September Favourites

September Favourites 2017

Goodbye September and hell-llooooooo October. You have no idea how excited this month makes me. Jack and I have Iceland coming up in next week, Tulleys Shocktober Fest, horror film nights, pumpkin carving AND Halloween. I AM SO EXCITED!!

I dabbled a bit with the odd new product last month, so I'm here to tell you what I've been loving! It's a big of a mixture again because I don't just always want this to be beauty, I want there to be something for everyone!

Lush The Birth Of Venus Jelly Face Mask | Here | £6.99

Lush The Birth Of Venus Jelly Face Mask

Oh Lush, you have done it again with your innovative new creations! I love their face masks anyway and when I saw that Love Lettuce was no more (sad times) I had to find a new bae. Their Jelly Face Mask range is fairly new to stores and the concept really intrigued me.

Whilst I was in the shop, The Birth Of Venus was actually my favourite smelling mask and it turned out to be the right match for my skin type. BINGO. This has a gorgeous fresh, lavender scent to it which isn't too overwhelming that is great for balancing out erratic combination skin.

To use this, you take a small bit of jelly out of the pot, warm it in your hands, leave for around 10-15 minutes and wash off. I love that this doesn't dry too much leaving you with that claustrophobic feel, it's just so relaxing. My skin loves it and I've really notice improvements after using!

Lush skincare is actually one of the best around and so underrated. If you haven't tried it, I so recommend you do!

Mini Benebalm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm* | Here | £15.50 (for full size)

Benebalm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm

When I was organising my makeup collection recently, this came back into my life and I forgot how bloody great it was!

This is a red tinted lip balm and it's honestly perfect for on the go, or if you don't want a full on 'out there' red lip. I love to throw this on when I'm going for a subtle/minimal makeup look to give my lips a bit colour, or if they are feeling a bit neglected.

This is such a fab product and I'll definitely be buying this full size once it's run out!

L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay Anti Dandruff Shampoo | Here | £2.89

L'oreal Extraordinary Clay Shampoo

After loving the Dry Shampoo version of this in my June Favourites, I knew it was only a matter of time before I picked up the shampoo. In recent months, I've started to notice a bit of dandruff on my roots which is very unlike my hair. Needing a new shampoo came at just the right time, so it only seemed right to nip it in the bud whilst I had the chance!

This is for oily roots and dry ends, and although I don't have greasy hair - it's definitely worked wonders for the ends. After a few washes, I've noticed little-to-no dandruff so this is obviously working a treat and my hair itself is left feeling silky smooth! It smells so good too!

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner | Here | £2.99

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner

As far as liquid eyeliners go, I have tried A LOT. When I realised how long I'd had my Soap & Glory Supercat Liner for (I swear that thing just never runs out?!) I decided it was time to stop poisoning my eyes with out of date eyeliner.. Lol. 

I have loved this product for as long as I can remember and for the price - it's amazing quality! Personally, I find this style of liquid liner the easiest to use (maybe because I learnt using it) as it's so precise, and the brush isn't too long/one that spontaneously changes direction when you are trying to get close to your lash line. YAY. 

The colour pay off is really good but it does take a good few uses for it to actually come out properly on your lid - especially with eye shadow on the lid. I think for the price, this is an exception I'm willing to make and I will forever repurchase this! 

Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette in 002 Coral Glow* | Here | £6.99

Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette in 002 Coral Glow
I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this palette in many o' posts before but I literaly just cannot live without it! It's compact, easy to blend and the shades are just perfect for my skin tone. I can look glowing all year round with this and I take it with me EVERYWHERE. 

If swatches aren't your thing, check out my Drugstore Get Ready With Me Ft. Rimmel London to see it in action properly on my face.

Folie A Deux - Fall Out Boy | Here

Oh Fall Out Boy, I love you.

Ok so I get this album is nowhere near new but when FOB announced a London tour date on my birthday (which I didn't get tickets to *big cry*) I had to reminisce and have a multiple little emo parties for one and bring this album back.

When this first came out, there was a LOT of controversy surrounding it and it was basically a marmite album for people. You may have seen on my Instastories the other day that I was listening to this on my way to work and actually quite a few people messaged me saying it's their favourite album! It makes me so happy and I will never not love it.. Soz haters.

What did you love in September? Have you tried anything in this post? :) 



  1. I need to try the Rimmel sculpting palette. I have heard some many good things about it!!
    a life of a charlotte

  2. That palette looks beautiful, and I'm going to have to try that liner for myself :) Tania Michele xx

  3. I love my Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette, it literally lives in my handbag because it's so perfect for after-work having to just top up my blush, highlighter and contour! xx

  4. Oh my goodness that Lush face mask sounds amazing! I've heard loads of good things about the jelly face masks so I will have to try one out. Definitely agree though, Lush skin care so underrated, but amazing!

    Tallulah xx

  5. Woo sounds like an exciting month coming up! I really need to try much of the lush skincare, the little bits I've tried have been fab! x

  6. Great choice. Your september favourites collection is really awesome. Thanks to share this. I believe makeup is an important part of women's life and my favourites one is Liquid Matte Lipstick for my lip. I can't imagine a single day without my makeups.


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