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Byron Bay Skincare

Ever since studying Beauty Therapy all those years ago, I understand now more than ever the importance of skincare and how using the right products is crucial for your daily routine. Long gone are the days I slap 'whatever my mum had in the cupboard' on my face and hello to using the right products for my skin type!

It seems to be increasingly more common for people to worry what goes into skincare these days. Like if there are any nasties, is the product cruelty free or eco friendly? Well, fear not. I have just been introduced to a brand who have you totally covered! Drum roll please.

Byron Bay Skincare UK

Byron Bay Skincare have a wide range of natural, cruelty free (certified by PETA) skin, hair and body products that are suitable for vegans. Now, of course it wouldn't just be the name that is Australian about this brand, their products are made in Byron Bay itself and include quintessential Aussie goodness! All of which are free from harsh chemicals and made using only the finest botanical and organic ingredients. I

t doesn't stop there! In fact, they are SO committed to making a change, that all of their packaging is 100% recyclable and they will plant a tree for every product they sell! How amazing is that?! You will literally never have to feel guilty about buying a product ever again!

Byron Bay Skincare Tea Tree & Willow Bark Gel Cleanser* | £19.60

Byron Bay Skincare Tea Tree and Willow Bark Gel Cleanser

This is the most wonderful Tea Tree product I have ever used! I usually get irritated skin from certain Tea Tree products and I am so glad to say that this does none of that. It balances excess sebum and doesn't cause irritation, redness or dryness.

The packaging is attractive, sophisticated and comes with a pump (which I completely love, as just the right amount of product comes out!) When I apply this to my skin, the smell is instantly refreshing and my skin just feels so much more awake.

I found after using this for just one day, my blemishes had dramatically reduced and my skin just felt as good as new. I've never seen and felt a product work so quickly in my life - it really is amazing! This is suitable for Normal, Combination and Oily Skin.

Body Creme Gardenia Flower & Rose* | £12.99

Byron Bay Skincare Body Creme

Although my skin type is combination-to-oily, my body sits in the complete opposite category - I suffer with particularly dry skin. This creme smells wonderful - if you're a fan of rose scents, you will love this! Anything with a floral scent, to me, just adds that extra luxury feel.

I find only one pump of this gives you just the right amount of product without overdoing it and a little certainly goes a long way! The creme itself is enriched with Coconut Oil & Shea Butter, which are two key ingredients I always look out for when buying a body cream/moisturiser.

This will leave your skin feeling so hydrated and nourished, with minimal effort required!

Byron Bay Skincare UK

Hydrating Lotion With Davidson Plum & Hempseed* (Sample) | £19.99 (100g)

On the subject of moisturiser, I find it extremely difficult to find one that works for me. I've never really delved that much into lotions for my face before; I'm not sure why because I've always known that's what I should be using! This has the most perfect consistency ever, it's not as intense as a moisturiser and it isn't too watery.

After just over a week and a half of applying this (alongside the Gel Cleanser*), it has worked an absolute miracle on my skin! I've honestly never used a lotion that makes my skin so balanced and I can't wait to buy this full size!

Byron Bay Skincare UK

Replenishing Cream (Sample) | £19.99 (100g)

As for the Replenishing Cream, I haven't got round to trying this yet. I am definitely going to keep this handy just incase I get any dry patches appearing during the Winter! It smells fab and contains Avocado Oil & Cocoa Butter, which is great for people who have normal, dry and sensitive skin types.

All in all, I literally could not rate Byron Bay Skincare enough, you really can't put a price on good skincare! For 10% off all orders, use my discount code: TEABEE10 to experience their wonderful products for yourself!

Have you tried any Byron Bay Skincare yet? :)

Tania x

*I was very kindly gifted these items from Byron Bay Skincare in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my opinion on the products and all views are my own.* 


  1. These sound utterly divine. It's sensible to be aware of what we're putting on our faces. I love the look of these, I've just been on the website and the cream cleanser does sound like it would work for me too. Maybe once I've finished up the cleanser I'm using I'll investigate. Great post x

    Honestly Aine

    1. Thank you! They really are incredible! I always think the natural stuff works better :) Oooo I hope you manage to pick one up and let me know what you think if you do? xxx

  2. Dear Tania,

    May I say how beautifully you have described Byron Bay Skincare. It is indeed a truly something rare and wonderful. Omar

    1. Hey Omar! Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the write up, the products are so great! :)


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