5 Practical Advent Calendars Ideas | Blogmas #4

Technically, I probably should have posted this way before now. However, if you're a late comer like me, the good thing about me posting this 4 days into advent is that most of these have been reduced and you don't even need to pay full price for them now! You're welcome. 

I've picked out some practical advent calendars after my Beauty Advent Calendar Wishlist the other day, as these seemed more fitting for day-to-day purpose! Here's some I've picked out that you might enjoy! 

1. Tea Calendar | £14.99
If you're a huge fan of flavoured tea like me, this will be perfect for you! Some of the flavours sound so intriguing, I think I may have to pick this up myself!

2. Gin Advent Calendar | £99.99
Ok it's a little more pricey, but it really depends how much you love Gin. ;) Personally, I don't (is it just me?!) but I know it is a very popular spirit!

3. Coffee Advent Calendar | £35.00
I had to include this, as 1. I love coffee.. Like, I literally can't function without it, and 2. When I posted I found one of these on Twitter recently, everyone went wild for it! I'd love to know if anyone has one?

4. Bomb Cosmetics Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar | £19.49
Bomb Cosmetics are such an underrated brand! I tried one of their candles a while back and oh my god, it smelt SO good, words can't even describe. This calendar is any bath lovers dream; it is filled with mini soaps, blasters and creamers -you can't go wrong!

5. Pop-Up Jewellery Box Advent Calendar | £21.00
I saw this on Instagram recently and I think it's such a beautiful idea! You basically get a bracelet and each door reveals a new charm to add to it! How cute is that?!

Have you tried any of these? I'd love to know if you think they are worth getting! :)


  1. That jewellery advent calendar sound's like such a cute idea xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It's so cute isn't it!? I would have never have thought of something like that before :) xx

  2. Already at my advent calendar limit, but I will HAVE to buy a coffee calendar next year. How fab!

    XO ZOE

    1. Haha! I'd love to see your house! Yes, it's the coolest idea isn't it?! xx

  3. I was so tempted to go for the Bomb Cosmetics one but I have so many Lush bath bombs and soaps that it would have just aided my addiction! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. Same! I know what you mean, I'm definitely a little bit of a lush addict/hoarder, it probably wouldn't have been very healthy haha! xx

  4. I love the idea of all these calendars, especially the coffee one! They all look awesome and I think it's so fun how advent calendars have grown over the years to much more than chocolate! :)

    Lucy x |~ SweetIsAlwaysInStyle || Lifestyle Blog ~

    1. The coffee one is the coolest idea! :) Yes, I totally agree! It's great how fun they've become! :D xx


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