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Music has always been a huge part of my life, it's such a powerful thing and holds a very firm place in my heart. It's my escape, my happy place or just a good shoulder to cry on when needed. I feel like I've met a lot of my closest friends through music, aswell as met some brilliant people that I can't imagine life without now. If we share the same interests in bands etc - we are pretty much going to be BFF's. Just sayin'. I started going to gigs when I was 10 or 11 and I've never looked back since. My first concert was Avril Lavigne at the Brighton Centre (before she went weird) and it was amazing! I spent her entire set waving at her from the balcony and basically begging her to wave back (she did FYI) ;) This is the time when the overly expensive flashing wands and glow sticks were on sale. Do people still walk around selling those?! Anyway, I digress.. My favourite genres are Alternative, Pop-Punk or Rock. I feel like a lot of people wonder if it's something I should have 'grown out of' but I personally don't think there's an age limit on music. 

Here's what gigs I have up and coming :)

Zebrahead & Patent Pending - Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms - 30th November 2015

I have always liked Zebrahead and I've seen them live previously supporting other bands, I just haven't been a die hard fan. When I saw they were doing a tour with Patent Pending, I basically had to go. PP are such a fun, interactive band to see live and they are such genuine guys. My boyfriend and I first ever discovered their music when we saw Bowling For Soup in 2013 when they played 'One Less Heart To Break' and ever since then, they've been high up on my list of favourite bands.

Lower Than Atlantis - London Roundhouse - 14th December 2015

Now, Lower Than Atlantis were definitely my band of 2012, but for some reason up until recently, I haven't listened to them in ages. They popped up on a car CD I think and I gave their new album a go, as I was a bit sceptical about how much they'd changed and how mainstream they had become. However I actually really enjoyed it. I'm pleased they've done well for themselves and I'm really looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks time!

Neck Deep & State Champs - London Forum - 6th February 2016

These two bands have probably dropped the 2 best albums of 2015 in my opinion. So them touring together on a co-headline just made my life! I saw State Champs earlier this year in Southampton, but due to crowd surfing restrictions, the band got a little heated with the heavy handed security guards which was insanely awkward. Fair enough though sticking up for your fans! I was incredibly ill that day but I literally did everything I could to make sure I was ok to go and I wasn't let down. As for Neck Deep, it has been a while but they also never fail to impress! 

Slipknot -  London Alexandra Palace - 9th February 2016

Slipknot have always been a band I have enjoyed since my teens, because anything before that time, they used to scare the absolute crap out of me! Haha! I'm pretty sure most of the songs I know, are the one's that everyone knows, but hey! It'll still be good fun. I haven't been to a proper metal gig for ages!

Bowling For Soup - London Roundhouse - 11th February 2016

Bowling For Soup are the most fun band I have ever seen live. They're so so happy and they're also really hilarious at the same time. I saw them a few years ago in London for their Farewell Tour, which was sad because it was the only time I'd ever seen them, but they have pulled the 'not touring ever again' card one too many times to believe anymore. So obviously when this tour popped up, it didn't even think twice about it! Absolutely can't wait!

Sum 41 - Kerrang Tour 2016 - 19th February 2016 - The Forum, London
Tour completely sold out!

Sum 41 are basically the classic sing-a-long pop punk band, right? I'm basically only going to this tour for them, because admitedly the rest of the line up was a bit of an anti-climax. I never thought they'd get back together, let alone tour after Deryck's health spiralled downhill earlier this year. However luckily he is better and the band seem more ready than ever for a new tour!

Busted - London O2 Arena - 28th May 2016

I never gave into the hype of McBusted because I loved them both as separate bands, but when Busted announced getting back together and doing a tour, my tear ducts were basically empty and my inner 12 year old self was screaming. I always wished that they would do a re-union so my dreams have come true! #hellyeah

Slam Dunk Festival - 30th May 2016 - University Of Hertfordshire

Brb, just getting insanely excited for Panic At The Disco to headline! 2016 will be Slam Dunk Festival's 10th Anniversary - to think I've been going for almost 6 years in a row is crazy. It is 100% my favourite festival and they are guaranteed to have some of my favourite bands playing all day long. Roll on May!

Every Time I Die - 1st of June - Underworld, London

Originally, this show was meant to be a few weeks ago, although sadly after all the tragedy in Paris - the band decided it was best to postpone the tour for the safety of the fans. Good shout to be honest. I have seen ETID supporting bands before, but never actually been to a headline show. My boyfriend is crazy for them, so I'll have to get my listening ears on to learn a few more songs! 

Are you going to any of these gigs?
If not, let me know what you have coming up :)

TB xo


  1. Ahh I love Sum 41! I have seen them live twice and I loved it!! X

  2. I loved Busted when I was younger, it would be amazing to go to their concert now!

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    1. I think they're still most people's guilty pleasure of today! If you can get tickets, you have to go! :)


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