September Favourites

A September Favourites can only ever mean one thing.. Halloween is just around the corner! YAY. Last week, I was away in Mykonos (you can read about that here) hence this post being a little later than usual. The break away was literally the most blissful thing I may have ever experienced. I used some great products in September and totally rekindled my love for some old ones too, so here they are!
Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Hydrating Lip Cream | £2.65 | Here

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Hydrating Lip Cream

I use this ALL the time and it's an actual life saver. It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, my lips always get dry. This has a moisturising, creamy texture and you apply it by squeezing as much product you require onto your lips.

It smells like peppermint and gives off a slight tingling sensation when it's on your lips, all whilst keeping them hydrated. (Does it sound like I'm trying to write my very own erotic novel here or is it just me?!) I usually keep this as a staple in my makeup bag and reach for it every morning without fail, even more so if I'm prepping my lips for lipstick.

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream in 01 Light | £12.00 | Here 

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream in 01 Light

After seeing so many good reviews on this BB cream, I knew it was only a matter of time before I picked it up. Before my holiday (I'll stop going on about it soon, promise!) I really wanted something that would give me a very light coverage, but still kept my face moisturised. Obviously, this is in the shade light, meaning I only used it during the first few days of my holiday! However, once my tan fades, I know I will be wanting to use this a lot more during Winter for the no makeup, makeup days.

What really sold me on this, is that it's slightly tinted and it adapts to the colour of your skin tone. I find it really difficult sometimes to match up foundations/creams to my face and this literally does it all for you! I love it so much. The tube may seem small to some people, but a minimal amount of product goes a long way, making it totally worth it!

Collection Primed And Ready Mattifying Pore Minimiser | £3.99 | Here

Collection Primed And Ready Mattifying Pore Minimiser

I don't really know what my life was before primer? I am a huge fan of Collection products and I've been wanting to get my hands on this for ages - again, after reading so many raving reviews (I sometimes wonder why it takes me so long to pick them up when they're so affordable?!).

I find my skin has been going through a bit of a crisis recently and this has saved my makeup from slipping on my face on so many occasions. The primer itself is a gel formula and it really does keep my face mattified for SO long, whilst tending to my erratic skin type. I'd say it definitely minimises my pores and keeps any excess oil at bay for the majority of the day.

Benefit Erase Paste Concealer in Fair | £20.50 | Here

Benefit Erase Paste Concealer in Fair

This product is certainly an oldie but goldie. I like to change up my concealers a lot and Erase Paste always seems to get pushed to the bottom of my makeup bag, ready to come out when nothing else is working for me. 

This has been an absolute life saver for my under eye bags and blemishes recently, so much so, I've reached for it pretty much every day! Although the price may be a little higher than the rest, this is so effortless to apply and the coverage really makes it worth your pennies!  

Collection Lip Definer in 02 Cappuccino | £2.99

Collection Lip Definer in 02 Cappuccino

Collection lip liners seem to be so far and wide these days. I know their collection (hurhur) isn't the biggest, but they have some great shades. My friend wears this nearly all the time and it looks so flawless on her (as she applies it all over her lips) and I knew I wanted it before I even knew if it suited me.

I found this particular shade SO hard to come by, so I was ecstatic when I finally found it sitting in the eyebrow section of Boots (yeah I know, wtf?!) This is a retractable lip definer, so it doesn't need sharpening and it applies flawlessly to the lips!

Cappuccino is a fabulous neutral, brown which is a great transitional shade going into Autumn, however I feel like it would suit any look all year round too. The colour isn't too dark either!

What have you been loving lately? Have you tried these products? :)

Tania x



  1. These all sound really nice! Especially that BB cream, I prefer wearing them to foundations ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. They are so fab! :) The BB cream is probably my fave! I totally agree though, they are so much lighter and easier to wear! Thank you for commenting :) xxxxx


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