Pinterest Christmas Snack Ideas | Blogmas #19

Pinterest Christmas Snack Ideas

When it comes to Pinterest, I spend far too many late nights searching for anything from blog tips and quotes to baking inspiration. I love the idea of making hundreds of delicious treats, especially if they are Christmas themed but I don't always have the time or motivation to actually do it. Nor do I have the space, as my kitchen at home is so small, there's just not enough room! 

I'm sure given enough space and resources, I would have made all of these by now! Top tip for moving out: Find a place with a big kitchen! 

So, as I probably won't be getting messy in the kitchen this Christmas, I've put together some snack ideas if any of you fancy getting creative or helping towards those Boxing Day buffet treats! 

Pinterest Christmas Snack Ideas

1. Snowman Smoothies - Here 
This idea is super quick and fun, as well as being really versatile. If you didn't want to make a smoothie, you could always treat yourself to a milkshake or snow-coloured alternative! 

2. Christmas Tree Brownies - Here
Depending on if you want to make the brownies from scratch (or just use a packet mix) these can be pretty quick to make! I still really want to try my hand at these, so if I do get the chance then I'll be sure to let you know how I get on!

3. Strawberry Santas - Here
I very much enjoy the idea of these, as these don't even require baking! They look like the easiest things to make! For an even healthier alternative, you could substitute the cream for a slice of banana! I think these would be great to make with children! 

4. Snowman Cupcakes - Here
Excuse the pun, but these totally melt my heart! 

5. Christmas Cookies - Here
I love this idea! Cookies are so easy to make with or without a pre-made mix, so all you really need to do is add some melted chocolate and coloured icing for the holly decoration! 

6.. Cheesy Puff Pastry Stars - Here
My mum actually makes these every year for our selection of Christmas family buffets! I think hers are more like thin scones, but either way, they are SOOOO good! These would be hard to disappoint any cheese lover.

7. Easy Reindeer Sugar Cookies - Here
These are definitely the most minimalistic, yet possess the cutest design! Such an easy recipe too! 

8.. Santa Hat Brownies - Here
These are very similar to the Strawberry Santa's, although me having quite the sweet tooth, I couldn't not include the brownie alternative!

9. Frozen Gingerbread Hot Chocolate - Here
I love this idea! Although I'm not too sure how it would taste, I'm interested to try it! What do you think?

10. Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops - Here
These sound really interesting! I'm not sure what they would be like, however if you're into marshmallows and peppermint, then these would totally for you! 

11. Robin Christmas Cupcakes - Here
Is it just me or do Robin's seem really far and wide when it comes to Christmas these days? These cupcakes do look slightly trickier to make, but definitely worthwhile if you're feeling skilled enough! 

I think that's all for my recent pins and ideas! To see my whole Christmas board with baking ideas and more, follow me here

Have you made any of these? I'd love to know! Feel free to link and posts below :) 


  1. The snowman cupcakes and christmas cookies looks so cute and yummy! Sadly I don't think I'll be making any snacks in the kitchen this christmas either, but it's so nice to at least get to see it!

  2. The strawberry santas are adorable! I really ant to do some christmas baking soon as it makes me feel so festive xx

  3. Strawb santas are happening this week ..and I'm gunna go with your banana substitute ! Love this post xx


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