! I own a couple of their makeup brushes and they are incredibly affordable and are so amazing! I was very certain the primer would be a big hit in my collection too and that, it was!

So who would have though there is such thing as a light reflecting, mattifying primer? Surely that just wouldn't work, right? Wrong. The sun is making more of an appearance and I certainly know I want to be looking healthy without the shininess of looking like Rumplestiltskin. I'd say this has a very similar texture to the Benefit Porefessional, but it comes without the hefty price tag! Who doesn't love a good bargain?

This doesn't make your skin feel oily after applying and certainly keeps my makeup on ALL day. Like Emmy said though, be careful not to use too much as it can leave your skin with a weird texture. I did notice this once when I was having a bad skin day (couldn't have been a worse day) and no makeup cooperated with my face at all.  Although I was bragging about the Too Faced Primer in my last favourites (review here), this new primer has changed my life and saved me a lot of hard earned pennies! If you haven't tried this already, I strongly recommend you do!

Maui Mango Surf Bath and Body Works Body Mist

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that when I came back from Florida last year I managed to bring back lots of Bath & Body Works goodies that I seriously did not stop going on about for ages. Shortly after, I lost this amazing creation and I genuinely believed it was just at the end of my bed under the depths of mess gathered at the end of it (even though I checked about 10 times!)

Then, I started to notice my Zoella Body Mist's going missing and I knew there was only one place to look.. My sister's handbag!!! GRR. Much to my surprise (not) was my Zoella Let's Spritz AND the B&BW mist! Half empty, may I add. I felt like I had been re-united with a long lost friend. It was emotional, not gonna lie.

Now we are back together again, it has literally not left my sight. It is the perfect Summer scent and it's the closest to my Watermelon Lemonade hand cream that ran out a while ago. </3 If you know what that smells like and you love it, you will LOVE this. I believe it was limited edition last year, but if you can get your hands on it somehow, be sure to do that! Also if you live within close proximity of Bath And Body Works and they ship to you, I am eternally jealous!

Calm By Michael Acton Smith.

I know this isn't a beauty favourite but y'know, I'm a rule-breaker when it comes to that sort of thing. I have not been going through the best time mentally at the moment. One of my very close friends recommended I try out this book, as something to look at when I need a bit of guidance.

I can honestly say, it is the most calming and relaxing book. It's filled with inspirational quotes with photos of beautiful scenery, tips on how to sleep, how to take control of your anxiety and so much more! There are also blank pages for you to fill in as you go.

My favourite thing about this book is that you don't have to fully commit to it. You can flick back to any page at any time, and skip to any topic you feel like might need a bit of comfort /guidance on that day. There are lots of techniques in there which can help you to be more positive and the book will check in with you every so often asking you things like what you have been grateful for and so on! I really like this because it helps you to think of the good things that happened in your day, instead of focusing on the bad. I personally think it has made a massive difference to my thought process. Although anxiety will never fully go away, the book is a huge factor in helping you to overcome any worries. It's truly amazing, if you suffer with anything along those lines then you need this in your life!

So that's my round up from last month! What have you been loving recently? 

TB x


  1. I really want to try and get my hands on the Calm book. I have heard so much about and I think its a book I need in my life.
    Alicia x

    1. You definitely need it! It's so helpful and really inspiring :) I think it's pretty cheap on Amazon if you wanted to pick it up! xxx


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