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We all love a good wishlist, am I right? Lusting over things we can't always necessarily afford and hoping that one day they will all just appear on our doormat at no extra cost? Well, sadly I am not here to offer you a solution for that but.. I have recently just discovered a wonderful website where you can create your own online wishlist's, track your favourite products from over 1,600 shops and get notified so you never miss a sale ever again? Sounds pretty damn great, doesn't it?!

Spottster recently got in touch to let me know about their fabulous creation and I have to say, this is something I had never heard of before. If it's been a thing for ages then I apologise for living under a rock, but hey.. If you didn't then you're welcome.

Okay, so I know I said that we can't always afford things? I lied a little. I love a good bargain, and if I want something I will go to such great lengths to make sure I can get said product for as cheap as I can.. #poorlife. We've all been there?!

So, having a website that let's you know when a product has been reduced, with a link directly to that store - what more could you ever need from life apart from wine and sleep?! Screw browsing about 5 million different online stores for the cheapest option (slight exaggeration) Spottster will do the work for you.

You have your own individual profile which keeps you up to date on your total savings, how many products you've spotted and the amount of price drops & discounts there have been on your chosen items. You can follow my wishlist here, as I will certainly be adding to it and potentially buying a lot of things when I come into some pennies (which will most likely be never..) I tried not to be too unrealistic with some items, but there's always room to dream about that £523 Olympus PEN.

There is also a tab to check out the latest trendsetters, where you can even subscribe to their lists. I know that all too often I will check out a wishlist post and know instantly I want to own everything on there. Better still, you can create lists like gift guides, so if you have ideas for people you want to buy for, you can keep all of your potential presents in one place!

If the shop you want isn't listed on the website, you can request it via your dashboard. You can also find a product you like, paste the URL into your search bar and 8 times out of 10 your product will be come up. Alternatively, you can search via the stores listed on the website, to ensure you won't be let down. The shops include the likes of ASOS, Net-a-Porter, Look Fantastic and many more!

Overall, I think Spottster is such a great website and I've honestly been addicted to it since discovering it!

Will you be trying it out? :)

TB x


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