My Blog's 1st Birthday & Benefit Advent Calendar Giveaway!

Hello everyone!
It's December.. AAAH. *tries not to freak out about barely starting Christmas shopping*
To think this time next month it'll be 2016 is just crazy!

As of the other week, I have been running my little corner of the internet that is 'teabee' for a whole year! I am a little late posting this as I have procrastinated SO much on trying to find a prize that I think that you will all like. I also lost my card (on payday, may I add) so I wasn't able to buy the prize when I wanted to and didn't know what would be available when I did! #lostcardnightmares  

Anyway, as Christmas is fast approaching, I thought what better way to say thank you than to win the Benefit Party Poppers Advent Calendar! I had to weigh out my options on prizes because this had sold out online absolutely everywhere, but whilst strolling into my local Debenhams on a last minute whim, I saw it sitting there in all it's glory! It's only a 12 day advent calendar, however there are some really great bits in it this year.

I just want to say a huge thank you to anyone who has ever come across my blog, taken the time to comment/talk to me and just be a big lovely ball of inspiration. I never thought I'd even come close to a few followers on here, let alone over 100. I know to some people that's nothing and it's not a numbers game, but that literally means SO much to me that almost 100 people care about what I'm writing! I genuinely feel like I've met some really lovely people on here and even some who I can call my friends. 

Blogging has helped me to step outside the comfort zone, let my creativity run wild and most of all helped me find & meet people who share the same or similar interests. I'm still learning new things every day, but this is something I will definitely continue with for many years to come. My little hobby actually feels worth something, so yay! :)

As this is my first giveaway I took to my fellow twitter/blogger pals, pretty clueless about the whole thing and how to go about hosting it. They suggested I use Rafflecopter, so that's what you will need to do to enter by clicking the link at the bottom of the page and following through the steps!

I will contact the winner via Twitter at the end of the giveaway, which will be announced at 9pm on Friday the 11th of December. I've timed it so that by the time you recieve the advent calendar, you should have exactly 12 days until Christmas! Woop, 'tis the season! If not, you can still open 2 at once which is even better, right? It's also a lovely little present for you in amongst all the frantic Christmas shopping malarkey! The giveaway is open to UK entrants only - I'd love to ship to any lovely readers across the pond, however I sadly can't afford it at this time of the year! *sad face* If you haven't responded within 48 hours of winning, I will offer the prize to an alternative person just to make it fair for everyone.

I know I won't personally be deciding the winner, but I would just like to know in the comments what your best blogging moments have been since you started and what inspires you? :) 

Good luck ! :) 

TB xo



  1. Happy Birthday to your blog! <3 My best blogging moment ... well I gotta think about that! ;) It hasn't been a year yet for me. :)

    1. Thank you Hazel :) <3 Can't believe how quickly it's gone! Haha fair enough, let me know if you think of one! ☺️ Xx


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