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The other week, I was very kindly invited to the Salon Success Jingle & Mingle Event in Brighton for the 2nd year in a row. If you saw my post last year (here) you will know the general ins-and-outs of what we got up to. It was a very similar idea this time around - just a different venue! 

This year, the event was held at The Old Ship Hotel in Brighton which I'd always walked past but never actually been in. I went with my main partner in crime, Jasmine and we met up with Holly and some other lovely, local bloggers when we were there too.  

Not only was it held in the hotel, it was actually UNDERNEATH in these edgy, medieval basement style rooms. A real hidden gem under the streets of Brighton and such a cool touch! 

The Old Ship Hotel, Brighton

The Old Ship Hotel, Brighton
We were welcomed by Amy and Mickaela in the bar area with Prossecco (or Coke for the none drinkers) and it was the coolest place I had ever seen. It felt super Halloween-esque (still not over it!) and decorated with tonnes of pillar candles, barrels and surrounded by tunnels! *squeals*

The Old Ship Hotel, Brighton
Nothing could prepare us for where we were going to be eating. We were taken to the main room where we would be spending the rest of our night and OMFG. It was the coolest place I have EVER dined and I literally felt like I was part of Hogwarts #goals.

The Old Ship Hotel, Brighton
The Old Ship Hotel, Brighton
The Old Ship Hotel, BrightonThe table was laid out with our name tags, menus for the evening, wine and hair care products tailored as much as possible to our hair types! Before we sat down, we got chance to mingle with the others and take loads of photos before our big ass dinners! 

Salon Success Jingle & Mingle Event, Brighton
Salon Success Jingle & Mingle Event, Brighton
To start, we were given Butternut Soup with Croutons (that tasted like stuffing aka. amazing AF!!!), shortly followed by our mains. The main was an all-in Christmas Dinner which could not have made me happier. I tried my absolute best to devour it all but making room for dessert was vital, so all leftovers went to Holly! ;)

Salon Success Jingle & Mingle Event, Brighton

Dessert was an all time classic with a twist. We were treated to Sticky Toffee Pudding with friggen popcorn on the top! Yes, that is a thing now and you all need to try it - it was so delicious! I could eat the entire 3 courses a million times over.

After filling our stomachs to the absolute brim, drinking what seemed like bottomless wine and a bit of cry laughing, Amy and Mickaela talked us through all of the products that were in front of us with a little summary of how they all worked.

Salon Success Jingle & Mingle Event, Brighton

We had a range of different shampoos, conditioners and styling products for us to take home and try. Luckily, I had loads of products for dry, damaged and coloured hair which was absolutely perfect as I was in desperate need of some new haircare at this point!

One product that really stuck out for me was the Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Colorwash*. Not only is this a shampoo, it's actually a colour too. The particular one I was given was the Anti-Yellow Whitener which is literally EXACTLY what I need right now. I'm really getting along with it so far!

Salon Success Jingle & Mingle Event, Brighton

The Paul Mitchell Christmas gift sets were another thing that came back this year. I think these are such brilliant stocking fillers for under £20 at really great quality too! I got the Intensive Moisture Gift Set* and I love it. It really lives up to the name and makes your hair incredibly soft!

I'm going to be writing up a full in-depth post about all of the products I recieved and my honest opinions, so expect to see that in the coming weeks! There really are some products you don't want to miss!

Salon Success Jingle & Mingle Event, BrightonOverall, I had such a fun night at the event. It's always such a casual, laid back evening and super informative too. Amy & Mickaela really know what they are talking about and are literally the funniest, most entertaining people!

Thank you so much Salon Success & Paul Mitchell for having us! I can't wait for next year! 



  1. what an amazing setting for an event, and that dessert! OMG!

    1. I know right! So so cute! The desert was to die for! <3 xxx


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